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Winter Getaways in Middle-East

Winter getaways are always beautiful when most of the people from around the world head to the European destinations or the Caribbean beaches for some sun and beautiful sights, but if you haven’t witness the charm the Middle-Eastern region has to offer during the winters, you are missing a big deal of the winter’s beauty. Middle-Eastern region is the home of many picturesque destinations and towns that have massive diversity and beautiful attributes within. Where there are places that are acclaimed as the world-class modern cities, the other side is the home of an incredible history that goes back to the ancient age. All of it is best to explore in the winter season, hence we are bringing to you the best winter getaways in Middle-East:

  1. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Arguably among the most reputed and enthralling destinations in the Middle-East for ages, Abu Dhabi is one of the most delighted and visited places in the region. The capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is featured with loads of picturesque places spanning from the culture to the modern lifestyle, from the religious places to the luxurious attractions and the list goes on and on. The climate conditions of the Abu Dhabi is comparative warmer and more humid as compared to western countries which makes it hard to explore during the summer season. Hence winters are known to be ideal for such a magnificent getaway experience in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Petra


History buffs must have heard about the scenic and historically rich city of Petra in the Jordan. The charming region of the Middle-East is the home of some of the most popular and captivating attractions of the region. Featured with a number of archaeological sites, Petra has been visited throughout the year by the tourists from around the world. However, if you enjoy strolling around the heritage sites and ancient attractions, you will find the ancient place more beautiful during the winters when the chilly breeze will keep your body hydrated and give you a refreshing delight when you explore the bewitching attractions and complexes in the destination. Additionally, winters are known to be the off-season for Petra as many people head to the beaches and warm places which automatically leaves Petra available for tourists.

  1. Beirut


The capital of the Lebanon and among the most thriving destinations in the Middle-East, Beirut is among the most prestigious places in the region, best known for its modern cityscape, exquisite beaches and tranquilizing nightlife that has been alluring tourists from the rest of the world. The fantastic range of bars and pubs across the boardwalk of Beirut has been giving tourists a spellbinding experience and during the winters, the charm of the city increases manifold. Not only the winter theme parties become more enjoyable, but the soothing weather conditions will give you the opportunity to explore the spectacular coasts of the city more than anything. Additionally, during the winters, the airfares become cheaper than the usual and you can easily save more on your travel.

  1. Muscat


The port city as well as the capital of Oman, Muscat is one of the most luxurious, magnificent, diverse and culturally rich cities in the Middle-East. For being nestled on the shores of the Gulf of Oman, this city shares a massive fan following and is giving tourists a spellbinding delight to explore beaches, mountains and cityscape at one place. Additionally, the rich culture and religious beliefs of the Muscat has been the reason behind a massive traveler following from across the globe. For being a massive port city of the region, Muscat is also visited by a big number of business travelers and is quite a favorite place for shopping lovers. So, if you like to explore it all, winters can be ideal as the less humid and low temperature will give you the chance to explore the best of the city.

  1. Dubai


Dubai is known to be the beacon of tourism in the Middle-East and it won’t be wrong to say that the best time to visit Dubai is the winters as the warm days in the summer and other seasons will restrict your exploration of the city. Hence, people are found taking flights to Dubai during the winter season more than the summers. The massive range of cultural, religious, modern and natural attractions are best to be explored during the winter season as it gives the tourists more mobility across the city and better weather conditions to stroll around the city without being tired. Winters are also ideal to visit here as many people go for the beaches and the city of Dubai is more favorite for being a luxurious and cultural city.

Spanning across from the African continent to the Central Asian region, Middle-East has plenty of regions that are perfect to explore and diverse in terms of geographical situation, culture, lifestyle, resources, heritage and ancient values. The collection of these places are available for tourists to explore if they time it right and plan a getaway for great memories. So, if you too are thinking to explore the rich diversity of Middle-East and wish to make your winter getaways more astonishing and unique, then quickly consider the services of SmartFares and get some great deals and offers in international flights to Middle-East for more pleasure.

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