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Visit Austria – From the Eye of a Foodie

Among the most pleasant and captivating nations of the Central Europe, known for its picturesque verticals of sightseeing and natural attributes, Austria is among the finest and dreamiest destinations of all time in the European continent. Featuring Alpine valleys, plains, villages, cityscapes, exquisite heritage and remarkable culture, Austria sure know its business of how to indulge a voyager with the best of the attributes and fascinating hospitality. Although, the sightseeing of Austria is capable to keep you indulged for weeks, yet if you are a traveler who tend to discover the world for the sake of good taste and diversity of gastronomy, you will find the nation with a whole different image. Hence, we are here to give you a virtual tour to Austria from an eye of a foodie:

  1. Austrian Gourmet History

Austrian Gourmet

Influenced from German, Bohemian and Hungarian culture, Austrian culinary has been flourishing for centuries and have been living in the veins of local like a legend. No matter whether the time have come and gone during the world war or any other incident, the gourmet of Austria have been intact and kept the traditional ways of using cooking methods and ingredients. Witnessing many empires including Habsburg, Adriatic and Russian influence, the region have been adding up new and interesting things over the centuries and making something really special and unique that makes it worth visiting and trying without any hesitation. Hence, you will find a big number of chefs and food lovers taking flights to Austria or using any other method possible ever since the inception.

  1. Cultural Influence in Austrian Culinary

Austrian Culinary

Austrian culinary has a major influence of Habsburg Empire along with cultural mixture of Russia, Hungary and Germany. Hence, people here are often found speaking German as a primary language and using the cooking methods of originated from Russia and Hungary whilst keeping the usage of spices and flavors in a traditional way, making it a unique and breathtaking combination of cooking and bringing forth the best of many civilization in one plate. Not only the Russia and Germany, but many usage of ingredients comes from far away including Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands and more which gives it a gourmet that unites the entire Central Europe as well as parts of the other continents.

  1. Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Austrian gourmet is focused on protein diet along with all the minerals required in a human body to flourish and work as a strong mechanism filled with energy and proper proportion of organs. The key ingredient that is majorly used in the gourmet of Austria is Meat. No matter whether it is beef, goose, turkey, pork or chicken, as long as it is nutritious enough, you will find it in your plate, tasting like a bite of heaven and giving all the necessary mineral supplies to your body. The cooking method includes both boiled and fried meat to keep the nutritious values in the food whilst giving a taste to remember for a very long time. Descended from generations, Austrian gourmet have never lost its touch and never overshadowed by any other western gourmet.

  1. Best Dining Scene

Best Dining Scene

Not only the meat, but the sweets of Austrian culture have been keeping people taking flights to Austria from around the world on their toes. The renowned range of cakes and pastries from the Austrian culture have been giving the dining table a colorful and dazzling view. Usage of jam fillings, apple strudel, layers of toppings and more have been the reason why people often get fond of sweets rather than the main course. Travelers can have the best dining experience whilst traveling to Graz, Klagenfurt, Villach, Bregenz, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Sankt Polten, Wels, Hallstatt, Eisenstadt and many more villages covering the outskirts and keeping the traditional ways alive.

  1. Facts about Austrian Food

Facts about Austrian Food

People in Austria tend to enjoy rolls, sausages and coffee in their breakfast and begin their day with full of energy and nutrition. Cheese and pickles, sandwiches, bosna, sausage rolls, wurstsemmel, noodles, dumplings, breads and pastries are the famous snacks eaten by the locals. The most important meal of the day among Austrians is the lunch where people tend to enjoy goulash, strudel, sachertorte, noodles, boiled beef, fruit pastries, cabbage, game, wine and many more things to give their taste buds a treat. On the occasion of New Year, natives follow the ritual of to cook suckling pig to bring great luck in their lives whilst decorating the dining table with small sized pigs made of chocolate and other sweet ingredients.

Austria is a small yet diverse nation of the European continent and visited by a big number of tourists that tend to take flights to Austria randomly and have a pleasant experience of discovering new dimension during their every voyage. So, if you like to explore the food from around the world and hold the courage to try new things, then all you need now is to plan your trip to this part of the Europe today and book your flights to Austria with SmartFares to get some handsome offers on your trip to this beautiful Central European nation, filled with joy and wonders.

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