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Traveling Solo vs. Traveling in a Group

One of the biggest debates available on the internet in relation to traveling have always been if you should travel solo or as a group. Many people have argued for years to come up something concrete and whether you believe it or not, the debate is indeed a subject that have interested most of the travelers around the world. While planning for a vacation or escape, you always think of whether it is a good idea to travel alone or shall I be with someone else. The answer to that question may differ to each person with their interests and preferences while traveling. So, here we are, helping you to determine which one is good for you, traveling solo or group travel:

  1. The Cost


Admit it, the biggest factor to determine any trip have always been the cost. No matter whether your funds can cross the height of Burj Khalifa or budget made out of months of savings, difference of even a dollar can plays a vital role. Where traveling in a group gives you an advantage of getting special discounts on bulk bookings and getting accommodation of larger suits, solo traveling enables you to make quick and impromptu decisions that can be cost saving as much as group traveling. Group travel also ensures your expenses and keep them in the preset budget, but if you can manage or can search online for some more discounts or affordable deals in real time, you can definitely save some extra bucks and enjoy new and unique experiences.

  1. The Flexibility and Reliability


Many solo travelers have claimed that there is no match of flexibility you get while traveling solo and it is found true on a major extent. However, sometimes when you are on a long vacation flexibility can become overrated due to the baggage carried by you and you require some reliability on someone who can help you during that time. Solo traveling may give you the mobility to make instant plans and open option of the world without thinking of anyone else’s opinion, but you are traveling with a bulk luggage and you urgently get a nature’s call in an unknown city or country, you might require somebody to take care of your luggage. It may sound funny but desperate times require desperate measures.

  1. Fun


The definition of fun and joy can be different from person to person and when we are on a universal debate, the point of fun one can experience on solo and group travel need to be considered. Where solo travelers can enjoy their heart out without being worried about people’s opinion and judgement, group travel gives a whole different lot of fun when you are in a group, especially when the group is of people you love the most. Trips taken to the beaches, mountains, caves and adventurous places alike becomes the test ground to both patterns of traveling. Some solo travelers enjoy making new friends on these adventure trips whereas some people who enjoy a certain company will find group traveling with friends much more fun and enjoyable.

  1. Safety


Safety is one of the prominent contributing factors to decide whether you should travel alone or with a group. Many people have shouted out loud that group traveling is the safest way of traveling where everyone is taking care of everyone. However, a certain group of people have found that traveling solo is the safest and secured way of traveling. While traveling in a different country or state, you should always keep in mind the prospect issues that can threat your safety and ensure to take measures to avoid or counter those situations. If you feel like experienced enough to take care of yourself, solo traveling is fine, but if you have even a hint of being insecure during tough times, group traveling is the best option for you.

  1. New Experiences

New experience

Traveling solo comes with no restrictions, no boundaries, no responsibilities and no fixed plans, whereas when you are traveling as a group, the thinking process consist of the entire party coming along. Solo traveling gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy everything you desire whereas group traveling feed your traveling joy with new ideas and experiences on the whole. If you are open to experience it all, you will find group traveling way more fun and exciting than traveling solo, but if you like to live your heart out and seek a vacation without anyone else’s interference, you will love traveling solo without any restrictions.

The answer to this question can never be universal and all you need to do now is to evaluate your preferences on the basis mention above and figure out which type of traveling best suits you. With advantages and disadvantages on both ends, it is always you who should be determining whether you like to enjoy your vacations alone or there are chances that being with a group will make it more enjoyable. So, whatever your answer is, there is one thing certain that SmartFares is always there for you to make your vacations and trips well organized by offering quick and hassle-free flight bookings whilst providing chances to save more with group travel deals as well as solo flight tickets. So, consider us next time you plan a trip and require a travel agent to book your flights.

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