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Top Largest Pyramids in the World – 5 Bent Pyramid

The Bent Pyramid is located at the royal necropolis of Dahshur and approximately 40 kilometres south of Cairo. It was built under the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Sneferu and the second pyramid built by Sneferu(c. 2600 BC). It is a fascinating structure which answers about the evolution of the pyramid. Mysteriously, this pyramid’s lower part started at 52 degree angle and top section changes to a more gradual angle of 43 degrees. There are two different theories present for this angle change. The first one is that the builders wanted to reduce the volume and to finish this pyramid faster. Another is that when the pyramid at Maidoun collapsed, the architect lost his nerve and changed the angle. Most of archaeologists believe that it represent a transitional form between step-sided and smooth-sided pyramids.


The Bent Pyramid has two separate entrances on two different faces. The first entrance is in the middle of the northern side and 12m above the ground. The second entrance is on the western side and is just above the ground. The north side entrance leads to the upper chamber and west side entrance leads to the lower chamber. The floors of both chambers were built 4m deep with small stone blocks. Some Egyptologists believe that the pyramid may still hold a few secrets. Sometimes wind created a strong draft blowing through the passageways, so some current Egyptologists wonder how the draft was vented and leading them to speculate that other rooms or passageways might remain undiscovered. The Bent Pyramid valley temple is rectangular and north-south oriented. It was built by white limestone and its entrance in the middle of the south facade. This temple has three sections of equal size and the entrance was framed with wooden pillars with pennants.

The Bent Pyramid is one of the most unusual pyramids in Egypt and it has attracted considerable attention over the centuries. Several archaeologists, Egyptologists and tourists come to visit and explore this pyramid. So, if you also want to more about this pyramid plan a trip to Dahshur now. For the cheapest airfare deals, call us @877-247-6435 or visit: http://www.smartfares.com

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