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Top Five Destinations to Visit in September

With the month of September, not only the heat of summers dial down a little, but also the options of bargain travel starts to get to the surface. The season when the entire world bloom on the arrival of fall, the time becomes ideal to make a dream escape. If you have been waiting for the moment for a very long time and seeking a budget holiday to the finest destinations, you are at the most apt place. Following are the places that will interest you more than anything and help you to determine your next getaway with family, friends or alone on a tight budget:

1. Aruba:


The delightful country of Aruba have always been one of the most enthralling getaway option for Americans. No matter whether you are planning a honeymoon getaway, a holiday on your anniversary, a family escape with kids or solo traveling with loads of adventure and beach extravaganza, Aruba will always interest you more than anything. Often stated as one of the most opulent and expensive getaways with high occupancy, Aruba becomes quite affordable to visit and you can easily find cheap flights as well as budget accommodation without any hassle. So, does it tickle your swimming bone? Plan a trip right now and start packing.

2. Haida Gwaii:

Haida Gwaii

Just off the coasts of the British Columbia, the small archipelago city of Haida Gwaii is truly one of the most magical, least visited and enchanting beach getaway options in the North America. A place that has many intact beaches, fabulous resorts and zealous lifestyle will please you more than any other beach destination in the region. Besides, the availability of cheap flights to the nearby airport is also quite high and you can get your stay to the most luxurious hotels or resorts at a very low price. The choice is all yours whether you are planning to visit a lesser known destination or a city that remain crowded throughout the year.

3. Barbados:


If you are a cliché traveler and looking for some beach escapes with more than beaches, you are in luck as the September month gives an immense pleasure to the travelers visiting Barbados. Sandy beaches with palm trees, houseboats, opulent shores, resorts and happy-go-lucky culture makes the city even more pleasant than ever. Also, great weather conditions with much sunny days and breeze coming from the ocean makes your life at the beach way more heavenly. Go shopping at the day time and enjoy the party extravaganza during the nights at the beach and make the best of your escapes to the shores of Barbados.

4. Panama City:

Panama City

The crown jewel of Latin America when it comes to beach escapes, Panama City is truly a magical place to experience during the month of September. Not only you can get some really cheap flights to Panama City in this month, the accommodation and other travel expenses also get quite low. Besides all the budget related points, the city is way more charming and lesser crowded due to shoulder season, making the outdoor much more delightful and enjoyable. Go visit the marine parks or the spellbinding museums, enjoy the sight of state parks or theme parks, everything in Panama City gets much more interesting when you have lesser crowd standing ahead of you in queue.

5. San Diego:

San Diego

Nestled on the Pacific Coasts, the city of San Diego is a true heaven for couple travelers. Enjoy the sweet breeze coming from the coasts while walking down the beautiful boulevards of the city where the crowd is quite lesser. Enjoy some great a la carte restaurants for your dining and get delighted by the opulent accommodations available there at an affordable price due to off-peak season. Save a lot through cheap flights to San Diego during the month of September and enjoy spending on some great gourmet tasting.

There are hundreds more destinations you can visit during the month of September that will offer you an experience of living in a paradise. However, selecting a great September getaway is entirely dependent on your travel preferences and the idea of a perfect destination in your dictionary. So, if you too are preparing for some exquisite holidays this September, book your travel with SmartFares and enjoy ample of cheap flights for your favorite destination.

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