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Top 5 Theme Parks in the USA

In the holiday season, people enjoy exploring new destinations and visiting places that have been desiring for a very long time. Apparently, people with kids in their home have no choice to visit apart from cities with the best theme parks to treat their children with the fun and excitement they desire. To give those people a head’s up about the places that are best suitable for a family vacation this holiday season, we have come up with a list of the most incredible theme parks available across the United States to ensure a bewitching amount of fun and excitement packing the holiday season and satisfying the kids to the optimum level. So, here we are with the top 5 theme parks in the USA for a splendid vacation this summer season:

Top 5 Theme Parks in the USA

  1. The Wizard World of Harry Potter, Universal City, California

Living in the world of the witchcraft and wizardry have always been a dream of everyone who have witnessed the world of Harry Potter on the silver screen and to give those people a treat to live the life they wish, Universal Studio have developed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that has been replicating the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry into reality. With a massive structure with the exact look and feel as shown in the movie, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is something that will leave you stunned and then give the best experience of your life to live the magic once again in reality.

  1. Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

Among the most prominent theme parks in the world, best known as the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is one of a few adventure parks in the United States that have this astonishing range of coaster rides that are capable to give chills to the strongest people of all. With its wide range of rides that are available for adults, family travelers enjoy visiting here more often as they can get their sort of fun and adventure along with the kids. With rides that are one of their own kinds, people can enjoy their heart out on a pleasant vacation with family and friends especially after taking the millennium force coaster ride that has the elevation extending up to 310 feet and gets the acceleration downwards with the speed of more than 90 miles per hour.

  1. Six Flag Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey

A list of the best theme parks nowhere close to be concluded without mentioning the largest amusement park of the nation, Six Flag Great Adventure which is a massive collection of over 13 roller coasters and an abundant number of rides scattered all over the park, Six Flag Great Adventure is capable to cater people from all age group. With its magnificent range of roller coasters including the world’s tallest coaster Kingda Ka and the most popular ride named El Toro, you can enjoy your heart out whilst spending an entire day filled with fun, adventure, excitement and memorable moments with the people you love the most in the world. Also, the area is really incredible and can accommodate a large amount of tourists every day.

  1. Island of Adventure, Orlando, Florida

Came into existence in the year 1999, Island of Adventure by Universal is one of the most prominent and popular theme parks in the capital city of the theme parks Orlando. Known for its incredible range of roller coasters, 3-D rides, exquisite resorts, food parlors and outstanding collection of activities, Islands of Adventure have been in the bucket list of every kid in the United States. With over 15 prominent rides and a number of things to do within the premises, people can visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which was opened in the year 2010 and operating ever since to offer kids and adults to live in the magical world of Harry Potter.

  1. Disneyland, Anaheim, California

There is no way we are going to conclude our list of top 5 theme parks without enlisting Disneyland as it is one of the biggest fantasy to visit for children across the United States and the rest of the world. Disneyland Anaheim in California is among the most prominent and popular Disneyland theme parks in the world and the first Disneyland park that came into existence in the year 1955. Featuring a number of theme parks (lands) within the premises including Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Fantasyland, Mickey’s Town, Tomorrowland and more, Disneyland Anaheim will be the biggest reason why your kids will love you more than anything in the world.

Although, there are an abundant number of theme parks across the United States that are absolutely gorgeous and perfect to enjoy a family vacation especially when you are planning a vacation with kids, but if you have been looking for a vacation that revolves around pleasant experiences for everyone along with a big amount of satisfaction to the kids with pocket-friendly experience, you shall consider visiting the parks enlisted above. So, make the summer season much more exquisite and enjoyable by booking your flights to USA and destinations across the nation with SmartFares and save huge on your airfares whilst traveling with friends and family.

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