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Top 5 National Parks around the World

The natural beauty of our planet is incredibly divers and no matter how much we explore, it is nearly impossible to witness everything existing here. Hence, it is high time when we should stop doing all the meaningless things we have been doing now and start exploring the world to make our life memorable enough to remember in our old days. There are an abundant number of natural marvels that have been giving us a pleasant and serene experiences and if you have been fond of nature and looking for a place where you can see the natural diversity collectively, then we have a list of national parks that will allow you to witness not just natural landscapes, but different kinds of flora and fauna existing on earth that makes it even more beautiful. So, following are the top 5 national parks around the world that will give you the most amazing and thriving experience while you are exploring the world:

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

The oldest national park in the North America, encompassing an area of more than 3500 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is a combination of waterfalls, peaks, treks, natural landscapes, plains, waterfalls and much more. With a huge fan following among tourists escaping during the spring breaks, Yellowstone is an awesome place to enjoy a family vacation whilst feeling the closeness with the Mother Nature and discovering the myriad aspects the planet has to offer. From hot springs to waterfalls, green plains, wildlife, flora, fauna and more there are dozens of reasons why you should visit at least once to Yellowstone National Park. So, if you have been thinking to have a refreshing break near the nature, then book your flights to Jackson and have a drive of a couple of hours to enjoy a blissful vacation in Yellowstone.

  1. Galapagos Island National Park

Galapagos Island National Park

Not usually known as a national Park, yet an extremely gorgeous archipelago destination of the Central America, Galapagos Islands is one of the most picturesque and naturally rich destinations to explore as a hunt of National Park. Featuring a wide variety of wilderness, flora, marine life and more, Galapagos National Park is something that will allure you over and over again. With its gigantic array of picturesque sites that are scattered over the islands, you can enjoy a wonderful variety of beaches, rare species and a lot more in these isolated isles. Enjoy the sight of lizards, tortoises, sea lions, penguins, and a lot more whilst having a refreshing break on the sandy beaches of Galapagos Islands.

  1. Banff National Park

Banff National Park

The oldest Canadian National Park, near Calgary, Banff National Park is something that is quite unusual and distinctive than the rest of the national parks in the North America. Got its name and fame in 1885, this picturesque piece of land in the middle of the nation is remarkably diverse and extremely gorgeous to visit. Welcoming thousands of families taking flights to Calgary and driving their way to this region, Banff National Park is indeed a bewitching site to explore and witness the Swiss alike alpine mountains that gives of being in a European city with a panorama of pure nature. The wide variety of flora, fauna, landscapes and weather conditions, this place has been one of the finest national parks in the world.

  1. Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

Africa might be renowned for its wildlife safaris, but if you are in Tanzania, you should always visit to Serengeti National Park which is one of the most prominent locations to explore in the country. Featuring an abundant variety of faunas including giant giraffes, Masai Lions, African Leopard, Eastern Black Rhinoceros, Serengeti Wildebeest, Bush Elephant, African Cheetah, Flamingo, Zebra and more, you can enjoy a wonderful experience of both wildlife safari as well as beautiful natural sightseeing in this picturesque national park. So, next time whenever you plan to board flights to Tanzania, do not forget to schedule a visit to Serengeti National Park.

  1. Fiorland National Park

Fiorland National Park

We often believe that New Zealand is good for adventure sports as well as cityscapes, yet we forget how much natural area is still isolated from the human interference. Fiordland National Park is a living example of the diversity that lies beneath the glittering cityscape lifestyle of the New Zealand. A giant area covering nearly 7000 square miles of area, this fascinating national park is beyond words. Close to the South Pacific Ocean, this spectacular place is a perfect natural habitat place for dolphins, parrots, kakapo, kiwi, seals, hare, deer, shrubs, ferns, crown fern and many more flora and faunas existing on the planet.

Although, United States itself is full of national parks and every national park has its own relevance and characteristics. Yet, if you feel like discovering much more than that, then all you need now is to consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and get going on an incredibly gorgeous journey to the different parts of the world whilst saving huge with our abundant travel deals and exquisite offers available online for a fantastic natural exploration.

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