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Top 5 Islands of Maldives You Should Visit

The scenic beaches, magnificent marine life and indescribable hospitality is the closest possible way to describe the astonishing nation of Maldives. A combination of over 1000 coral islands that combines and create more than 25 atolls in total, Maldives is a prosperous nation, widely known for its magnificent shores, exquisite laid-back sandy beaches, tranquilizing natural bliss, fascinating hospitality, unique styles of resorts and much more. Exploring the entire nation of Maldives can be a big thing to achieve, hence we are here to give you a list of the best among best islands of Maldives that are not just gorgeous and enjoyable, but also have their own significance to treat its visitors:


  1. Villingili Island for Adventure Lovers

Maldivian islands are much more than just a fairytale place where you can witness sandy beaches and miles stretch of ocean, giving a soothing view. If you have this zeal towards the adventure and seeking some sort of adventure in Maldives, then you should plan your visit to the Villingili Island which is among the most diverse islands in the archipelago of Maldives. Featuring an abundant number of activities available in and around the coasts including water sports, snorkeling, diving and much more, Villingili Island is a perfect place to enjoy an adventure and thrilling getaway in Maldives.

  1. Vaadhoo Island for Extraordinary Natural Bliss

Have you ever seen a beach that illuminates in the night without any electricity? If not, then you should visit to the Vaadhoo Island which is a unique place that has been gathering its fame rapidly in recent years. Featuring the beach where the sand glows in the dark hours and give the most picturesque view of all the time. People from across the globe have been visiting this uncommon place frequently to both enjoy the sight of this superlative attraction as well as reading their vows of wedding in such a beautiful and heavenly setting. Taking pictures, admiring the coasts with sky full of stars and sparkling water beneath your feet is an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life.

  1. Thoddoo Island for Maldivian Culture

Culture and lifestyle lovers can enjoy exploring the island of Thoddoo which is one of the most spellbinding and a highly inhabited island of the Maldives where you can come across the spectacular Maldivian culture and get to know the lifestyle and heritage of the natives whilst enjoying the awesome beaches and tranquilizing hotel accommodation by the generous locals. Apart from the culture and lifestyle, the island of Thoddoo has this amazing collection of fruits that give you a refreshing experience when you are high on your appetite along with a splurging flavor of watermelons.

  1. Dhidhdhoo Island for Romantic Honeymoon

Maldives is proven to be one of the best and most desired honeymoon getaway destinations in the world and people who have this keen desire of enjoying their first vacation as a couple can visit to the Dhidhdhoo Island which is one of the most perfect and heavenly places in the entire Maldivian archipelago, featuring a fantastic array of natural landscapes, incredible variety of resorts, hotels and accommodations and bewitching settings to set your mood by the dreamy surroundings. Being one of the largest islands of the nation of Maldives, there are an abundant number of activities available to indulge including fishing, sailing, diving, swimming and much more.

  1. Maafushi Island for Beach Extravaganza

People with the desire of sheer beach fun and adventure shall not be disappointed by the romantic sights and exquisite pampering as the Maafushi Island is always there for you to give you the most outstanding fun and excitement experience in the Maldives. A picture perfect tropical island with magnificent stretch of sandy beaches, palm trees on boardwalk, budget-friendly accommodation options and everlasting beach fun just a fraction of the fun available in Maafushi. People visiting Maafushi often enjoy island excursion, beach sports, snorkeling, swimming, picnic and much more on this island to make sure a happening experience with loads of sun, sand and sea.

As told before, Maldives is the home of more than 1000 islands where every island has its own significance and delights to give tourists a pleasant and delighting experience regardless of their preferences. So, if you are feeling this urge of exploring the Maldivian islands too, then all you have to do now is to start planning your trip and consider the services of SmartFares to enjoy some great deals and offers on flights to Maldives and ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable getaway experience at an affordable price.

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