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Top 5 Historical Sites in Greece

Greece, the ancient world with a hue of urbanization, is one of the most spectacularly amazing and splendid regions of the world, nestled on the shores of the Aegean Sea and Ionian Sea, is the home of one of the oldest civilization on the planet. Often considered as the earthly home of god Zeus, Greece is one of the most exquisitely beautiful and historically rich countries, featuring many relics from the ancient world. Hence, visiting here and exploring these pleasant sites is a delight that can never be described in words. So, here we are with some wonderful and extremely relevant places in the ancient country of Greece that you must visit once you get off from the flights to Greece:

  1. Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis, Athens

Nestled on the rocky elevated region of the city of Athens, this striking ancient site is a complex, built in the surroundings of an ancient citadel, giving a hint of spectacular architecture, creativity and historical relevance of this region. With an anticipated date of building in 440BC, this remarkable architecture is something that you must not miss to visit. Featuring open-air market areas, complex full of gates, giant chunks of stones, pillars and carvings that shows the artistry of the architectures back then. Now a part of ancient face of Greece, Acropolis is probably the most visited site in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holding much more than just beautiful views of surrounding.

  1. Olympia Stadion, Olympia

Olympia Stadion, Olympia

One of the most incredible places to find the ancient ruins in the magnificent nation of Greece, Olympia is one of the legendary sites existing on earth. As depicted by the name, Olympia is the birth place of Olympics as we know in today’s world where as per the legends the first and finest Olympic tournaments took place in these very grounds under the surveillance of Zeus and Hera in 8th century BC. At present, the site is an Archaeological Museum site and featured with abundant variety of remarkable places including practice arenas, seating areas, temple of Zeus and more that have been giving the basic idea of legendary sports took place in that era.

  1. Ancient City of Corinth

Ancient City of Corinth

Less than 50 miles away from the capital Athens, the fantastic and amazing ancient city of Corinth is one of the most beautiful, preserved and picturesque attractions of the country, once used to the home of genius people who were the solution of all the issues faced by the locals and pioneers of sea trade in the country. Occupying both spiritual and religious significance in the heritage of Greece, this site is full of ruins and preserved areas as well as museums that are rich in its exhibitions and feature many untold stories in the books we read about the ancient Greece. Visiting the bewitching temple of Octavia, Temple of Aphrodite and Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth will unveil many stories that are existing among locals as well as expert travelers for years.

  1. Cave of the Apocalypse

Cave of the Apocalypse

Located on the bewitching mountains of Aegean Island, the enthralling site of the Cave of the Apocalypse is something that is beyond anyone’s imagination. Featuring abundant variety of ruins, leftovers, relics from ancient history and a cave system that has been here existing for millenniums is site that is hard to describe in words. A remembrance of the incident when St. John of Patmos got his vision as recorded in the “Book of Revelation” is a significant site in the historical books describing the legends of Greece. At present, the cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site combining a museum as well as the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian.

  1. Delphi


One of the top 3 famous historical sites of the Greece, Delphi is a renowned ancient sanctuary that was once considered as the “navel” or the center of the earth as per the Greek legends. Once the seat of the Oracle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a complete compound that is featuring many ruin traces of a Greek City with large chunks of rocks, architectures and more. Being located in the surroundings of mountains and valleys, the place gives a pleasant view from the grounds as well as peaks. There have been many claims of finding relics from the ancient world including the temple of Apollo, chains, treasures and more that have fainted from the existence as time passed by.

There are several other historical sites within the capital Athens as well in myriad parts of the mainland and islands that may take a lot of time to explore and hard to visit in just one trip. So, if you have been frequent in taking flights to Greece and planning to visit here over and over again to understand the ancient past of the country as well as soak into the natural delight of the nation, then all you need now is to consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and you can save huge on your travel expenses by using our variety of travel deals and offers available online.

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