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Top 5 Experiences of Merida

Merida, a spellbinding city nestled on the Yucatan Peninsula, ideally known for its breathtaking Mexican culture and fascinating history related with the Mayan civilization is also the capital city of the Yucatan Province, making it a beacon of culture, art and history in the region. With its easy access to some of the most awesome attractions in the province, Merida have been visited by a big number of tourists taking flights to Merida despite being an underrated tourist destination. The thriving cityscape with posh boulevards, historical sites, religious landmarks and awe-inspiring gourmet delights, Merida have been making a great place to visit for a weekend or more to enjoy some peaceful getaway experience in the Mexican region. Following are the top 5 experiences you can have whilst spending a spectacular vacation in Merida:

Top 5 Experiences of Merida

  1. Vaqueria Celebration

Monday evenings are the most favorite time for locals as well as international tourists where they can gather around the Plaza Grande, which is the biggest and most prominent square of Merida and enjoy the superlative show of dance and music named as Vaqueria. This is a place where locals gather around in traditional attires and enjoy the cultural art and traditional ethics whilst celebrating their lives every week. Each Monday, people gather around here and make their evenings even more charming by witnessing the demonstration of traditional dance and cultural music performed by the professional locals of the Merida. The Plaza Grande is located in the prominent location of the city and has a close proximity from all the major accommodation areas of the city.

  1. Shopping and Art Scene

Despite being an underrated getaway destination, locals have evolved themselves and are bringing the best game among the tourists. The markets and art galleries here are the most stunning places where you can gather the best experience of being in a city of Mexico with fewer crowd and more majestic experience. Visit Fundacion de Artistas which is among the most famous art galleries of the province and feature the artistry of locals along with the marvelous creation by the world renowned Mexican artists. With is close proximity from the city center, you can easily walk your way through the shabby streets and visit this historical site. As far as the shopping is concerned, you can enjoy visiting local markets and specialty shops that are quite famous for their scents and soaps with great aroma and unique fragrance.

  1. Walking Tours to the Neighborhoods

Merida is a small yet beautiful city and you can spend most of your time enjoying the stroll across the shabby and narrow streets of various neighborhoods whilst absorbing the essence of local lifestyle and observing the culture of natives. Having a walk across the historic center is a true delight where you can experience the drastic dimensions of architectural diversity with houses that are dated back to the 19th century. The streets and houses of the city are the real treat to the eyes and you can feel like being in a city of Cuba whilst still feeling the fragrance of Mexican soil. The remarkable beauty of the surrounding streets are the real gem which can’t be found in any travel guide and can only be feel once you be here in person.

  1. Beach Extravaganza

With its close proximity to the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida gives the perfect pleasure of enjoying the beaches and give tourists the most spectacular delight of dips and enjoying a laid-back time with their loved ones at the sandy shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The thriving beaches are the best thing you can find in the outskirts when it comes to the nature’s delight and the ideal weather conditions of Merida compliments the soothing waters and child breeze coming from the ocean. Enjoy spending a complete day at the spellbinding beaches of the Mexico and get delighted by the amazing view of sunrise or sunset from distinct beaches that will leave you stumped by their charm.

  1. Ruins Exploration

This part of Mexico is also equally relevant among history lovers as any other region as Yucatan Province have been the home of Mayan civilization and you can find ample of ruins scattered within the city as well as in the outskirt region of Merida. The rich history spanning from Mayan civilization till the colonial era have been giving Merida a vintage look and giving tourists taking flights to Merida from around the world in order to explore the heritage a spectacular experience. There are ample of religious places covering the plateau of the Merida that are made on the base of the Mayan civilization and are boasted with the relics found during the digging of the region that belongs to the era of Mayan civilization.

Merida is among the most superlative and versatile getaway destinations of the Mexico and features many attributes covering the plateau of the city as well as a vast stretch of land in the outskirts. The striking beauty of this charming city have been the reason why people are choosing Merida as a perfect getaway place now days. In case, you too seek a destination for some laid-back hospitality and awesome delights of Mexican culture, then you should probably consider planning a vacation at the capital city of Yucatan province and book your flights to Mexico with SmartFares to ensure a magnificent getaway whilst saving massive on your travel expenses.

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