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Top 5 Architectural Landmarks in Moscow

The glittering capital of one of the largest and most populous countries, Moscow, Russia have always been a successful getaway option that never cease to amaze its guests and offer a dazzling array of spellbinding attributes and outstanding attractions, covering the plateau of the political epicenter of the country. In case, you have been planning to take flights to Moscow and seeking some insights to kick-start your voyage, here we are with a list of top 5 architectural marvels in Moscow that will remind you of why the city have been among the most desired getaway destinations in the world and receiving millions of voyagers every year:

  1. The Kremlin

The Kremlin

One of the most reputed landmarks of the country, the Kremlin or simply known as Kremlin is one of the most outstanding piece of architectures of the city, featuring a fabulous giant size fortress made of red bricks and overlooking at the cityscape of Moscow. With its ideal location and an outstanding history associated with the building, Kremlin have been generating enough of exposure of global tourists taking flights to Moscow from around the world. With a close proximity from Moskva River, this site is a promising place to be while exploring the beating heart of Russia.

  1. Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

A blissful site of Moscow named as Stalin Gothic Skyscraper is a combination of seven giant structures that has named it as “Seven Sisters” and made on the famous Stalinist style architecture. Overlooking the giant city of Moscow from inside, this panoramic building has been quite popular and significant in the country’s capital. Seems to be like a fortress itself with giant domes and spiking heads, this complex is somewhat one of the most seen places in the city and is divided into government offices, family apartments, Moscow University and some luxury hotels. Constructed between 1940 and 1950, this complex is the symbol of socialist realism.

  1. Kolomenskoye


A spellbinding palace located an hour of drive away from the city center, Kolomenskoye is among the most blissful architectural marvels of the city, surrounded by a wide spread of green plains. With a proximity from Moskva River, this site makes a great place to enjoy some quality time away from the city and enjoying hundreds of hectares of area full of refreshing green plains. Home of former royalty of Russia, Kolomenskoye is now a museum reserve where tourists can visit and explore the stylish artwork of 16th century which was then the finest piece of architectures in the city.

  1. Red Square

Red Square

One of the finest and most visited attractions of Moscow, Red Square is the biggest city square of the Russian capital, surrounded with the finest landmarks of the city and witnessing millions of people every day. With its outstanding view of surroundings along with typical Russian architecture, this place have been generating the most exposure in the city. Connecting with the major highways of the country, Red Square is the busiest place with abundant things going on throughout the year. With a walking distance from the Kremlin, this is a separate site which is often considered as a part of the Kremlin complex and have been the home of many outstanding architectural and artistic creations.

  1. St. Basil’s Cathedral

St. Basil's Cathedral

A fabulous cathedral located next to the Red Square, the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed or commonly known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral is among the most outstanding architectures you may ever come across in entire Russia. With its colorful domes and dynamic round-shaped walls, travelers often find this cathedral dazzling and enjoy visiting during dark hours when the lighting makes the view of the cathedral more enjoyable. St. Basil’s Cathedral is also the home of the local artistry that is easily observable once you step-in to the premises. The history of the cathedral and stories related with the premises have been the most promising experience for voyagers taking flights to Moscow.

Moscow is world famous for its diversity in culture, outstanding landscapes in the outskirts, dazzling lifestyle and incredible nightlife, but the city have become a hot favorite place for architectural lovers and is giving away the glimpse of brilliance the natives have to transform this exotic political epicenter into a magnet for all sorts of travelers around the world. So, if you too share such kind of interests and looking to have a vacation in the Russian capital, then consider the services of SmartFares and book your flights to Moscow today to explore an outstanding conurbation of the Russian region with high levels of culture, lifestyle, heritage, nature and all other aspects that have been intriguing among global voyagers.

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