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Tips to travel like a true foodie

While traveling to a different country or other parts of the world, it is quite a difficult thing to understand the customs and culture of the respective destination. There are a number of factors that may help you to get close to the people as well as gain more knowledge about the culture and traditions. Those who tend to explore the gourmet and like to try out new things have always performed better than others when it comes to understanding the culture. So, if you too wish to explore like a foodie and love to discover new facts and information about a certain destination, following are a few tips that will help you travel like a true foodie:

  1. Plan ahead for your trip


Planning before doing anything has always proven the best activity and the same thing goes when it comes to traveling. Searching for new places, their delicacies, cultural aspects and more through websites and social media platforms are always helpful. Joining communities on social media websites that have been exploring that particular destination will give you more insight and help to understand the type of culinary you are going to have as well as give you a gist about the food scene at your destination. Also, you can make new friends or can find friends of friends that will help you catch the latest trending dishes as well as places to enjoy some scrumptious portions.

  1. Be Observant


Don’t just see, you must always observe on things as well. For an instant, if you are in flights to Berlin, you will come across some delicacies that belongs from German culture during your meal time and it will help you understand the flavors and aromas to judge after you get off your flights. Most of the national carriers or even airlines providing cheap flights offer some delicious food insights about the respective destinations through their vast menu. Also, when you are in a destination, observing places with huge crowd or people chatting about a particular dishes may help you get more insight to make a keyword over the internet and going through all the necessary details.

  1. Have a meal with a local


Eating like a local doesn’t mean you have to follow every local food joint come in your path. It clearly means that you have to find a dining area that can suit your hygiene level as well as pocket. Locals who have been living in that city for too long are habitual against all health hazards. So, it is better to be like a local whilst keeping your safeguard on. You can also make friends with locals and join them over a dinner at their home to learn some basic customs. For an example, in South India, people often prefer eat the food barehanded and avoid using spoons, knives and forks. These sort of customs can only be understood when you join a local over a main course.

  1. Go for Grocery Shopping


While planning to visit someone’s home abroad for a dinner or meal, try to bring some groceries and reach to the place ahead of time to help them out in cooking as well as understand the combination of spices and flavors used while cooking. Buying groceries will help you understand the effect of climate over the dishes as well as give you a brief about the spices, herbs and key ingredients. So, when you are off for a meal at some local’s home, ask them to allow you bring some groceries for meal to show a gesture of gratitude whilst understanding the relevance of particular herbs or spices in that particular dish.

  1. Join local cooking classes


What’s the use of tasting delicious food when you are not able to try it out on your own after coming back home? Joining cooking classes for a couple of days or week for an hour or two have been becoming a trend these days. Foodies visiting Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and more tend to join local cooking classes or visit to the chefs of restaurants on frequent bases near their hotels. This helps them to understand the significant insight about the culture and also learn new facts and information about a destination’s traditions. Also, it is quite fun to interact with other locals as well as tourists to blend different cooking methods and bringing out something good and unique.

So, if you have been traveling a lot and enjoy trying different food with different flavors and diverse tastes, then you have become a true foodie traveler in spirit. Now all you need is explore more cities and discover different dimensions of food and cooking that changes in a few miles around the world. So, to enjoy more beautiful explorations and have a spellbinding getaway experience, consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and get delighted by awesome and cheap flights for a happening getaway.

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