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Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city that has been the home to many stars and artists that are known as the shining stars in the industry as of now, have been among the most diverse and incredible getaway option for voyagers. A city that has been giving people with special talent a platform to test their luck and expertise in the respective field have been much more than just a place to find bread and butter. In the era of traveling and wanderlust, people have begun to explore different places with much more than just natural landscapes and beaches as now traveling has been more about understanding the culture and discovering the heritage and lifestyle of a particular destination. Following we have the best things to do in Los Angeles that will help you to understand this spectacular city better whilst tasting the real flavors the city has to offer:

  1. Griffith Park

Griffith Park

Located close to the Mount Hollywood, this picturesque place is among the most reputed and visited attractions of all time in the West Coast region, ideally renowned for its observatory and magnificent stretch of photogenic natural landscape. With its pocket-friendly entry fee and marvelous collection of natural landscapes including parks, sculptures, lagoons, waterfalls, hiking and biking trails and much more, you can practically spend a whole day admiring the beauty of this spellbinding place that is still isolated from the honking streets and bustling markets of the Los Angeles.

  1. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Visiting the California and not exploring the beaches is like eating a pastry without icing on the top and there is no better place that can beat the stardom and charm of Santa Monica Beach. Located on the western outskirts of the Los Angeles, this spellbinding beach is one of the most reputed and popular beaches of the West Coast, featuring an abundant range of attractions to enjoy the days and the nights. Featuring a marvelous shoreline that stretches to more than 3 miles, fabulous bars and pubs, magnificent activities to participate and spellbinding scene of the horizon, Santa Monica Beach is the place for everyone where you can go and get blend in the utter beauty of culture, nature and lifestyle combined.

  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Arts

Los Angeles County Museum of Arts

A popular place on the plateau of the Los Angeles that can inspire any artist to bring out the best they have, Los Angeles County Museum of Arts is something that you must visit for at least once in your life. Often abbreviated as LACMA, LA County Museum of Arts is a stretch of more than 20 acres and features a magnificent treasure of artistry and masterpieces. With a collection of art works spanning for centuries in the ancient era till now, LACMA has been witnessing millions of visitors each year and giving away the most awe-inspiring experience of their lives. Besides all the galleries and exhibitions, LACMA has been holding many concerts and film screenings in the arena to give art lovers a platform to enjoy the new talents whilst being surrounded by the wisdom of ancient art.

  1. Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park

Even when you are in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, the city will never let you stay away from the natural bliss and green lands and the best example to experience the same will be Runyon Canyon Park. With its close proximity from the Hollywood Boulevard, Runyon Canyon Park is a less popular place against all other attractions you may know in Los Angeles for its obvious reasons. With its exquisite hiking trails, sight to the San Fernando Valley, North Pacific Shores and parks to have a laid-back day, Runyon Canyon Park gives you the perfect opportunity to process the entire experience of stardom in Los Angeles with a chance to witness the celebrities working out in natural surroundings, isolated from the crowd and paparazzi.

  1. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard

A picturesque and iconic boulevard that stretches from Figueroa Street to the Pacific Coasts, covering more than 22 miles in length, Sunset Boulevard is one of the most prominent attractions of all time even being remain bustling throughout the day due to heavy traffic. Once a place used to portray the charming and charismatic lifestyle of the Los Angeles and the Hollywood, adults and elders will find the driveway quite familiar due to its frequent scenes in legendary Hollywood movies. People these days have found driving early in the morning or in the dark hours a peaceful and exciting experience to feel like a star in their own imaginary movie.

Although, when it comes to Los Angeles, everything revolves around stardom these days and people prefer visiting studios and shooting sets instead of exploring something that is related with the culture of California and the nature of the West Coast. So, if you feel like exploring the real Los Angeles in upcoming holiday season, then all you can do as of now is to book your flights to Los Angeles with SmartFares and avail some great discounts and deals to save more and spend on things that you desire to do or experience whilst spending a quality vacation in Los Angeles.

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