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The Bucket List

Bucket List- a list of things that a person wishes to do in his/her life. We all have a bucket list of things that we would have made at any point of life, which we wish to complete before we die. There can be anything in the bucket list, movies, sports, places, food, people, travel or even our dreams. It doesn’t have any end or limit as we can adjust it according to our choices. The most important thing about a bucket list is that it is the proof of us living a happy and a memorable life. No matter whether we are able to accomplish our tasks of bucket list or not having it in our lives is more important as it is a mode of inspiration and motivation and helps us to move ahead in life. One such list is there that is common for all of us and that shall be followed by everyone. It is the bucket list of places that we need to explore surely before we die. So, if you don’t have any list yet, follow the one given below and learn a new way of living your life.
1. Mt. Everest Base Camp:
Everest Base Camp
Life is nothing without any adventure or thrill and it can’t be better than hiking the Mt. Everest base Camp. Located at an altitude of 5,364 meters, the Mt. Everest Base Camp is the main area which is used by the climbers to hike the mountain. The snow covered mountains are definitely a heavenly treat to the eyes. You’ll surely get some motivation for overcoming that fear that has been haunting you from long.
2. Lion Safari in Africa:
Lion Safari in Africa
Nature and Wildlife is something which cannot be compared with anything else in the world. Lions are the creatures that carry a special and a distinguished personality on the earth. If knowing about the various species of animals is your passion, then taking a Lion safari in Africa is definitely needed. Take your favorite buddy along and get ready to delve into the deep secrets of the wild.
3. Skydiving with your Best Friend:
Skydiving is the best adventure sport one could go for. It’s definitely an out of the world experience that will blow your mind away. And if you are going for it with your friend, there cannot be a better activity than this. So, whether you have done it before or not, take your buddy along and jump off the sky and watch the world from an entirely new angle.
4. Visit Taj Mahal with your loved one:
Taj Mahal, Agra
The monument which is known to be the symbol of love is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The architecture and the motive behind the existence of this wonderful masterpiece will attract you towards itself. The last but not the least thing that you should add to the bucket list is visiting the Taj Mahal with your loved one. There cannot be a better place to celebrate your love and togetherness than the monument itself.
So, while you are planning to tick off all these activities from your bucket list, do not forget to browse through the cheap airfare deals on SmartFares to travel at budget-friendly prices.

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