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Foodies Paradise around the World – Top 5 Countries

Traveling and exploring different destinations across the world is not only about its places or people, the excursion is never complete without tasting the local food and relishing our taste buds with some lip-smacking dishes. Since food lovers are found universally, there are many countries and destinations in the world that are famous for the exotic meals and food they serve us during our visit. If you haven’t been to any popular foodie’s paradise, here is a list that can help you find a perfect spot to eat as much as you can:
1. Thailand:
Thai Food
Apart from being a popular destination for tourists, Thailand is a hub of street food, exotic meals and many delicious treats as well. Bangkok and Pattaya are the major hub of foodies that not only provide amazing food, but are quick in their services too. From noodles to sauces and meat to other delicious snacks, this awesome destination has so much to offer that you’ll definitely come again to give your taste buds a treat.
2. USA:
American Cuisine
America has been a famous destination for food which serves almost all the cuisines of the world. It has gifted the world some major food joints such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc. and that makes it an impeccable destination for food lovers. The most vibrant city of the US, New York has become the pivot centre for all types of food cuisines. So if you are looking for a great variety of options to eat, visit soon.
3. France:
French Food
Famous for its French cuisine, France is another stop for the food lovers who are on a hunt to find the best food joints in the world. The boeuf bourguignon, onion soup and a generous slice of tarte tatin, with vanilla-scented cream on the side served with sophistication will definitely make your day. The delicious macaroons, chocolates and pastries of Paris are nothing less than a heavenly pleasure. A visit to France can make you explore some more incredible dishes.
4. India:
Indian Food
The diverse culture of the country makes it a food-rich country, hence it is a sure shot place to be visited by all the food lovers. The capital of the country, New Delhi is known to be the best place to enjoy all types of street foods and experience fine dining at the best restaurants. The flavours of the spices and the sweetness of the desserts are enough to make you wonder in joy.
5. Italy:
Italian Food
Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, Lasagna, etc. all these dishes are a gift to the whole world from Italy. The Italian cuisine is loved by almost all the foodies which is a solid reason to add Italy to the list of the best food countries of the world. Healthy, tasty, simple and yet so amazing, all these qualities can be found in the Italian cuisines and you’ll definitely enjoy it. Give yourself an Italian treat by visiting it soon.
A vacation/trip can never be complete without tasting the food of the place you are visiting. So, book a cheap flight to your favorite food paradise with SmartFares and enjoy a budget-friendly travel with a tasteful journey.

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