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The best of Far East

The round shape of the earth on the model of the globe shows that this round planet is a big ball, which is made up of several regions. Out of these regions, is the Far East; that consists of East Asia, the Russian Far East, and Southeast Asia. This whole area is one of the constituents that join together and make the planet a beautiful scenery on the globe.

With a treasure of eye-catching attractions, this unexplored region is a wonderful place that can be explored by the tourists. While you are wondering how this area adds charm to the grace of earth, here are its top jewels that shall be explored to understand the importance of this region. These magnificent destinations will give you an idea of its popularity and are going to steal your heart away. Take a look and decide where you would like to go first:

1. Shanghai:


Located on the central coast of China, Shanghai is a sprawling city that happens to be a global financial hub and a gem of the crown of the nation. It is the greatest city in the world with a modern skyline, breathtaking attractions and wonderful sights that make it a wonderful tourist destination. The unique blend of historical landmarks, modern culture and lively ambience define its majestic allure. Explore it soon and feel the magic yourself. Browse Shanghai flight deals to grab great discounts.

2. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong

Another ornament of the Far East is this wonderland, which is situated in the southeastern China and has gained fame for its vibrant nightlife, exotic food scenes and sparkling skyline. Known as the World’s most vertical city, it is a popular tourist and shopping hub that attracts tourists from various corners of the world. The religious sites, breathtaking attractions and stunning spots are the few reasons that make it a brilliant place to be at. To delve into its fascinating charisma, plan a visit soon.

3. Tokyo:


This bustling capital city of Japan is yet another gemstone that shines brightly in the Far East region and makes it a place worth exploring. Its neon-lit skyscrapers, traditional and modern sculptures and beautiful sights make it a mesmerizing and perfect spot for spending a vacation. With a plethora of things to do and sights to explore; Tokyo is a great place that shall be added to the list of must see while planning a trip. A cheap flight to Tokyo can be booked easily through our website.

4. Seoul:


Considered as a heaven for the travelers, Seoul is an elegant and amazing destination that can make you wonder in surprise and leave you awestruck. No matter who you are traveling with, each and every moment of your excursion will make you realize why is it an important part of the region. Plenty of iconic attractions and landmarks make it a stunning tourist spot that amazes all its visitors and gives them magical memories to cherish for a lifetime.

5. Jakarta:


Lastly, the melting pot of various cultures; Jakarta makes our list complete. It’s spectacular ambience, lively streets and colorful surroundings force the travelers to stay here longer and give them a visual treat with the splendid attractions and spots. The presence of numerous shopping hubs, exemplary sights and highlights make it an ideal vacation spot. The warm culture and the friendly people are going to add joy to your holiday and make it a memorable experience. Plan a visit soon to experience the fascination.

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