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5 Tips to Save Money while Traveling

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Traveling is a wonderful experience as it gives you the chance of meeting new people, knowing new places and exploring yourself. Though it’s quite obvious that you need a budget before leaving for a trip, but at the same time you need to save yourself from getting bankrupt too. Here are some tips that will help you travel on a limited budget without comprising on the joy of traveling.

Travel Tips

1. Planning: Planning happens to be the most important part of a trip. The place to be visited, accommodation, budget and finding the best options to travel; everything needs to be planned in advance. The process shall get started as soon as you make up your mind for the trip. Advance booking of the flights, hotels and the destination which you are planning to visit will not only save last minute problems but will save money too. A thorough research will add to your savings and let you enjoy your trip.
2. Traveling in the Off-Season: No matter which country/place you are planning to visit, avoid a trip during the peak season. The peak season or the busiest time of the year will become a restraint in exploring all the popular sites as they will be crowded and you could hardly find time to spend leisure time there. Whereas, if you visit the place in the off-season, you can enjoy all the beautiful sights and also save huge amounts of money on food, lodging and traveling.
3. Travel to a less popular place: It might sound boring to you, but visiting a less popular place lets you discover new places. Another reason for traveling to this place is that it is comparatively cheaper and hence gives you the pleasure of enjoying your trip at a budget. You will definitely find a spot that would be much more beautiful than that of a popular tourist spot. Find a less traveled place and enjoy its unspoiled beauty.
4. Use Public Transport: The real essence of visiting a place lies in its journey. Whenever you are planning a trip to any destination, try to commute through the local/public transport. Doing this could save a good amount of money and meet the local people, which further would help you in your trip. It might take some time to deal with maps & directions, but that’s the fun of traveling.
5. Carry along food and Short-meals: Being on a vacation, you might have to walk few more miles for food and even pay higher amounts for the same food too. To save yourself from starving and the costly meals, carry some light snacks and short meals with you. This would not only help you from standing queues, but will add to your savings too. If you are having food at a tourist place, try to buy the exclusive meal deals, which you can save for your next hour.
Traveling could never get free, but following the tips may help you save money. No matter which place/country you travel to, saving while traveling is quite easy. Whether you are planning a long vacation or looking out for a weekend travel, keep these tips in mind and enjoy a budget-friendly trip.

Useful Tips For The Business Traveller

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Are you a frequent business traveller? We know between your office meetings and planning for presentations & meetings; checking out the airline guidelines, flight tickets & hotel booking, visa and packing your luggage is a big task.Getting ready for a business trip can seem like a project of its own. Here are some useful tips from a frequent business traveller to help you pack, travel and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Keep essentials packed at all times

If you are a frequent traveller try to keep most of essentials things packed at all times. Avoid forgetting crucial items such as toiletries and charging cables for electronics by keeping them in your travel bag at all times. It’s save your time and avoid to pack these things again and again.


Bring disposable items to save space later

Carry disposable items like slippers, socks, toiletries etc. It can help you clean and discarding these items before returning from your trip.

Avoid checking bags

If you traveling by air, take advantage of carry-on bag allowances instead of paying to checked luggage. Always carry only important thing and avoid unused or less important things. It helps to carry your bag easily and allow you to leave electronics in the case while they go through security.


Be aware of cellular service rates

During traveling use special cellphone carrier’s plans and data packs, especially if you travel out of the country. It helps to avoid the extra charges of your mobile and internet data usages.


Planning the meetings

We all know new places always create some adventure and some problems. It is best option to ask the people at the local company about the route, transport and traveling time from one location to the other, so you can plan accordingly and reach in your meeting on time and also manage the time between two meetings on two different places. You can also use your electronics gadgets for road map.


Pick the right hotel

It is best to book your hotel near your meeting spot. Its save your traveling time and cost. Choose a hotel which provide all facilities according to your needs.


While during your business trip you have to attend some business lunch and dinner parties, keep some time for yourself and see the place you’re visiting. After all, what is the point of travelling the world, and not seeing it?

So, if you plan your next business trip keep above points in your mind and checkout our exclusive business class airfare deals here: http://www.smartfares.com/business-class.html,available for all business travellers.

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