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Tips to keep your gadget safe while traveling

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

In the era of modernization and high-end technology, people have begun to explore the world whilst keeping their gadgets and tech-toys around them which have both minimize the thrill of traveling whilst have kept things easy for some. Either way, traveling with gadgets is a big responsibility due to higher cost of these devices and low level of durability which have been the reason why you need some expert tips to keep your gadgets safe while traveling. With this blog, we have come up with some great tips that will help you to keep your devices safe and secured while traveling. Based on the advices of expert travelers and from those who have been the victim personally of gadget loss, we have brought to you this amazing list of top 5 ways to secure your devices while traveling to your dream destination:

Travel Gadget

  1. Know what to pack

Knowing what to pack is the key to every problem related with traveling. Everyone believe that they may require everything during their trip i.e. their camera, laptop, iPad, airpod and other accessories in order to capture the best memories, exploring the best places and stashing the memories whilst keeping themselves entertained. However, this entire packing kills nearly half the fun of the trip as you probably stay indulged with your devices rather than admiring the beauty and charm of your destination. Needless to say, the more things you pack, the more responsibilities you are carrying with you on your voyage which will obstruct a free and soothing exploration.

  1. Downgrade the packaging

Flashy bags of laptops, iPads and phones are the welcome signs for thieves who can go to any extent to get close to the target and fetch the valuables. It is highly recommended to downgrade the packaging of your gadgets in order to keep people under the doubt whether you have something valuable in your bag or something that doesn’t worth an effort. The best way to downgrade or uglify your bags is to carry light and small laptop bags and put them in an ugly carry bag along which can misguide the thieves and keep you away from them throughout your journey. Needless to say, you should not be using your expensive gadgets in public area to avoid any exposure of your valuables to unknown and suspicious people.

  1. Invest in better travel bags

Many of us have been the victim of damaged gadgets due to bad quality of packing or rough usage while traveling especially during the airport check-in, using the public transport and lodging at the hotel room. It is highly recommended to invest in a good quality bag for your valuables that can offer better padding, safety from jerks, water damage and exposure from extreme temperatures. You should always pack your gadgets in their respective bags and avoid putting them randomly in anything at any given time. This way, you will be securing your devices from any accident that may occur throughout your trip. Buying authentic backpacks, rucksacks and quality bags is the key to keep your devices safe. You can put the ugly padding on the bags later on to downgrade the outlook of your bags.

  1. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is the closest assurance you can get while traveling and saving yourself from any accident that may occur during your trip. There are an abundant number of travel insurance plans that secure your valuable electronic devices and gadgets from any given threat and even if you get the device damaged, a nominal fee can cover the cost of repair or replacement. One must always read through all the terms and conditions while purchasing a travel insurance to stay confirmed about which devices are covered, what the exceptional circumstances are, which cities are covered in the insurance and about the entire cost of the insurance before proceeding as per your budget and smartness.

  1. Other important facts

Keeping the backup of your data is the key element of securing all your important details and information stored in your mobile, tablets, phablets and laptops. Usage of cloud storage and other digital drop box is a plus when you are traveling. One must also stay away from unsecured Wi-Fi connections especially in the public area which can be a threat to your data security. Installing applications to locate your devices, secure the login of your devices and adding some extra security is a plus. Carrying electricity converter adapters and power banks while traveling to unknown lands would be a great advantage for those who stay tech-savvy during their entire trip. Packing important accessories like data cable, power banks, hands-free sorted in different packaging will save a lot of space and time in your packing process.

There are many reasons why you should be carrying your devices while traveling abroad, and on the other hand, you will find plenty of people you know who will give you reasons why you should leave them home. Either way, you must always know that these devices are your friends and you must take a good care of them while traveling to capture the great moments, keep the memories logged and kill some time at the airport and other long waiting queues. So, if you find the points which we have suggested worthy to implement, just keep these points in mind for next time you travel to your favorite place and don’t forget to take the services of SmartFares to avail some great deals and offers on cheap airfares we have for you.

Witnessing the best of marine life

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The world is eternally beautiful and no matter how hard we try, we can barely scratch the surface of the diversity our planet is possessed with. The mainland are prominently covered by many of us who have the passion of exploring the nature and diversity of the world, yet we miss the 70 percent of the area which is covered by the oceans where the primary vividness of life lives. Though, there are many travelers across the world who have considered to explore the underwater world and enjoy witnessing the utmost beautiful, surreal yet picturesque diversity of living beings under the surface of the water, yet many of us are still unaware. With this blog, we are offering you a glimpse of the places for witnessing the best of marine life existing on the blue planet. So, come with us below and learn what it feels like when you go beyond your imagination:

  1. Sea Lions, Galápagos islands, Ecuador

Sea Lions, Galapagos islands, Ecuador

Witnessing the sea lions is itself an experience that cannot be defined in words. Imagine you hit the shallow waters of the Galapagos Islands as a person who wishes to witness the marine life and end-up becoming the showstopper itself where dozens of sea lions are smirking towards you and giving you the look of being a clown in the middle of crowd. Galapagos Islands are the home to some of the rare species of Sea Lions and if you are wishing to witness these giant mammals enjoying their lives in a group under the sea and witnessing the spectators diving in the shallow blue waters to experience the presence of these heavy and gigantic creatures in action.

  1. Humpback whales, Tonga

Humpback whales, Tonga

South Pacific is proven to be the home to many astonishing creatures that are majorly unseen by majority of the population of the earth. Yet many expeditioners have ran an extra mile to explore the new and different species in their natural habitat in this part of the world and have successfully dived into the home of the humpback whales. One of the largest mammals existing on the planet, Humpback whales are quite common to have a sight in the South Pacific especially in the nearby coastal areas of Tonga. These huge in size and harmless creatures are really rare to be found elsewhere and you can enjoy the sight of them splashing gallons of waters in one dive is simply beyond imagination. We all must have witnessed the same on science related television shows and it is really exquisite if you can witness the same in person.

  1. Green turtles, Barbados

Green turtles, Barbados

The warm Caribbean waters are the home of some of the most beautiful yet endangered species of marine life and if you are ready to take a step forward from the cozy and tranquilizing laid-back vacation in the Barbados, then you can get the good fortune of witnessing the green turtles of Barbados. The beautiful creatures of Caribbean marine world, these green turtles are really adorable and can easily be witnessed if your guide know the place to find them. There are many sightseeing areas available off-the-coasts of the Barbados where you can go on a boat ride with your scuba gears and enjoy swimming around these beautiful and harmless creatures that live in the shell under the surface of the Caribbean Sea. It is always advised to avoid chasing them as green turtles are endangered species and can get in stress from any foreign interference.

  1. Manta rays, Maldives

Manta rays, Maldives

Maldives is known for its tranquilizing resorts, exquisite hospitality and laid-back weather conditions, but many of us haven’t seen beyond obvious where you can witness the exquisite sight of manta rays. Manta Rays are really beautiful creatures that are commonly found in the shallow waters near the coastal areas and feed themselves with small fishes that are the great appetite for both of us. Many marine life lovers are found to be taking frequent flights to Maldives throughout the year to witness and stroll around these creatures in their natural habitat. Giant in size and harmless to the humans unless provoked, these creatures are really beautiful and calm to witness and can easily be found in clear waters.

  1. Whale sharks, Western Australia

Whale sharks, Western Australia

Almost everyone on the planet have witnessed the wrath of sharks in many of the movies from the Hollywood and if you are planning on witnessing one giant whale shark in person, then you should probably start planning a trip to the Western Australian region which is known to be the perfect place to witness a giant group of sharks in various locations. Giant in size and lethal if provoked, these huge species of the marine life is really splendid to witness and you can have the incredible glimpse of the hundred-tooth jaw without having a bite of course. It is highly advised to not to intervene during the regular affairs of these whale sharks to avoid any sort of fatal accident and if you insist on swimming close to them, you must understand the technique of hanging in the water like a jellyfish which can reduce their interest in you at some point.

The marine life holds much more diversity in both nature and number of species than we can imagine and no matter how hard you try to witness them all, it is nearly impossible to witness them all due to extreme weather conditions, limited reach beneath the water surface and of course the lack of oxygen under the water. Hence, there are many places which can give you the small trailer of what we have on our planet and how gorgeous and at the same time wild the other species can be. So, if you are ready to witness such a fantastic discoveries in person and looking forward for a journey filled with adventure and death-defying thrills, then quickly start planning your next trip and book your flights with SmartFares today to avail some great deals and outstanding offers available with us.

Best Food Scene of Thailand

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Asian continent is known for its different hues that have been pleasing every sense of voyagers from around the world. From spiritual enlightenment to historical exploration, natural treasures, extraordinary phenomenon and awe-inspiring delights, Asia have been a treasure itself to give everyone a delight for their own senses. There is a big number of foodies who enjoy taking flights to Thailand from every part of the world to not just taste some of the most splendid dishes from the Thai gastronomy, but also to learn a lot about the ancient cooking methods, splendid blend of raw spices and herbs as well as superlative recipes that have been passed on from one generation to other. To give you a glimpse of Thai culture, here we are with just a fraction of best food scene of Thailand:

  1. Moo Grob in Bangkok

Moo Grob in Bangkok

The bustling city of Bangkok have been among the most famous Asian destinations and that too for a reason. The marvelous markets, enthralling variety of landscapes, picturesque atmosphere, electrifying culture and thriving settings to please the guests in Bangkok have brought this city into the travel bucket list of millions of voyagers worldwide. If you have been thinking to experience the best gourmet scene in Bangkok, then you should probably visit to the local market called Chatuchak Market where you can find the food stalls and vendors offering the finest quality of Moo Grob which is a crispy pork served with rice. The aromatic experience with loads of Thai herbs and spices will make your day and give you an experience to awestruck your mind.

  1. Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

Khao Soi, also known as the Egg Noodle Curry is one of the biggest specialties of the Chiang Mai and a typical Thai dish that came from the native culture. A rich in flavors and taste curry noodle soup that includes onions, cabbages, lime, egg and much more, the egg noodle curry is a delicious dish to savor while traveling in Chiang Mai. The marvelous blend of flavors, herbs and spices with lip-smacking texture have made this astonishing dish a favorite culinary to savor for every tourist. The variations are also available where you can replace your egg with pork, beef or even chicken to enjoy more nutrition and get the taste of various other flavors in your mouth.

  1. Tom Yum Goong in Pattaya

Tom Yum Goong in Pattaya

The spicy shrimp soup locally known as the Tom Yum Goong is a typical Thai dish, ideally famous to have as an appetizer where you can set your tongue to the strong and aromatic taste of Thai spices and herbs. The awesome yellow and red texture along with bewitching taste have made this dish a perfect food to begin your meal with and savor on the delicious gastronomy style of the natives. Pattaya have been quite a famous resort destination and people who are flying to Pattaya have enjoyed this dish the most whilst most of them have tried to learn much more about variations and cooking methods which is quite simple yet traditional to follow. Available across almost every Thai restaurant in Pattaya, Tom Yum Goong is truly a delicious experience that everyone must have.

  1. Massaman Curry in Phuket

Massaman Curry in Phuket

Many people have suggested that Massaman Curry is an interpretation of the Persian dish and is originally from some other culture. However, those who have been practicing the Thai gastronomy for a very long time have shown their difference of opinion in this statement. The delicious curry, best known to be a popular mild-flavored Thai dish, Massaman Curry is among the most spectacular dishes of all time in Thai culture where the chef prepares a combination of herbs, spices, raw spices, flavor enhancers, potato, beef (variation of chicken is also available), star anise and many more ingredients and prepare this superlative dish which is quite common and easy to find in the Thai restaurants of Phuket and nearby places.

  1. Steamed Sea Bass in Krabi

Steamed Sea Bass in Krabi

Steamed Sea Bass is one of the most amazing and refreshing dishes in the Thai culture, prominently prepared and served in the regions near to Krabi. A spectacular dish that comprises the cooking method of bamboo steamer and preparation of Sea Bass with basic herbs, special Thai spices and awesome technique to mildly cook the fish to keep its essence alive whilst serving the dish well prepared and sufficiently cooked. Although, Sea Bass is served in many other parts of the world, but if you are seeking the best taste of the fish along with the mild and soothing flavors of Thai culture, then you should try Steamed Sea Bass at least once in Krabi.

Thailand is known for many reasons and among them all, the food have been a thriving reason. Despite being lush with an abundant variety of beaches, islands and many natural beauties, Thailand have been stealing the heart away of voyagers who even seek a small bite of traditional Thai culinary. So, if you are planning to visit an Asian destination where you can savor on the most delicious combination of recipes whilst feeling a piece of heaven in your mouth, then you should probably consider to book your flights to Thailand with SmartFares to ensure a magnificent getaway experience, filled with an enormous amount of great delights and fascinating experiences whilst spending way too low than usual on your travel expenses.

How to bring spirituality in your life

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

There are times when you feel like done with every earthly thing and seek some enlightenment in your life to pursue something that actually matters or gives you happiness. Some fortunate people often come across such things after getting retired from their jobs and at the age where they have sufficient time to think over issues in life and come across every hassle they have been facing. Yet, due to increasing pressure in daily life with so much stress and worries about job security, financial crisis, relationship issues, failures in many steps and more, many people seek some guidance to make their lives easier and happier once again. To give those people a direction to take and get the best future, here we are with some answers of how to bring spirituality in your life:

  1. Facing the issues head on

Face Issue

Most of the tremors we face in our lives are because of not facing your fears or issues that have been bothering you for a very long time. People these days have been occupied with so many things that sometimes it makes them to put issues on hold that have been haunting or bothering over and over again. Hence, the wiser idea is to face your issues and get over with it for good. Keeping problems piled-up have never brought good to anyone. There are times when you will regret to find the solution that could have been easier if searched a long time ago. Also, keeping things on hold makes it even harder to break-out later which could be a piece of cake if attempted in early stages.

  1. Following your heart

Follow Your heart

Doing things that are against your morals or your spirit weakens your soul and no matter how much you try to accept it, the scars on your memories will never fade away due to neglecting your gut-feeling or your heart when you had the choice. Hence, if you are seriously looking to get some spiritual enlightenment, you should begin to listen to your heart and follow the things that are considered right by you and bring greater good to the society. A happy heart is the key to keep your body, mind and surroundings happy and well-functioning. It is often said by geniuses that if you follow your heart, then the whole world will help you to achieve your goals.

  1. Finding someone to help you sorting issues

Find help

Sharing have been one of the most successful ways of clearing the burden on your soul and heart. People who have been keeping their problems to themselves and not showing the concern to others are the one who takes the biggest toll on their health and spirits. In the present scenario when everyone have been busy for themselves only, it is really important to share your feelings and issues that have been bothering you. That way, not only you lose some steam out of your chest, but also may come across the views that were not clear from your side of thinking. These practices also help to come across many unconventional or unfamiliar ways of solving your issues easily.

  1. Adapting your hobbies to get distraction


If you have been in issues for a very long time and haven’t come across anything to break out from it, you should start trying to indulge yourself in new and interesting hobbies to distract your mind and body. Getting new hobbies are good to learn a lot about different things as well as take some steam off from your head. Whilst pursuing new hobbies like music, art, dance, craft, reading, writing, adventure and more can be a thing to keep you busy, they also broadens your mentality to see things differently and ultimately help a thread of spirituality.

  1. Travel the world for better exposure

Explore world

There are many sayings that the people who travel a lot are the wisest among the lot. Traveling across many destinations and regions gives an exposure that is impossible to have while sitting in front of your laptop, watching television or reading a magazine. There are tons of cultures, lifestyles and heritages living on our planet and exploring a single place in the world will bring so many new ways of looking to your life differently. Traveling also gives some spiritual experiences by exploring nature’s marvels and visiting destinations that have been into the roots of enlightenment for centuries. Places like Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Korea and more have been quite popular these days among people. So, if you like to get spiritual enlightenment in a traditional way, travel across the world and find the path of your own.

There are a number of other ways that help to get spirituality in life and give some sooth and happiness to your body and soul. In case, you have been thinking over to start traveling and gaining exposures of places, cultures, nature, lifestyles and arts that were never occurred to your mind before, we are here to serve you well as SmartFares has been giving ample of options to travel with our wide range of cheap airfares and offers to make your dream of traveling come true.

How to Save Money While Shopping Abroad

Friday, February 17th, 2017

While traveling, we come across many experiences. Some of them are worth remembering whilst others haunt us for a very long time due to our decisions that could have been better. One of the reasons that makes a happening trip into a tragic experience is traveling while shopping abroad. There are tons of destinations around the world that are extremely gorgeous in sightseeing and furnished with abundant variety of markets and malls. These kind of destinations are often visited by people who like shopping and buy a lot of stuff as a remembrance for their vacation in the respective destination. To save you from the trouble and give a universal question of “how to save money while shopping abroad”, we have come up with a few simple tips that will allow you to keep your budget on and stop you from spending a lot:

shutterstock_274223285 (1)

  1. Prepare a list

Always prepare a list before you step out of your home or hotel in abroad. It is essential to keep your preferences sorted and help you to reach your destination without wasting a lot of precious time. This way, you can not only keep the essential buys in mind and check before leaving your destination, but also keep a track on your spending by making a list and having an estimated expenditure which allows to keep your budget toned while you are in a city or island away from home. This way, you can also resist yourself in buying things that look fabulous and appealing while shopping but have no relevance at all to keep for a long time. Also, you can keep up with your budget and save a little extra while keeping your requirements in mind and not to checking out things that are not in priority list of your shopping.

  1. Learn how to bargain

There are an abundant number of destinations such as India, Morocco, Thailand and Egypt that are furnished with a fine variety of markets and shops that allows you to bargain. Bargaining is often considered to be the right of a customer in many countries and customer can always check at other shops before buying the stuff finally while comparing the difference and asking some extra concession against student ID and tourist discounts. Also, learning about the conversion cost of currency and knowing the price in local currency helps to bargain a bit extra to waive off the extra imposed currency conversion charges that are often remain hidden from the seller. A quick research in the market and knowing the estimated price of what you are about to purchase from a friend or known person also helps to determine the cost of the good and bargain against the shopkeeper.

  1. Shop away from the prominent attractions

Shops and marketplaces nearby a prominent attraction of a respective destination are considered a big NO among professional travelers who like to collect souvenirs and go for shopping. These marketplaces are often works on a fundamental of keeping customers in an illusion of high-quality stuff at an attractive price. However, if you travel down to the local marketplaces and malls of the city, you will find the prices way cheaper than the shops selling the same thing nearby an attraction or landmark. These shopkeepers tend to keep the price tags higher than the original cost and use cheesy language to sell their goods on hefty profit. In case, you are at a destination where there is no other place to shop a particular thing than nearby markets, then always check the price from different shops before heading towards the final purchase. Also, try to bargain to know the nearby value of the thing and anticipate the situation. If you still feel like not buying the thing, you can always walk-out from the shop/outlet.

  1. Know when to stop

The best way to keep a tab on anything you do is knowing when to stop. There are times when you either exceed your regular traveling budget while shopping something much more interesting and end-up having nothing reserve in pocket for emergency situation. Also, monitoring the weight of the stuff you are buying and type of thing as per the airline’s parameters will help you to stop paying excess baggage fee or leaving the thing at the airport during the security check. In case, you find something will cost you way more than your budget allows you, it is best to keep the thing on hold for a while and look for alternatives such as another trip or finding stuff that you will no longer need in your luggage before leaving for home.

  1. Discount Cash Cards

There are plenty of destinations such as Dublin where tourists can get discount cash card that allows them to avail discounts on purchases from authentic shops. These cash cards also allows you to keep a monitor on your purchases and help you to stop whenever you go beyond your limit. Buying such cards will only cost you a nominal fee (starting from $10) and help you to recharge your card using your credit or debit cards. These kind of cards also help to save a lot on currency exchange fees as all the transactions and conversions go through the bank and the valid conversion fee is imposed during your recharge.

There are tons of other ways through which you can keep your budget in limit even before leaving your living room such as booking cheap flights and finding affordable accommodations. Also, shopping from duty-free zones and buying locally produced items that can cost you way less than the usual, things that can attract custom duty fee and more. So, if you like exploring new places and have a hobby to shop wherever you go, all you must be worried about is saving some good amount on your travel expenses. And to help you saving more, SmartFares is at your service to give you access to some amazingly discounted travel deals and offers available on our website.

Best Photogenic Destinations in March

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

When the passion for photography mixes with the zeal towards traveling, the output will always come out something that can make people say “WOW!” and bow before you to show them a fascinating view of interpretation. Hence, every year, thousands of travelers explore vivid parts of the world in search of something new, different, exciting and inspirational. In case, you too like traveling and capturing some quality moments in your camera, we are here to provide you not only cheap flights, but also, some ideas that will help you to hunt down your next location with some outstanding results. So, here are the finest and best photogenic destinations that are fabulous to visit and polish your photography skills in the month of March:

  1. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, Montana

A combination of mountains, valleys, waterbodies and picturesque plains is a perfect thing to capture almost everything nature have inherited to us. Hence, Glacier National Park in Montana is something that is considered beyond awesome by worldwide photographers. Often considered as the southern extension of Canadian Rockies, this spectacular Glacier area is something that is not perfect to capture some of the magnificent pictures, but also gives a keen eye to find something different and inspiration in the depth of nature. With its variety of landscapes, the variety of flora and fauna comes automatically. Catch grizzly bears in action at the wilderness of the national park or have a cute picture of goats around the scooped lakes.

  1. Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja California is the home of many attributes that are rare to be found together anywhere else in the world. Featuring many spectacular ruins of colonial towns as well as underwater fauna off the coasts, you can enjoy every bit staying in Baja California Sur whilst capturing some of the finest moments of people admiring and exploring the tremendous architectural marvels and ruins that have been there existing for decades. Head your way to the coastal area and hop on to a boat to enjoy some of the most dazzling and indescribable moments whilst keeping your click timing perfect and capturing the biggest mammals on the planet in action. The shores of Baja California Sur are featured with whales and sharks that often leave people stunned by their huge size and acrobats of popping out of the ocean.

  1. Yosemite Valley, California

Yosemite Valley, California

Nestled in the northern California at the west of Sierra Nevada Mountains, the exquisitely amazing glacier valley of Yosemite is something that is beyond expression. With clear skies, fascinating mountains, exhilarating plains, waterbodies, myriad flora, abundant fauna and refreshing air, you will stop thinking about any stress of your life and begin to imagine your world filled with happiness. Capture some of the finest moments including special shaped clouds over the mountain, hues of sunrise and sunset on the horizon, sun rays coming from between mountains and more whilst feeling a lot of refreshed and happy strolling around the plains and exploring more beauty of nature in Yosemite Valley.

  1. San Juan Mountains, Colorado

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

With a small gaze of San Juan Mountains, you will not believe that you are in Colorado. A small mountain valley that is often considered as the Switzerland of America, San Juan Mountain valley is one of the most visited, captured and refreshing getaway options in the American region, known for its spectacularly amazing natural bliss and outstanding array of landscapes. Comprising lakes, falls, mountains, rocks, plains and more, this region is something that is beyond any word or expression. Hence, many marvelous and international nature photographers have found their masterpieces here and have outshined others in their era with a keen eye of beauty and exquisite luck.

  1. Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

If you are done traveling the mountains and valleys and looking for something more sandy and wet, you must head towards the Sunset beach of Hawaii. One of the biggest attractions of the state of Hawaii, Sunset beach is among a few finest sunset points in the world, known for being a romantic getaway option for couples taking flights to Hawaii and enjoying its outstanding accommodation. However, those who have held cameras in their neck and have a keen eye of creativity considered visiting this beach otherwise. Featuring a horizon that gives the most spectacular and magical moments almost daily where the refreshing breeze touches your skin and give shivers, strong waves clashing against the rock and sun leaving the sky in different colors during the dawn is the ideal time to capture the artistry of the nature and get some quality moments on canvas that depicts how genius magician Mother Nature is.

There are tons of other places that are proven to be the heaven for photographers, depending on their taste, genre, forte and other factors. So, if you have been planning to step out of your comfort zone and capture some of the masterpieces of your own collection, then here is a chance for you to get the opportunity whilst keeping your pocket safe as SmartFares offer some outstanding travel deals and offers on cheap flights to make you achieve your dreams.

5 Most Adventurous Places to Travel

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

For some people who play daredevil among others or have an image of thrill hunter, adventure traveling has been an inevitable part for them. Most of us find some sort of adventure near to our home, yet some are ready to go a bit beyond and explore myriad natural and cultural adventures scattered across the world. If you have been conquering your fears for a very long time and find taking new challenges interesting enough, visiting some of the most thrilling places will be the most delighting experience of their lives. So, if you have what it takes and ready to face the extreme challenges existing, we have brought to you 5 most adventurous places to travel around the world and offering a fantastic experience for life:

Adventure Travel

  1. White water river rafting at Alsek River, Alaska, United States

White-water river rafting have emerged as one of the most trending sports in last a few years and people from around the world have found many astonishing places across the world to enjoy the fantastic rafting experience whilst defying death and riding on dangerous yet extremely thrilling waves on slant slopes. To find the best among all, you can visit to Alsek River in Alaska that has been one of the most amazing and most adventurous accessible rafting spot existing on planet. Crossing through the wilderness and rapids containing glaciers, make your way through the wild and spine-chilling (literally) white water and enjoy the most exquisitely dangerous yet adventurous experience of your life.

  1. Hot air balloon ride, Melbourne, Australia

Depending on with whom you are trying this activity, Hot Air Balloon ride in Melbourne often considered as both adventurous and romantic. Travelers from across the earth gather in Melbourne in the early months of every year and get delighted by the spellbinding experience where all you have is a giant balloon filled with hot air produced by the geyser and controlled by you with a strong thrust of wind waves at such a high altitude. Experience the beauty of this splendid city from a distinct height and soak up the most striking, thrilling and beautiful moments of your life whilst being alone or with a couple of people and navigating your way through the landing point with the help of wind.

  1. Mount Everest expedition, Nepal

One of the deadliest and extremely dangerous expedition existing on earth, climbing on Mount Everest is the dream come true opportunity for travelers who like to touch the tip of the highest altitude existing on the planet. With extreme weather conditions and blood freezing chills, explore the true beauty and rawness of the nature whilst witnessing some of the most awe-inspiring, extremely thrilling and narrow routes taking to the new heights existing on our planet. Requiring a lot of stamina, fearlessness, precise skills of climbing and sheer luck, Mount Everest expedition is the most astonishing and renowned adventure trip existing on the planet.

  1. Mountain biking, Moab, Utah

Biking around the rocks and mountains has been a spellbinding adventure for years. And if you like getting indulge in such a delightful adventure, the best place you may come across to access through your bike would be Moab Utah. With fantastic range of canyons and thrilling slopes, wheel your way through these extremely gorgeous and wild slants whilst following the trails decided as per the difficulty and experience level. Often claimed as the best and biggest mountain biking spot existing on planet, you can go from 2 miles to nearly 10 miles as per your capacity. So, if you like to be on the wheels to enjoy some adventure, Moab is the place for you.

  1. Wave surfing, Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Home on the lands to the leatherback turtles, Playa Grande is among the most naturally rich places on earth, offering a wonderful range of marine fauna and flora whilst offering the surfers a spectacular range of waves to surf on. With sandy beaches and tranquilizing resorts, the city makes an ideal place for leisure getaway whilst giving the opportunity to ride on one of the safest and thrilling waves. Travelers especially surfers tend to visit here throughout the year to experience the high-tide and discover their talent and test their skills whilst riding on the most extraordinary and exquisite range of tides hitting on both sandy and rocky beaches.

Although there are plenty of other options such as visiting Angel Falls, Scandinavian dog sled riding, Horseback wildlife safari in Kenya, Desert Safari in UAE and more, yet if you are looking for adventures that are one of its own kind, then you can chose from a list above. To prepare yourself for an evergreen experience of your life and visit those incredibly beautiful destinations, you can take holiday travel deals from SmartFares and avail some extraordinary discounts on airfares available online.

The Hottest Destinations in 2016

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

With the New Year, the resolutions, plans and priorities also take a new face. Some people give a kick start to the year; giving a warm welcome by partying and celebrating whole-heartedly. Though there are many who wish to spend the New Year’s Eve at their favorite destination. It’s time to plan ahead for a new excursion that will make the year more memorable.

There are many places around the world that still haven’t been explored and there are certain where you haven’t put your feet at. While there are a few destinations that happen to be the best and cannot be missed at all. We are stepping in the New Year and it’s time to gear up for the hottest destinations of 2016 that we have picked up just for you. Take a look and see where you would go first.

1. The Arctic, Greenland:

Arctic, Greenland

Starting our list with this coldest destination, that has a wide range of amazing wildlife, beautiful landscapes and snow covered places that can leave you spellbound. A unique yet beautiful place, the Arctic has a great treasure of eye-catching spots too. This wintery wonderland is a perfect spot to spend a calm, relaxing and fun-filled vacation in the lap of nature. Polar bears, arctic foxes, walruses, seals and whales can be spotted here. Sounds interesting, right? Who will you take along?

2. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This capital city is yet another pick that has been chosen by our experts to give you a pleasant and amazing vacation experience. Known as the ‘Jerusalem of Europe’, it has a rich cultural heritage and the influence of the twin cities that make it a wonderful place to be at. Attend its famous Jazz festival and explore other attractions such as National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vrelo Bosne, Sebilj, etc. and delve into its majestic charm.

3. Taiwan:


A small island nation in the east of China, Taiwan happens to have a huge reserve of dramatic mountainous terrain, contemporary sights and hot springs resorts that are worth exploring. Its lively streets and amazing culture will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Keep a list handy with its popular attractions including the National Palace Museum, Longshan Temple, Puli, Hsinchu, etc. Its amazing ambiance and friendly people are the other factors that will give you a mesmerizing experience.

4. Rio Grande do Norte:

Rio Grande do Norte

Located on the north-eastern tip of Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte is a beach lover’s paradise and a perfect spot to spend a fun-filled vacation with family and friends. From sightseeing to swimming and surfing with dolphins, you can have unlimited fun here and create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Its wonderful history and cultural heritage will urge you to explore its museums and several historical landmarks too. Ponta Negra, Dunas Park, Forte dos Reis Magos, etc. are its popular attractions.

5. Glasgow, Scotland:

Glasgow, Scotland

A unique port city located on the River Clyde is what Glasgow is all about. Its vibrant nightlife, Victorian and art nouveau architectures and the influence of the 20th century culture make it an ultra-modern place that can give you an amazing vacation experience. Whether you seek a backpacking expedition or need a relaxing break with your buddies, this amazing city has all the things to give you your desired trip. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow Cathedral, Burrell Collection, etc. are the top attractions that can be explored.

6. Fiji:


With a collection of more than 300 islands, palm-lined beaches, blue lagoons and alluring landscapes, Fiji is a dream destination for tourists from all over the world and is on the list of many frequent travelers. It has also been recognised as the second happiest country in the world and boasts many fun-filled activities, such as mountain climbing, soft-coral diving, zip lining, etc. This tropical holiday destination has everything that will make you happy and satisfied, so plan an excursion soon.

7. Latvia:


Latvia is one of those countries that have a strong identity and a wonderful culture that has made it able to grab a place in our list. Modern cities, old museums, churches, beaches and sprawling forests add charm to its beauty, thus making it an ideal spot for a vacation. It has one of the best nightlife spots in the Europe and also is home to many cafes, restaurants and places that can make you spellbound. Come with family or your loved one; each and every moment will be full of bliss.

8. Warsaw, Poland:

Warsaw, Poland

Known for its Gothic churches, turbulent history and neoclassical palaces; Warsaw is a sprawling city that attracts tourists from different corners of the world. The unique blend of modern and classical cultures and vibrant nightlife and music scene make it a shining gem in the country. A trip to Warsaw can never be complete without exploring its major attractions that include the Royal Castle, Łazienki Palace, Saxon Garden, Museum of Warsaw, Museum of Modern Art, etc.

9. Rajasthan, India:

Rajasthan, India

This beautiful state in India is known for its palaces, museums and huge sand dunes. The majestic charm of this awe-inspiring destination can steal your heart away and leave you spellbound. With a treasure trove of ancient architectures, castles, forts and influence of the 18th century culture, Rajasthan captivates the eyes of many travelers and gives them a visual treat with eye catching sights and spots. Amer Fort and Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Ranthambore National Park, Pushkar, Jodhpur are its major attractions.

10. New Mexico:

New Mexico

Last but not the least, our list ends with the alluring state of New Mexico, which has been nicknamed as the ‘Land of Enchantment’. There won’t be a single moment in your trip to this amazing destination that will give you the feeling of boredom. No matter who you are traveling with, you’ll love every bit of your trip. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, White Sands National Monument, Bandelier National Monument, Sandia Peak Tramway, Rio Grande Zoo, Los Alamos, etc. are the top attractions that shall be added to the must visit list.

Now when you have the whole list, start planning your trips accordingly and tick off all these destinations to have a wonderful year ahead. Before booking your tickets, do not forget to browse through SmartFares as you can find huge discounts on your travel.

5 Must have Travel Apps

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Traveling is a pleasure that gives you an escape from the monotonous routines of your life and helps you appreciate the little things around you. Since taking a trip/vacation involves a lot of planning and efforts that can make you feel stressed, there are some apps that could become a savior for you during the trip. Simply download these apps on your SmartPhone and enjoy your vacation without many hassles. Here is a list of 5 travel apps which can be useful for you during your travel:

Travel Apps

1. Google Maps: Whether you are traveling to an entirely new destination or any nearby place, you might need to get directions to a nearby hotel, restaurant or even to the place which you have already visited earlier. Google Maps is an app that allows you to find the way and directions to any place in any part of the world. If you think you are lost in the middle of your journey, Google Maps will tell you your location and also help you to find the right direction for your destination. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone and everything else is sorted.
2. TravelSafe Pro: No matter how prepared you are for your trip, there are chances that you forget to bring something important. Things get even worse when you are traveling abroad and you have no idea where to find the thing you want! Equipped with a database of emergency numbers for just about every country on the map, TravelSafe can be an absolute lifesaver when you’re pushed against the wall. The app has a database of all the important numbers of locals such as police, ambulance, embassy, etc. that can be used without the use of the internet.
3. Google Translate: If you are going on a trip and have no idea about the basic language of the place, then you need to have Google Translate on your smartphone and your problems are solved. Translate any language in your native language and vice-versa, and communicate without any barriers. You can change the language according to the region and select the one that suits you the best.

4. Yahoo Weather: Heading on a vacation to an entirely new place? Don’t know what kind of clothes and accessories to carry along? The answers to all these problems is Yahoo Weather, which allows to check the weather forecast of any country in the world. Download the app if you are packing your bags for your next vacation and know the exact temperature of the city/country you are traveling to.
5. Expense Manager: Traveling involves managing a lot of expenses. Doing the same is a big task that takes a lot of time and effort too. You might even forget to note down your expenses during your vacation, which eventually will affect your budget. To keep a track of all your money and itinerary, get the Expense Manager app and enjoy your trip without any worries.
Add these apps to your travel checklist to experience a convenient travel. Also, do not forget to check low cost flights and cheap hotels to travel at budget friendly prices. Make the best use of technology by adopting in your lifestyle.

Your Travel Guide to Cancun

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Cancun is a Mexican city which is located on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Postcard-perfect beaches, with white, powder-soft sand and crystal-clear water, have made it one of Mexico–and the world’s–favorite tropical destinations. It is a great place to spend a long vacation and make some unforgettable memories that can be cherished throughout your life. From exquisite shopping malls, soothing spas, to alluring beaches; the city is prodigal with all the things that could make your holiday a memorable one. To savor the impeccable beauty of this amazing destination, we have piled up the best places for you to guide through Cancun.

1. Visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum:

Ruins of Tulum

To give a unique start to your trip, visit the ruins of Tulum to experience the picturesque archeological views. The best way to experience Tulum is to combine a tour of the ruins with some beach time—maybe even a refreshing dip. It is worth mentioning that Tulum is also an enchanting place to spend a few nights, so plan a stay in one of the beachfront cabanas or boutique Palapa hotels located near the ruins.
2. Dance the Night Away:
Cancun party

  Shake a leg to the different forms of music like Salsa, cumbia, reggae, mariachi, hip-hop, and electronic music in the any of the night clubs and dance till you drop. The vibrant nightlife of Cancun will not only make you peek into the Mexican culture, you can even witness some of the best stage performances there. Coco Bongo and Daddy ‘O are the popular night clubs that shall be visited while being in Cancun.
3. Experience the Wilderness of Water:
Beach in Cancun

Being located in the Caribbean Sea, Cancun is home to some of the pristine beaches of Mexico. Jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking and scuba diving are the prominent activities that can be enjoyed while being at the popular beaches like Pearl Beach, Pretty Beach, and Lobster Beach. Tranquil water, pristine beaches, and rising waves will blow your mind away. Many hotels are situated on the beach side that provide a luxurious stay to the visitors.
4. Shopping and Dining:
Cancun Shopping

A visit to Cancun can never be complete without giving your taste buds a treat by enjoying the exotic food. Relish the exquisite Mexican cuisine by dining in the best restaurants, La Dolce Vita Centro, Les Cepages Restaurant, Tempo by Martin Berasategui, etc. Also, the extravagant malls and the famous La Isla Shopping Village shall be visited to experience the local and some popular products.
5. Visit the Local Markets:
Cancun shopping

Exploring the Mexican culture will take you to its rich heritage that has an amazing variety of Mexican crafts. The colorful stalls Mercado Veintiocho would definitely catch your eyes and make you fall in love with them. Shop for some clothes, antiques and a lot of other Mexican products and carry them along as a token of remembrance of this amazing place.
Cancun Beach

Cancun has a lot more to explore that you will fall short of time no matter how long your holiday is going to be. The climate of this wonderland is always perfect so plan a trip any time of the year and get there at highly affordable prices by booking a cheap flight to Cancun with SmartFares. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, you can choose a flight deal according to your budget.
Happy Traveling!

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