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Top 5 Places Ideal to Say “I Do”

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Life gives you ample of opportunities to celebrate myriad events that somewhere down the line requires to be celebrated in some unusual ways. There are a few that are once in a lifetime events and shall be celebrated in such a way, that you can cherish those moments for the rest of your lives with a sweet and peaceful smile on your face. Among these events, the wedding comes on the top when you tie the life knot with someone special and take vows to be a part of their lives in sickness and health, in good and bad and in every scenario that the fate puts in your path. Hence, it shall be celebrated in a manner that not only you two, but people who are attending the ceremony shall remember for a very long time and set your wedding as a benchmark to compare with others. Hence, here we are with a list of top 5 places ideal to say “I Do”:

  1. Belize City, Belize


One of the most promising getaway of the nation of Belize, nestled adjacent to the Caribbean shores, the pleasant city of Belize is something that is not a usual place to get married. However, if you have been through the pleasant shores and tranquilizing beach resorts of the city, you will understand why we have kept this place as a perfect wedding destination in our list. Featuring an abundant variety of settings such as the second largest barrier reef on earth, magnificent boardwalk, fascinating shores and remarkable resorts from all budget ranges, you can hardly think of any other place if you have been planning to get married. The airfare prices are almost similar to any other destination in the region, plus if you accept to live with some non-luxurious accommodation options, you can get some handsome deals to stay and prepare for The Day.

  1. Maui, Hawaii


Featuring volcanic islands, mesmerizing coastline, dazzling sunset and freshness that is hardly felt anywhere else around, Maui has been a popular choice for destination wedding. If you have been saving for a very long time for your wedding and have enough of savings, then Maui can be a heavenly place to speak your vows. The accommodation options may vary as per your budget and the date of your reservation whilst the settings can be dependent as per your requirements as there are plenty of organizers working to make the biggest day for a couple a wonderful experience for everyone in the premises.

  1. Anguilla, British Overseas Territory


Among the most amazingly beautiful, naturally rich and fantastically refreshing islands of the Caribbean region, Anguilla is a small yet pretty island, featuring ample of landscapes around the sandy coasts that makes a perfect place to set the aisle and dress up like a true gentleman/princess. With some of the finest resorts in the region and refreshing settings, you can enjoy your day of wedding with some great settings that are prepared by the wedding organizers in the nearby areas. The spending on the wedding here however can put a lot of toll on your pocket due to its huge demand among people as well as limited accessibility that makes transportation and supply costlier.

  1. Shannon, Ireland


If you are done with all the beaches and sandy floors and looking for a fairytale wedding experience in typical European style where you can dress-up like a princess and walk down the aisle set in a castle, Shannon in Ireland can be a place just for you. Featuring a variety of structures that have been standing here for centuries and have been offering the most opulent look with its vintage style of architecture, you can make your dream come true at a fair price. Wedding planners in Ireland have abundant of abandoned buildings that used to be the castle in early era and are now used as a wedding venue for people that like to make their wedding day the most memorable day of life.

  1. Udaipur, India


Indian may not sound as appealing at first place as other destinations mentioned above, but once you read the entire stuff, you will dream to hold your wedding events in this absolutely gorgeous part of the world. Udaipur, a small town in Rajasthan state of India is featured with abundant forts that are now turned into a hotspot for opulent weddings. Imagine your venue to be as grand as shown in many movies of medieval era with on a fort standing atop of a rocky mountain with loads of decorations and colors making the surroundings even more amazing. With some astounding arrangements and budget travel deals, you can make this happen at a decent price.

There are a number of other places that can also be considered as your option to have a perfect destination wedding with some romantic settings and ample of attributes that can be considered as a shining stars on the most important day of your lives. So, if you have been together for a very long time and have been into romantic travel with your love, here is a chance for you to make the auspicious day to be as grand as you wished it should be by considering SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and availing some amazing travel deals and offers available with us for a budget-friendly and astonishing getaway wedding ceremony.

Last Minute Romantic Getaway Destinations

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is only around a couple of weeks away from now and you might be wondering about your travel plans with your girlfriend, wife or fiancé. In case, you have missed booking your travel deals till now, no need to sweat in fear or stress as we are here to help you out with the most fantastic and exquisite variety of romantic getaway destinations that are still accessible if you make a tad rush and book our romantic travel deals. Following are the best options that are not only available on the last moment, but are also pocket-friendly and have the dreamiest essence that are essential for a Valentine’s Day Romantic getaway:

  1. Hawaii


We often hear that Hawaii is one of the most expensive getaway destinations to enjoy with your love and most of the time the fact is true. However, if you are a smart traveler with abundant amount of luck in your hands, you can make your way to Hawaii without losing a good fortune while planning a couple vacation. Due to last minute cancellations in hotels and flights, there are possibilities that you may lay your hands on the most spellbinding romantic travel deals and offers available for the special and romantic season of Valentine’s Day. Discover the superb volcanic islands with a marvelous range of landscapes and views of horizon to give a dreamy and magical getaway experience at the volcanic archipelago of Hawaii.

  1. Miami


Miami, a wonderful and dynamic getaway destination at the coastal region of Florida is something that may not pop-up into your head while planning a couple vacation. Often misperceived as a destination to be enjoyed with friends and groups, Miami makes a great value-for-money vacation spot for couples. Enjoy having a nice dining experience at the romantic bars and restaurants on the boardwalk or head your way to downtown for a flashy, delicious and fresh meal with dynamic settings. Get delighted by the resort suits that offer great romantic travel deals during the season of Valentine’s Day for couples and offer an incredible hospitality experience with loads of theme essence.

  1. New York City

New York City

When the entire gentry is heading their way to the dreamy lands of Paris, Milan, Las Vegas and more, the city of New York remain stranded and you can easily lay your hands on the most spellbinding suits and hotel deals along with cheap flight deals to New York without breaking a sweat. Explore a variety of over a thousand attractions whilst discovering the romance and love in your life by strolling around the central park and witnessing the bewitching sunrise from the boardwalk of New York City. Taste some of the most amazing gourmets from around the world at budget as well as delicious eateries of the New York available at just a swing away in every part of the city or discover the history, art and culture of the world by exploring many museums and galleries in Big Apple.

  1. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Nestled on the shores of Hancock County of Maine State, the archipelago town of Bar Harbor is something that is most of the people are still unaware. Featuring many private islands that remain open during the season of Valentine’s Day for an anticipated visit by the couples, these islands are really affordable as well as available on the last minute due to less popularity and limited connectivity from the mainland. With a variety of bars, hotels, resorts and more, Bar Harbor can become a great option for you to make a last minute getaway on Valentine’s Day. All you need is to get some romantic travel deals to head your way to Hancock County and you are all set for a dreamy and quite vacation with your love.

  1. Palm Springs

Palm Springs

A celebrity destination next to Los Angeles in California, Palm Spring have been a popular choice with tad higher budget as compared to other destinations mentioned above. Yet, if you have been waiting too long or missed the opportunity to book budget travel deals for Valentine’s Day Getaway, you might require to pay a little extra just for the sake of your love. However, even if you feel like paying extra at first place, you will love the hospitality and décor of this superlative Californian city that has so much to offer. With opulent options of accommodation, proximity to green plains and Salton Lake, you can enjoy not only the weekend, but an entire vacation planned with your love. Savor on some of the most awesome Mediterranean dishes and enjoy the settings that will make you fall in love with each other once again.

There are tons of other places that can be your destination during the romantic season of Valentine’s Day. However, if you haven’t booked your travel plans till now and looking for some options to make a last minute getaway, all you need to do is fix on a destination that can be available at the last hours and consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner to get some of the budget-friendly romantic travel deals available online for an affordable couple vacation.

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