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Budget Memorial Day Destinations

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

As the Memorial Day is coming close, people across the United States have begun preparing themselves to celebrate this federal holiday that hints the arrival of summer season. A holiday which is solely dedicated to honor the martyrs of the country, Memorial Day holds a special significance among us all that lights up the patriotism among us and make us to mourn for the people who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect and honor the country and its citizens. In case, you have been planning to make the celebration of Memorial Day different than usual and have desires to step out of the house and get going on your dream destinations, then you are just at the right place as we are here to inspire you to travel this Memorial Day and give you some awesome options of destinations you can visit for a budget Memorial Day travel:

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is among the most picturesque and dazzling cities of the Southern region and often considered as a charming getaway to enjoy. However, if you are planning a Memorial Day getaway and have desires to have a weekend full of amazing experiences along with pocket-friendly deals, Atlanta makes a great escape for travelers. A time when the tourism in Atlanta go south, you can get the Memorial Day travel deals at a very affordable price as well as enjoy many galas and festivals organized across the city. With its outstanding celebration of Atlanta Jazz Festival around the Memorial Day, you can have a lot of fun and excitement on your voyage to Atlanta during the Memorial Day.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

People know of Chicago as a place to understand the art and architecture of Illinois, but many people have forgotten the diversity of culinary, culture, traditions, celebration and lifestyle this amazing city has. Celebrating all these attributes on the Memorial Day, Chicago makes one of the most surprising and amazing getaway destinations that can be visited at affordable price. A time when people often go to their homes or go up north to enjoy the lower temperature, Chicago becomes a place where accommodation and airfares get low to allure tourists and offer some amazing discounts with Memorial Day travel deals. The Memorial Day of Chicago is also an experience to cherish for lifetime and give away a spellbinding experience to travelers from all age groups.

  1. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

What place can replace the relevance of Memorial Day than the capital of the United States? Washington DC have always been one of the most visited and desired getaway destinations for voyagers from across the country to witness not only the picturesque and inspiring parades, but also many feasts, galas, celebrations, concerts and more in the US capital. Surprisingly, if you get your hands on Memorial Day travel deals at the right time, you may find some astonishing deals and offers to make your travel cheaper and convenient. Besides, many events and celebrations of Memorial Day in Washington DC are cheaper to enjoy and requires a nominal entry fee.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Right before when the summer show its true colors, visiting Las Vegas is the finest option you can get before the arrival of peak season between October-end till the late February. A time when accommodation options become available at a very reasonable price and Memorial Day travel deals makes it affordable to fly all the way to Nevada, Las Vegas is truly a spectacular option you can find. By celebrating in a different way with loads of pool parties, adventure sports and more, Las Vegas have been inviting tourists to board the flights to Nevada and enjoy a sprawling getaway on the Memorial Day.

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

If you are done with all the traditional escapes and wish to cool yourself down by hitting the sandy and charming beaches, there is no place that can beat the beauty and adventure of Miami, Florida. Each year, when people tend to hit the Caribbean beaches or northern cities to cool down and enjoy the mountain views and valleys, beaches of Miami becomes the smart choice to enjoy Memorial Day. All you need is to search Memorial Day travel deals for a vacation in Miami before it gets too late and you can get some awesome deals and offers on luxurious accommodations as well as flights to Miami from any part of the United States or around.

A weekend away from home admiring the beauty of nature, culture and lifestyle is all you need to rejuvenate your lives and get going with the positive spirits. So, if you have sorted out your destination to enjoy the Memorial Day and have the desire to make your dream come true, then all you need now is to consider SmartFares to book Memorial Day travel deals and enjoy some awesome savings on your airfares by choosing from a wide range of deals and offers available with us. So, don’t wait any more and start planning now before it’s too late.

Memorial Day Celebration

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

When summer time is coming, you know the most notable event to happen first? Yep! It’s Memorial Day!


Memorial Day is a central holiday in United States and it is observed on the last Monday of May. It’s a day to honour and remembering the sacrifices of U.S men and women who have died in military service for our continued freedom. It originally began to honour Union Soldiers who had lost their lives in during the American Civil War. In the year 1966, Waterloo, New York was named the official birthplace of Memorial Day and in current times, the official Memorial Day Celebration is held at Arlington National Cemetery, where the acting Vice President of The United States places a memorial wreath on the tomb of the Soldiers. The day starts by visits to cemeteries and memorials. The traditional time for remembrance is 3:00 pm U.S. Eastern time. Another custom is to hoist the national flag at half-mast from dawn till noon. Many people doing grave decoration, parties, family gathering and variety of other ways as well in their Memorial Day Celebrations.

As Memorial Day holiday brings another long weekend, people plan for outing, picnics and parties with family and friend. If you are planning for a party and looking for tips and ideas on how to make this unforgettable, then you have come to the right place!


Most of people plan a party on the same day as Memorial Day. But if you plan your party on a different day, there are certain advantages to make your party more convenient. For example, if you choose Sunday to host a party, the day before the Memorial Day. It will be less taxing, lots of fun and more relaxing. Party on same day may cause your guests to be weary since Memorial Day itself is hectic and full of activities and also next day is an working day.
Once you have finalized a day of Memorial Day party, then your next important job to preparing your food and drinks menu. People have their own preference and limitation when it comes to food and drinks. Try to offer a lot of varieties according to your guest preference and limitations.

Entertainment is one of the most important factors of all parties. If you want to make your party successful, you have to plan different fun activities for your guests. You can host different music, dance, sports and games activities. However, if you want to take your party to new levels, then the quickest and most convenient way of doing that is to rent inflatables. It helps to lift the mood of your guests as they arrive at your location. Party rental companies offer a large variety according to your budget and party themes.

We hope these suggestions will make your party amazing and enjoyful.

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