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Last Minute Independence Day Getaways

Friday, June 15th, 2018

The big day of 4th of July is just around the corner and you probably have forgotten to make some special plans to make this big day a special one for you and near and dear ones. The time when everyone around you will be enjoying a quality time and exploring the places they desired all these months, you might not want to sit home and do nothing. Although, in normal circumstances, there is nothing you could do, but when we got your back, we won’t let you sit home idle. To give you the inspiration of going out and enjoying the birthday of America, we are giving you the list of last minute Independence Day getaways that will go easy on your pocket and offer you a magnificent experience of discovering the real delight of the USA.

  1. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

If you happened to have a keen interest in the nature and this 4th of July you love to take it all out with some adventurous delights, then heading towards the Jackson Hole will surely be a pleasure you will never forget. The thriving region of the Wyoming, this sprawling area is the home to many spellbinding natural landscapes and will probably give you ample of choices to choose from and dive in the infinite pool of natural bliss. You can go ahead and have some quality time hiking or explore the nature and capture the best essences of the nature in your camera. The majestic sets of mountains here will be a pleasure you will never forget and make your 4th of July much different and spellbinding than others around you.

  1. Sonoma


For people enjoy visiting the West Coast or living around the California, the gorgeous views of Sonoma County awaits you to give a magnificent and tempting pleasure of impeccable variety of landscapes. With its proximity to the Sacramento city, this valley has been considered as among the most prominent places to go and enjoy some quality and peaceful time. The day when everyone will be flocking the streets of San Diego, Los Angeles and the City by the Bay, planning your trip in this part of the California will be a treat you will never forget. Since, we are talking here about the last-minute plans, it will be really easy to plan your trip here whilst saving massive on both the airfares and the stays. The massive collection of landscapes such as green boulevards, sandy beaches, incredible plains, wonderful sunset points and so much more will give you a refreshing getaway experience.

  1. New Mexico

New Mexico

For the Americans living down in the southern region and feel stranded from all the unusual or orthodox fun on 4th of July, visiting the state of New Mexico will truly be a pleasure they will enjoy the most. The cultural paths of the New Mexico are really gorgeous and if you need some astonishing pleasure of patriotism through fireworks, parades, galas and more, then heading towards the Albuquerque will be a treat you will never forget. In case you are done with the flocking streets and looking for something more peaceful and naturally rich, then Ted turner’s Ranch will be a mesmerizing delight for you. You can also head towards the Hyde Memorial State Park for some soothing experiences and if you love floating in the air, then Rio Grande will be a perfect place for some hot air balloon rides.

  1. Watch Hill

Watch Hill

Vacation at the sprawling town of Watch Hill in Rhode Island is among the most splendid, opulent and beautiful things that you can arrange on 4th of July. The ravishing enclave of Watch Hill is an enigmatic place to go and have some peaceful time on the big day where you can overlook at the oceanfront and enjoy some magnificent days in the gorgeous properties spanning across the conurbation. Stroll around the boulevards or indulge yourself in some exquisite county gastronomy for some lip-smacking and fascinating getaway experiences on the 4th of July. The place is perfectly settled where you can skip all the hoopla of the Independence Day and have some personal and quality time or when needed, can swing by the Newport and experience the giant celebrations of 4th of July in Rhode Island.

  1. Bridgehampton


The upbeat weekend destination for all the New Yorkers and among the most stylish, elegant and fascinating neighborhoods of the New York State, Bridgehampton is truly a place where you can find both the beaches and elegance are merging together and making a profound getaway close to the nature. The vintage houses, opulent restaurants, flashy agricultural lands, remarkable markets and more will give you a perfect escape with more serenity, delightful pleasures and endless experiences. The contemporary lifestyle has given this place a perfect outlook and probably will give you a superlative delight when planned on the last minute. So, if you are looking for places that can give you less crowd, more fun and exquisite as well as luxurious temptations, then Bridgehampton is a right place for you.

Even though, the celebrations of 4th of July are massive and widely observed and it is really hard to find a place suitable for quality exploration as well as budget-friendly attributes, yet there are still ample of delightful cities out in the United States that can offer you an enigmatic Independence Day. All you have to do is dig a bit deeper and you will come across many more scenic places like above to plan your 4th of July escapes. Once you are done with it, all you need to do is consider the services of SmartFares and take the advantage of last minute flight deals we have for some awesome traveling experiences.

Best Independence Day Celebrations across the US

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

4th of July hold a great relevance in the history and culture of the United States and no matter whether you are a student, a retired person or a working adult, there is always a part of you that will be pumped up when the big day arrives. This year, channel your energy towards doing something different and plan out an escape to the most astonishing cities that are not just great to explore, but also have the finest Independence Day celebration. So, if you are ready to have a voyage this 4th of July and confused to find a suitable place with pocket-friendly attributes, then all you need is to go through the following places that are not just great to explore the scenic beauty of nature, culture and lifestyle, but also celebrate the 4th of July with a zeal multiple-times strong than the Christmas and New Year combined. So, here we are with the best Independence Day celebrations across the US that will make you make an escape right away:

Independence Day

  1. New York City

Almost every event in the United States is celebrated in the New York City which makes it one of the leading cultural capitals of the world and when it comes to celebrate the US Independence Day, the city becomes a crazy hotspot with loads of celebrations, parades, floating blimps, exquisite fireworks, variety of parties, galas, concerts and much more. So, if you are planning on having a superlative experience this 4th of July and looking forward to have a splendid time with a big museum exploration to set your mood, then New York City can be the most amazing experience you can ever get.

  1. Washington D.C.

The capital city of the United States, Washington D.C. is among the most prestigious places in the entire nation, known for its large-scale celebrations of the Independence Day. Featuring a day full of ceremonies, parades, galas, events, parties, concerts and more, Washington is known to enjoy the independence spirit the most. Enjoy the parade starting from the National Mall and followed by the performance by the National Symphony Orchestra as well as firework display to make sure you catch-up with one of the finest Independence Day celebrations of the entire nation.

  1. Boston

Boston is known to be one of the most remarkable hosts of the 4th of July every year with its spellbinding arrangements of making the day much more delightful and enjoyable with a contrast and diversity of activities and events planned for the entire time of Independence Day. Featuring a huge firework show from the Charles River, outstanding music concerts, art galas, events and musical parties, Boston is probably one of the most amazing cities in the entire United States who knows how to make the celebration much more delightful and enjoyable which it should be from the first time.

  1. Honolulu

If you are done exploring the landlocked cities and looking forward for something different like visiting a beach destination whilst keeping up with the spirits of patriotism, then you shall consider booking Independence Day flight deals for Honolulu. The capital city of the State of Hawaii, Honolulu has one of the finest conditions to enjoy the 4th of July in the middle of the warm summer days. Begin your day by visiting the beaches and get refreshed by the awesome beach vibes and sunny days in the Honolulu to witness an outstanding view of fireworks and galas organized by the natives every year to make the day even more beautiful and enjoyable.

  1. St. Louis

Those people who wish to stretch the celebration of the Independence Day to a few more weeks from the big day of 4th of July and looking to have a place that can give the same vibes with more options to enjoy the anniversary of the United States Independence can visit to one of the most popular and energetic cities of Missouri. A small town nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis is quite famous among tourists for making the celebration of 4th of July an event for weeks. Where every part of the country settle down after the big celebration on 4th of July, St. Louis takes a step forward to make sure the visitors enjoy the anniversary celebration with more zeal by organizing shows, concerts, galas, adventure events and much more to stretch the spirit of Independence for a few more weeks. So, if you consider yourself a party and adventure frenzy, St. Louis can be your destination for this Independence Day.

United States of America enjoy the day of Independence in the most interesting way and regardless where you plan on going, the one thing similar you will find is incredible experience, striking activities as well as much more unusual and indulging delights. So, if you are ready to take a vacation now and planning on making 4th of July a day to have the finest traveling experiences of your life, then consider the services of SmartFares right now to book your Independence Day flight deals with us and save a good fortune on your travel expenses whilst getting your tickets booked in just a few clicks or on a short and simple call.

Where to Travel this Independence Day

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

4th July marks the celebration of the Independence Day, an annual event in lieu of the independence that we got back in the year 1941. The whole of U.S. comes together to make this day special; dazzling fireworks, parades and large number of mobs are the common sights that could be seen on the streets. This day is not just a holiday, it’s an event that can be enjoyed and utilised in many other ways. Out of which, traveling and spending the weekend with family or friends is an ideal way to do the same. So, pack your bags and take a break to spend some time together while celebrating the freedom of being independent.
Here are a few destinations that shall be visited this Independence day:
1. Boston:
Being one of the oldest cities of the U.S, Boston hosts a party of a different kind, as one of the nation’s premier July 4th destination. The activities like fireworks, concerts, kids’ days, cruises and tours are prominent in the city. Apart from celebrating the Independence Day, there are many other sightseeing spots such which can be explored too, these include the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, Public Garden, Boston Harbor, Museum of Science and Faneuil Hall etc. Plan a trip your buddies and enjoy the weekend in a unique way.
2. Chicago:
Chicagoans are quite excited for celebrating the Independence Day. The enthusiasm can be seen among the residents who start making the arrangements in advance. Spectacular firework displays, fun festivals, rockin’ concerts and ballgames make the city an obvious choice for a holiday. Also, the various spots such as Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, Willis Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo, Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain make it a perfect destination for spending the weekend. Book your flights now to avoid any kind of hassles.

3. Philadelphia:
There cannot be a better place to celebrate the Independence Day than in the city of the Nation’s birth— Philadelphia. The old stomping grounds of the Founding Fathers, this history-rich city lays claim to being the place where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were both drafted. The historical past of the country will definitely urge you to explore it thoroughly. Not just this, the Independence hall, Liberty Hall, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia Zoo and Franklin Square are some of the places that can make your visit worth during the weekend.
4. San Diego:
San Diego, California
While you are looking for a town that celebrates the Independence Day with some barbecues, beer, bonfires and fantastic fireworks, then San Diego is the place to be at. Enjoy an evening along the Mission and Pacific beaches which are crowded with merry sunbathers from dawn ’til dusk. Your visit can be more exciting if you visit the major attractions like, San Diego safari park, Birch aquarium, Belmont Park etc. Do not forget to witness the Big Bay Fireworks show at 9 pm. That happens to be the largest celebration event that lights up the sky with amazing fireworks.
5. Washington, D.C.:
There cannot be a better place to celebrate the Independence Day other than its capital. Several exciting events lead up to the culmination of the July 4th festivities, one of which is the Smithsonian Folklife Festival along the National Mall. There are many historic landmarks, parks and neighbourhoods that include the famous National Space and Air Museum, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, International Spy Museum, Newseum, Ford’s Theatre etc. There is so much to see in Washington D.C. that you’ll definitely enjoy spending your weekend here.
Though there are many more places that can be visited during the Independence weekend but celebrating while exploring is a perfect idea. You can fly to any of these places by grabbing huge discounts with the Independence Day Deals and save big. Book your flight now to avoid any kind of hassles.

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