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Family Vacations in Orlando

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

A perfect family destination requires a lot of features that can cater from all age group whilst interest the variety of hobbies and delights everyone seek during their vacations. America is full of scenic places that have the potential to become a hot favorite family getaway destination. However, only some of them have thrived till now and among them all, Orlando is a shining star. The captivating land-locked getaway destination of Florida, Orlando is widely popular for its theme parks and exquisite golf courses. However, there is much more to make it a perfect family-friendly getaway destination. So, if you are looking forward for a magnificent family escape and considered Orlando for your upcoming voyage, then don’t miss to visit the following places:

Family Vacations in Orlando

  1. Universal Studio Florida

The Universal Orlando is known to be among the biggest highlights of the city and if you are visiting here with your family, you will surely adore the exquisite range of attractive features this wonderful theme park has to offer. The entire entertainment complex is divided into nine sections where you will find a couple of theme parks, five hotel complexes, a water park and a night-time entertainment complex. The entire complex is ideal for people from all age group and offer a hospitable environment for family and friends. Incepted in the year 1990, this theme park is globally famous and has been visited by millions of people every year. The resorts here are really opulent and you can have a quality time with your loved ones whilst pampering them with a stylish range of amenities.

  1. Orlando Science Center

One of the most promising and captivating attractions in the entire state of Florida, Orlando Science Center is among the most interactive, enthralling and interesting attractions in the city. Perfectly located in the city center, this place is accessed by the millions of people on every day. Performing as a privately-owned science center, this place is widely popular and have been exhibiting a wide range of relics. Covering from the engineered items to the natural attractions, fossils, observatory belongings and more, this place is a splendid option to go with kids as well as adults. The place is filled with loads of interactive exhibitions and if your kids or someone in the family has a taste for science and ancient history, they will love spending the time here.

  1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not

The world-famous American franchise that displayed the marvels of history and science in the most interactive way, Ripley’s has its one of the strongest center located in Florida and that too in the ideal location of Orlando. Ripley’s Believe it or Not is truly a surreal place featured with loads of facts, exhibitions and so much more that are rare to be categories. The structure of the building itself is really spooky as it is constructed to make an illusion of dropping into a sink hole. There are plenty of other features that you can see as the exhibitions keep on changing and will be adored by the kids and people who enjoy the spooky side of science.

  1. International Drive

If you are visiting here as a family and looking for a place to walk by and enjoy some quality surrounding, International Drive will be the most adorable place you can find in Orlando. The scenic strip consists of ample of attractions itself that are widely popular in the entire USA. With its perfect location in the downtown Orlando, you can have the most adorable getaway experience with your near and dear ones. Additionally, the International Drive will remind you of the Strip from Las Vegas which is quite a prominent thing to witness in Orlando. You can easily come across hundreds of people strolling around at a time and adore the entire surrounding.

  1. Medieval Times Dinner Show

Visiting Florida and not enjoying the dining experience is simply incomplete, hence you must try to go and have a Medieval Times Dinner Show which is among the most popular, luxurious yet pocket-friendly experiences to have as a family. Though, dinners are known to have an impression of being cheesy, but if you love being pampered by the quality dining experience and can’t ignore the thrill served along with the delicious delicacies. The blood-pumping conflict between two medieval knights will be the biggest highlight and will make you believe that you might forgot to put the bite of food in your mouth. Kids love such excitements the most and if you are tagging along kids with you, then this place will be definitely a delight for you.

Family vacations in Orlando are really outstanding and people who have been through their vacations still cherish the golden moments spent there with a smile on their faces. The array of superlative attractions and picturesque settings are perfect to go with kids, spouse and even with the parents. So, next time, whenever you seek a vacation with your family and dear ones, then don’t hesitate to book your domestic flight deals from SmartFares and enjoy an exquisite getaway with loads of happening moments whilst saving big on family flight deals.

Best May Getaways for Family

Friday, April 7th, 2017

May, a month that brings the scorching heat and long days full of irritation and sweating. A time that gives the hint of forthcoming summer season, May also brings some new options to enjoy lives differently. In case, you are done with all the boring stuff you have been doing recently and looking to enjoy your life a bit with family, it is time when you should start packing and get going on a spellbinding journey to make the summer season count. If you are in doubts what to do this summer season and looking to have a getaway with the people you love the most, here we are with a list of best May getaways for family that will allow you to witness the beauty of the nature with a lot of dynamics in lifestyles around you. So, if you are ready to step-out of your house, here are the best places you can explore in the month of May.

  1. Palm Spring, California

Palm Spring

The scorching heat of May is often treated as an excuse to head to the beaches and enjoy loads of party and splashing across the sandy coasts. If your idea of a family escape in May involves these kind of activities, then Palm Spring is the best option for you to have this May. With an outstanding array of parties, sandy beaches, turquoise blue shallow water, islands and more, you can enjoy a quality time with your family whilst getting the steam off of shining bright sun and enjoy the spellbinding nights with loads of parties and events occur in Palm Spring.

  1. Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Saint Simons Island

A small yet beautiful place to enjoy a peaceful vacation with an organized itinerary, Saint Simons Island is among the most prestigious summer getaway options, known for its fabulous boardwalk, opulent cottages, and outstanding view of the Atlantic Ocean and a marvelous array of spectacular attractions. Go for bird watching, sailing, fishing and many more activities with your kids and make the month of May the most memorable time of the year whilst bonding with your kids and teaching them a thing or two about the surviving skills. The boardwalk of Saint Simons Island have been quite a dazzling place to take a stroll and get refreshed on a wonderful weekend away from home.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina


If your family shares a difference of opinion for a vacation in May where some are in favor of a cityscape and other are begging for a beach vacation, Charleston is the place ideal for both. An outstanding destination of South Carolina, known for its luxurious accommodations as well as scenic beaches, Charleston is a great vacation option for a family getaway where you can taste some of the finest, fresh and delicious cuisines from the native culture as well as enjoy the bewitching backdrop of the ocean and the cityscape. The shopping scene of Charleston will please females in the family and offer a dreamy getaway experience where everyone is delighted.

  1. Barcelona, Spain


If you are done traveling on domestic destinations and looking for more cheerful and dynamic destination, the Spanish beach city of Barcelona is the ideal place for your vacation. Boasted with ample of attractions within the city, there are an abundant variety of activities that are available at the beaches and offer an opportunity to enjoy the heat of May month in a sporting manner. The marketplaces of Barcelona have been the prominent attraction for the females in the family and are sufficient enough to keep them indulge whilst other members can enjoy exploring the coasts or the heritage sites covering a mass area of the city.

  1. Malta


If you are done with the cities entirely and all you want now is to spend some quality time with foots buried under cold sand, Malta is the place just for your family. A spellbinding European island country, ideally famous for its opulent resorts and magnificent culture with the toppings of outstanding beaches, Malta makes a perfect place for vacations in the month of May. Although, you might find the beaches flocked by the tourists in the May, yet, if you like to enjoy the beaches no matter what, then all you need now is to get some amazing family travel deals for Malta. The superb coasts with magnificent backdrops will make you forget everything and enjoy the beauty of nature with shining bright sky above.

The month of May is considered to be the shoulder or off season for most of the destinations due to high temperature and low accessibility of outdoor attractions. Yet there are an abundant number of places that becomes more delightful and enjoyable to explore in such harsh weather conditions. So, if you have toddlers in your family or kids who like to splashing around, it’s time to take them off for a spin and get going on the most outstanding vacations around the world. All you need now is to consider SmartFares and get some magnificent family travel deals with us for a vacation you have been dreaming for a very long time.

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