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Top 5 American destinations for Fall Foliage

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Traveling in the season of fall is beneficial for many reasons. Not only you get some quality time for yourself with kids going back to school and elders getting back in their own business, the weather conditions itself call for some extremely gorgeous getaway experience. United States is quite known for being the home of some of the finest fall foliage and you probably looking to have one for your own. Luckily, SmartFares have dug up some detailed insight and have brought among you top 5 American cities for fall foliage. So, have a look at the list we have prepared just for you to get inspired and step out of the house and break the monotony of life whilst discovering the beautiful hues of the nature at the same time saving more on your travel budget:

  1. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Often noted as the famous American Riviera for being rich in the French influenced culture, Santa Barbara is among the most exquisite destinations in the southern part of the state of the California. As the season of fall hit the grounds of Santa Barbara, an extensive number of travelers begin to visit here and enjoy the cozy days and breezy nights on the coasts of the Pacific. With the plummet hotel prices and discounted airfares, travelers can enjoy the best time with an exquisite hospitality, marvelous natural beauty and remarkable French culture which have been the reason of increasing popularity of this stunning, gorgeous and lesser known destination. The season of fall is also quite admirable here as you can get indulged in many events and festivals from various cultures and ethnicities.

  1. New York City

New York City

One of the most tranquilizing and enthralling getaway destinations of all time, New York City can never be left behind especially when you speak of the magical and majestic season of fall. The charming beauty of the Central Park, wide availability of magnificent museums, fewer crowd at the picturesque attractions and vast range of captivating sites in one cityscape is sufficient to draw the attention of worldwide tourists. Needless to say, the time when most of the voyagers plan their vacations at the beach, the city of New York becomes widely available for tourists and offers some amazing offers on stays and hefty discounts on fall flight deals.

  1. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

At the time when many of people are heading towards north or at the coastal areas, Washington D.C. becomes a wide open destination for those who don’t like to get lost in the crowd and prefer to enjoy their vacations among limited number of people. The charming capital of the United States become much more enjoyable and indulging during the season of fall because of fewer travelers and discounted rates of hotels. Obvious to understand too, that you will find lesser number of people flocking the magnificent monuments, historical sites, exquisite museums, art galleries and more which eventually give you a much more detailed and engaging experience.

  1. San Diego

San Diego

If you love to stroll around the beaches and boulevards in the beautiful and captivating season of fall, then you should plan heading towards the state of California and book your flights to San Diego for a seamless and engaging experience. A spellbinding city that sports an incredible variety of superlative attractions and magnificent history, San Diego is a complete package for tourists who wish to be exploring the culture, nature, heritage and lifestyle, all at the same time. Take a stroll or pack a picnic for Balboa Park or head to the soothing and enthralling beaches to witness the magical sunset on the Pacific shores whilst savoring on the delightful heritage that was influenced from the colonial era and have given the city an outlook of Spanish culture.

  1. Yellowstone


A list of best fall foliage destinations in the United States is incomplete without mentioning Yellowstone National Park. A superlative destination visited by solo, couple and family travelers for a refreshing getaway with loads of fun, adventure and natural exploration, Yellowstone is a hot favorite place for tourists from around the world who wish to witness an eternal beauty crafted as a painting on blank canvas by the Mother Nature. With attributes like hot water geysers, oldest trees, tall flora, wide range of fauna and marvelous natural landscapes, Yellowstone is really an incredible place to visit. The cost of visiting here is really affordable and you can easily lay your hands on some discounted hotel deals for a budget vacation during the season of fall.

Though, you may find many places on the Eastern Coast unavailable due to the devastation and renovation work caused by Hurricane Irma this year and find fewer places as an option for your next fall foliage, yet there are many more places like the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Hawaiian Islands, Jackson Hole and many more cities that are really remarkable for a vacation to enjoy the fall foliage. Though these places may come expensive on your pocket to plan a trip due to huge popularity and excessive bookings in advance. So, if you are looking forward to have a magnificent vacation in the season of fall whilst spending less and enjoying more, just get in touch with SmartFares to get some great fall travel deals for an affordable as well as happening fall vacation to some of the finest places in the United States of America.

Best fall travel destinations for couples

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Fall season is the time when everything that is out of a mere human’s hand becomes more appealing and enjoyable. Whether it’s the weather conditions or the airfares, everything becomes more pleasant than ever and give people a chance to explore the world without any hassle. A time when kids have to get back to their schools and youngsters get indulged into their daily activities is the perfect time when you can easily lay your hands on some of the best and affordable romantic travel deals. Besides, the perfect weather conditions that makes it easily accessible to explore the outskirts and enjoy the natural beauty at its best, the season of fall is the best time you can find to go on a romantic getaway with the love of your life. So, here we are with a small list of the best romantic fall travel destinations for couples to enjoy their fall foliage:

  1. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

Though it may sound a bit odd to plan a romantic trip at Jackson Hole, but if you are among those couples who like to do things in unconventional way, Jackson Hole will make a perfect getaway destination for you to enjoy the fall foliage. Have a pleasant getaway experience whilst exploring the rugged mountains, incredibly gorgeous valley, and marvelous hospitality in the cottages and delightful bushwalking experiences in the state of Wyoming. The variety of restaurants with typical American gourmet and spellbinding natural bliss with uncanny attributes is all you may seek to make it a perfect, surreal but extremely memorable and romantic getaway whilst exploring such a splendid region of Jackson Hole in fall season.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone National Park during the season of fall is something that cannot be described in words. A spellbinding national park that features an abundant variety of natural attributes including giant trees, dense forests, and vast collection of floras, variety of faunas, superlative diversity of natural landscapes and more is all you may seek for a romantic getaway that is set-up by the nature. The season of fall makes it even more exciting and enjoyable as you can explore more outdoors than ever in the less humid season with more bewitching landscape views and natural beauties coming forth from the dense forests and valleys. Needless to say, the fewer crowd and more options to explore will be an experience that can rare to be found during any other time in the year.

  1. Charleston


Imagine a getaway where you get to explore the beautiful historical mansions, exquisite Spanish boardwalk and thriving cultural sites whilst enjoying the wonderful and breezy season of fall. This all can be possible if you plan your fall vacations in Charleston. A spellbinding conurbation in the state of South Carolina, Charleston is a beautiful and modern getaway destination with loads of historical and cultural attractions that makes it even more beautiful and dreamy place to enjoy a couple getaway. No matter whether you are a newlywed couple or have been cherishing your romantic life for a very long time, Charleston has it all to please you and give you a superlative getaway experience with loads of fantastic attractions.

  1. Orlando


Orlando have never ceased to amaze people especially when it comes to a romantic getaway. The enthralling theme park capital of the world, Orlando is boasted with a vast collection of marvelous theme parks that are sufficient to set a mood towards fun and adventure. Although, it may sound a bit odd if you think of a romantic getaway at a theme park, but if you have been fantasizing your love life to be like Disney and have this amazing dream of being a part of the magical world of Disney fairytale, then you should probably consider visiting Orlando. Not only the theme parks, but the accommodation options and wide range of markets and other picturesque sites will leave you speechless and give you the experience you cannot forget.

  1. Paris


If you are done traveling domestic and looking forward for much more than just a small escape, then you should plan to book transatlantic flights and visit to the French capital Paris. The symbol of love and one of the most romantic getaway destinations of the world, Paris has everything you need to transform your fall foliage into a romantic dream come true vacation. Not only the settings are marvelous to leave you stumped and enjoy the best experiences of all time, but the season of fall will offer you the experiences with fewer crowd and affordable accommodation options to enjoy way more than usual in the French capital whilst savoring on the delicious delicacies and visiting the most iconic collection of landmarks available in Paris.

The list can grow as long as you want when it comes to enlisting the destinations suitable for couples during the season of fall, but if you insist on the best ones, then you should probably go through the list mentioned above as these places have their significance to enjoy and give a treat to the yes and soul with all the elements they like in the life. So, if you are ready to get delighted by the awesome beauty of the season of fall, then you should probably start looking for some great fall travel deals or book your romantic flight deals with SmartFares to ensure the best traveling experience with lower airfares.

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