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Top 5 Domestic Easter Getaways

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

There are plenty of festivals that come and go each year, but just like Christmas, Easter too has its huge relevance in both culture and tradition of the Americans. The festival that is more secular than religious, Easter is truly a magnificent festival for everyone that bring joy to our life and give us the chance to be together with our near and dear ones. Celebrated by both masses and classes, Easter is a widely observed festival and has plenty of things to indulge. So, today, we are bringing to you the top 5 domestic Easter getaways that are really bewitching and have the strength to make your getaway worth enjoying:

Easter Travel Deals

  1. St. Louis, Missouri

Easter in St. Lucia is probably among the best experience for kids as most of the activities designed here to celebrate this gigantic festival are entirely based for kids’ fun. Be it the arrival of Easter Bunny, air egg hunt, breakfast with the bunny, bunny hop or any other activity, there are plenty of things to enjoy as a kid. So, if you are planning to enjoy Easter with your kids or toddlers around you, St. Lucia can be proven as a nice place to have a quality time with them whilst engaging them in various hunts and other activities in various parts of the city. There are also plenty of activities that are free of cost for kids, so your Easter getaway can become pocket-friendly if you chose St. Lucia as your preferred place.

  1. Orlando, Florida

The theme parks of Orlando are sufficient enough to give anyone a treat of visiting here on any normal day, but when it comes to Easter Sunday, the extravaganza goes high to many levels. Not only the theme parks adopt the theme of Easter on this occasion, there are plenty of things that can indulge both kids and adults in different way. Be it the adventure parks, theme parks, golf courses, resorts or the exquisite marketplaces of Orlando, there are always plenty of things to make your Easter getaway in the charming conurbation of Florida a perfect experience. Though, Easter in Orlando can cost a good fortune to anyone, but if you are planning everything in advance and have booked flights and hotels in Orlando quickly, you can easily save huge on your travel budget.

  1. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is like the cultural and artistic hub of the nearby region in the state of Alabama and has plenty of things to enjoy. Around the festival of Easter, these activities become even more exciting and enjoyable as the touch of art and culture of the Alabama state brings the festivities of Easter to new heights. The craft shows, art galleries and other arrangements make the city quite amazing and enjoyable for everyone. The Eater egg hunt, bunny hop competition, supper with Easter bunny and many more activities are as beautiful as any other part in the world with an edge of music concerts, art and craft shows, gift distribution and much more where both kids and adults can participate and make their Easter more exquisite.

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is quite a famous place among both kids and adults for being the home of Cincinnati Zoo. Where at one side, the fauna and flora of the city can amaze your very soul, the myriad range of events and parties organized across the city will be a treat for everyone. The magnificent festivities of Easter take over the entire plateau of Cincinnati by a storm and you can have a quality time with your near and dear ones without missing a beat. The Easter Egg hunt, at Sawyer Point, Rentschler Forest Metro Park, Hamilton and Freedom Park were a great hit in 2017 and there will be many more exquisite experiences where you can go and enjoy a brunch with Easter bunny and indulge yourself in tempting activities and fun things. Being a less popular place for Easter, you can easily find budget flights to Cincinnati and affordable accommodations in the city even in the peak season. So, it is a win-win situation for you if you opt for Cincinnati as your Easter getaway destination.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

Every year on the Easter Sunday, the entire city goes haywire with the celebrations and festivities of the Easter and get delighted by the picturesque settings and kids strolling around with tiny and well decorated eggs in their small basket. The various Easter Egg Hunts organized for kids and adults in different parts of the city are the highlight of the day along with the meet with the Easter Bunny which is a show-stopper for kids. Additionally, various suppers organized by the locals in different districts of the Atlanta will be a treat for tourists to enjoy not just the festive sweets, but also the dynamic gastronomy of the Georgia. So, if you are looking for an Easter that will pack your whole day with truck-load of activities, Atlanta can be a fine choice.

Now days, Easter has become more of a fun festival than a religious one and whether you believe it or not, everyone around you will be celebrating this joyous moment with their near and dear ones. So, this year, make the Easter more beautiful and memorable with the astonishing Easter special flight deals available with SmartFares and have a fabulous getaway filled with loads of incredible moments, fantastic celebrations and pocket-friendly experiences that will last long in your thoughts.

Four Great Travel Destinations For Easter Celebration

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

What are your favourite childhoods Easter Memories? Hunting for Easter eggs or makings beautiful nests for Easter bunnies? Or maybe the most memorable part was the Easter preparation like: painting and decorating the Easter eggs, and anticipating the Easter candy and cute prizes you’d get. The Easter basket, with green grass, bright sweet candies, toys and small gifts, chocolate Easter bunny, marshmallow peeps, peter rabbit jelly belly beans and more!

easter celebration

For many people, Easter is the most sacred observance in their religious faith; however that will not stop anyone from enjoying Easter egg hunts and Easter candy, one of the most cherished Easter traditions. Easter is a time of celebration and feasting and marks the celebration of rebirth of nature and new beginnings. For kids, it’s one more vacation where they expect to get lots of chocolates, candies and other treats.

In Easter weekend, no excuse is required for outings. It is the time when the weather steps into warmer days and pleasant evenings. Thinking of your Easter holiday celebration! We will help to choose a perfect destination for your trip.

Top Four Easter Hot Spots

Madrid, Spain
The Easter celebrations in Madrid during Semana Santa, or Holy Week, stretching from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, are marked with numerous religious processions. The traditional “pasos” which are basically religious icons, are taken from their normal resting places in churches around the city and paraded through the streets on the shoulders of the “costaleros”, normally young men. On Easter Sunday the main event takes place at mid-day in the Plaza Mayor. This is the “Tamborada del Domingo de Resureccion”, whereby whichever Brotherhood has been chosen for the year, assembles dozens of drums of all shapes and sizes and beats out a constant rhythm which almost shakes the timbers of the nearby houses.

Rome, Italy
During Easter week, Rome the home of the Vatican, become the stage for religious fervour and devotion, combining grief and meditation in memory of Christ’s death and turns into a prime destination for experiencing grand Easter ceremonies. On Good Friday in a moving candlelit procession, the Pope retraces Christ’s Via Crucis, and it ends in a huge open-air Mass on St Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday, after which the Pope delivers his “Urbi et Orbi” address. The Easter procession winds from the Colosseum to Monte Palatino, re-enacting the 14 Stations of the Cross, from Christ’s death sentence to his entombment, with a prayer at each station.

Antigua, Guatemala
Men dressed in purple robes and hoods and carrying floats with large sculptures of Jesus, the sombre beat of the marching band, the air filled with the musky mix of flower petals and incense, religious events and festivities, all turn the pristine Antigua Guatemala city a home to the largest Easter celebration in the world. One of the most impressive aspects of the Easter Festival is the “alfombras” an Arabic word for carpet that adorn the processional route and reflect the Maya tradition, biblical symbolism and scenes from nature.

New York City, USA
On Easter Sunday, “the big apple” transforms into a sea of extravagant Easter bonnets. The Easter parade starts from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and the marchers wander along the New York’s Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th Streets. From Easter-themed walking tours, Easter egg hunts, Easter church services to Easter brunch and dinner, New York City has lots of Easter-related activities for young and old to enjoy.

Plan your trip with your family or friends and make Easter vacation a lifetime memory!

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