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Top 5 Father Day Destinations

Monday, May 28th, 2018

We all have this routine of making Mother’s Day a big celebration, yet we often overlook another pillar of our own foundation, the person who worked really hard to give us food, shelter and good upbringing, the dads. Fathers are the most integral yet overlooked part of our life and whether you believe it or not, they too need your affection and pampering. Despite being looking cold from the outside and not seeking any love verbally, they also wish to get some love from their children. So, this Father’s Day, make your dad proud by giving him some special gift and making the day worth his while. Luckily, traveling on Father’s Day with your dad is a perfect gift and if you are thinking to plan an escape with your dad, then here we are with the top 5 Father’s Day destinations that will suit you well.


  1. New York City for Sightseeing Lovers

For the dads who enjoy exploring the local attractions and cultural sites, exploring the Big Apple will truly be a treat for them. The promising cultural capital of the world, New York City is truly one of the finest getaway destinations in the entire United States for some quality sightseeing and cultural exploration. Just get yourself a New York City Pass and you will get a queue-free admission to some of the most promising attractions of all time in the New York including Guggenheim Museum, Ellis Island, American Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Arts and many more. In addition, the gastronomy in NYC will be a delightful experience and you can hit the quality bars without wasting a good fortune and enjoy a decent company of fellow travelers as well as natives.

  1. Los Angeles for Driving Lovers

Los Angeles is not just a city where you can witness the stardom in flesh, but also is the place where you can find the speed chasers feeding on the adventure required. The enthralling conurbation of Los Angeles is widely famous for extreme driving stunts and wonderful circuits that are meant for speed lovers. If you can recall your dad telling you about his love for speed or have witnessed his driving skills taking to the next level, then it will truly be a chance where you can give him free wings without being worried about the safety. These circuits and driving teams are known for extreme safety along with quality driving skills. So, bring your dad to the Los Angeles this Father’s Day and watch him go fast and furious.

  1. Big Sky for Outdoor Lovers

The sprawling resort town of Montana, Big Sky is truly one of the most majestic places in the entire America that is not so famous among tourists but is widely popular among adventure seekers and natural terrain explorers. For those who have found their dad taking pictures of the natural terrains and discovering the pristine landscapes in the free time, then this resort town will be a spellbinding place to go and give your dad some quality experiences along with your company. The wonderful snowcapped mountains in the backdrop and stunning plains in the front will be a treat for your dad as well as yourself. So, just pack your bags and some warm clothes and fly your way to this extraordinary town of Montana.

  1. Las Vegas for Luck Players

If you happen to see your dad jumping with joy near the slot machines or enjoying a hand on the card decks give him some comfort and delight, then bringing him to the gorgeous conurbation of Las Vegas will indeed be a wise choice. The city that is widely popular for its surreal culture and extravagant lifestyle, Las Vegas makes a perfect place for your dad if he enjoys pressing on his luck more often. During the Father’s Day and nearby days, the city enjoys its shoulder season and will give you some quality escape experience along with budget stays. Also, Vegas has a number of picturesque delights and stunning gastronomy options that are really captivating and lip-smacking to savor.

  1. Pebble Beach for Golfers

If you have witnessed your dad looking for expensive golf clubs on the internet and watching golfing tournaments on the tele, then it is quite obvious that he enjoys golfing more than anything and has kept his love for golfing hidden all these years to give you and your family necessary things. So, it is your chance for some payback by taking him on a mesmerizing golfing trip to the Pebble Beach. The gorgeous resort city of California, Pebble Beach is among the most visited destinations by golfers and with its mind-blowing range of golf courses and clubs, you can surely give your dad a perfect gift. Have a one on one session with your dad or assist him as a caddy during his sessions and you will be making your dad happier than ever.

Dads are really hard to understand and no matter how grown-up you are, you will never understand what is going on inside that big warm yet invisible heart. Although, you might be aware of the habits and desires your dad has and that might be able to help you determine places he would love to explore. So, this Father’s Day, give your dad two great gifts of his life, your time and a trip that your dad will love the most. All you have to do is figure out his most desired hobbies and select a destination like we have done above. As far as the expenses are concerned, the wide range of Father’s Day travel deals available at SmartFares have got it covered.

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