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The Hawaii Travel Guide

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Hawaii needs no introduction. For so long, it has been the most loved beach destinations in the US. This beautiful state is located in the Pacific Ocean, west of California is surrounded by water in all directions. Hawaii is bursting with beauty – captivating sandy beaches are unparalleled and it’s just not the beaches that make it irresistible, but it’s the perfect blend of volcanic cliffs, rugged canyons and waterfalls. Hawaii has amazing weather with long days of sunshine and mild temperatures all year long which makes it everyone’s favorite. Hawaii consists of six main islands – Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island. Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii and lies on the Oahu Island.


Hawaii is well known for the adventure options it offers, its luxury resorts as well as the happening nightlife.
Here’s your guide for making your Hawaii visit more happening!

The Beaches: It’s not easy to select the top beaches since there are no bad beaches in Hawaii. But a few beaches really stand-out and just can’t be missed.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

Makapu’u Beach, Oahu offers the most scenic views of all beaches in Hawaii. This white-sand beach has a hiking trail near to it and is backed by sea cliffs. This beach is very popular among bodyboarders and bodysurfers. The width of the beach varies throughout the year.
Napili Beach, Maui is a crescent shaped beach which is equally popular among couples as well as adventure lovers. It’s a perfect beach for a swim, snorkeling and surfing, views of the sunset that will leave you awe-struck. It is known for its shimmering blue water and beautiful white sand.
Waikiki Beach, Oahu is one of the popular beaches in Hawaii and as the beach lies in the capital city of Honolulu, it is quite happening. The beach is full of surfers, canoe rides and snorkelers but if you are not in a mood for adventure you can be lazy and soak in the Vitamin D.

Adventures: Hawaii isn’t about the beaches only, there are many more things to explore. Out of which, adventure activities are the most popular. Check out the popular ones.

Scuba Diving Hawaii

Snorkeling: Snorkeling at Shark’s Cave is a must for every adventure lover. This cave in Oahu opens only in the summers. But to get into the cave and swim in crystal clear waters with an amazing array of marine life alongside is something that cannot be put into words.
Surfing: It’s a true saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and “When in Hawaii, Surf”. There is no better place for surfers as there is strong water current at almost all beaches and if you are not a pro at surfing, you can always learn.
Hiking: Olomona Trail in Oahu is one of the most popular hikes in Hawaii with some breathtaking views. The trek is not more than 2.5 miles, but is quite a challenging one. If you want to view the active volcanoes of Hawaii – Kilauea craters trail on The Big Island is a must for you.
Wedding in hawaii

Apart from adventure activities, Hawaii is a perfect romantic place to be with your loved one. “Love is in the air” holds true for Hawaii. Maybe, that’s the reason it is a popular destination for weddings & honeymooners. Whale watching is a must to do in Hawaii and so is exploring the local culture.
So, what’s the wait book your flights to Honolulu and set off for your dream vacation.

Destination Wedding

Monday, April 7th, 2014

A destination wedding is a chance for couples to celebrate their wedding at a gorgeous destination of their choice far away from home. Destination weddings can be intimate (just the two of you), limited to close family and friends, or a grand affair with hundreds of guests. A bit of romance, a bit of stylish arrangements and also the best of locations are the perfect ingredients for the best destination wedding round the world.



Unforgettable Memories: When you find the person you wish to marry, you are picturing yourselves together for life. So it makes sensible to make your wedding very special and unforgettable. Most of couples want to fulfil their wedding with happy memories that will be treasured forever by themselves as well as by their family and friends. A destination wedding achieves that goal because it’s completely different and special for all.

Only the people you want: Most destination weddings are smaller than the celebration you would have at home. When you are planning a destination wedding, you think really carefully about who you want to be there. It’s easier to create a small list of guests, because everyone understands situation and the importance of keeping costs down.

You have a ready-made honeymoon: A destination ceremony could seem like an expensive option, but you’d be surprised at the savings you can make with this option – especially if the destination is not too far from your home country. But the biggest cost saving in destination wedding is that you do not have to pay extra for a separate honeymoon trip! Book your destination wedding in a place that you would also like for honeymoon.

You can spend extra time with loved ones: Some wedding couples love to holiday with their nearest and dearest, even if it’s their honeymoon. Your wedding is a very special occasion and usually busy times when it’s difficult to catch up with all of your guests. With a destination wedding and reception, you all have lots of time when the massive day to combine and mingle.

Less stress: You can find lots of holiday destinations are set up for weddings, making your wedding plan stress free. As an example, if you planning a tropical beach destination for wedding, you need to hire special occasion or wedding planner. He does the rest for you. It’s a great, stress free way to get married.



Italy: This is the ultimate wedding getaway for many couples and their families. There are many wedding planning specialists who cater to wedding couples, so use their abilities fully.

Hawaii: Whoever wants a relaxed beach wedding with little fuss, this tropical island is a best place for sure! Thousands of couples flock here to celebrate their wedding in Hawaiian-style. There are many destination wedding planners that can help you decide where to have your event, what to serve, where to spend your honeymoon, and much more.

The Bahamas: It’s comes in one of the top destination wedding locations, the Bahamas truly evokes the Caribbean spirit in more ways than one. And once the wedding is over, you and your guests can experience the best seafood, golfing, shopping and casinos available!

Napa Valley: This is a great choice for destination weddings for those couples who love wine and the idea of getting married in a vineyard. The pastoral beauty of countless vineyards lures thousands of couples come here every year to tie the knot with the help of a destination wedding planning specialists.

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