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Best Christmas Getaways for Family

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Holiday season is a perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. The time when you get to get close with your near and dear ones is the one that will be cherished when you will be old and looking for something happening in life. For many of us, golden moments like these have been serving as an elixir of life during dark and exhausting days. Since, the Christmas is not so far away now, it is time when you should start thinking about your Christmas plans and give your kids a reason to stay happy as the festive season arrives. To give you a boost, we have made a list of best Christmas getaways for family travel that will give you plethora of time to spend with your near and dear ones.

Christmas Travel Deals

  1. Nassau, Bahamas

For people looking to go away from the chilling winter season during the Christmas, Nassau can become one of the finest options for a great vacation at the coasts. Known for its tranquilizing weather conditions and outstanding natural bliss, this part of Bahamas has been proven to be the best. With refreshing breeze from the Caribbean Sea and an array of bewitching and unique features, Nassau makes one of the most astonishing getaway option for you. Additionally, when most of the people will be heading for the ski resorts or back to their home, this place will be wide open and available for a budget getaway.

  1. Orlando, Florida

Traveling with kids and looking for a perfect Christmas vacation, your entire vacation can become a thriving experience if you consider visiting Orlando. The marvelous theme park capital of the world that is globally known to be as the heaven for kids, Orlando is among the most fantastic and exquisite getaway options for your kids and family. While other places will be giving you reasons to have booze and loads of dance, this place will give your kids the reason to love you even more. Spend your entire vacation exploring the theme parks here whilst treasuring the priceless and memorable memories with your kids and enjoying the best time of your life with them.

  1. New York City, New York

Regardless of the occasion, NYC makes one of the best family vacation destinations for everyone and if you are planning a family vacation for Christmas, the city will give you many reasons to remember this vacation for the rest of your life. Starting with the endless parties, theme dining areas, gatherings, galas and more, you can have a quality and well-themed Christmas with your kids. Additionally, the museums and galleries of the New York City will too be a great catch for your toddlers whilst you will be exploring the marvelous culture and enthralling lifestyle of the Big Apple.

  1. Whistler, Canada

A snowy Christmas is not as easy to get as you think and if you are looking for a small yet beautiful international vacation with loads of snow and beautiful experiences, then there is hardly any place within your proximity better than the Whistler. The enthralling resort city of the British Columbia, ideally known for its bewitching slopes and outstanding culture, Whistler is among the most tempting and gorgeous places where you can spend an entire holiday with your kids. With its charming array of beautiful attractions and outstanding level of celebration, Whistler makes one of the most enchanting and adorable place for a family Christmas vacation.

  1. London, England

The British capital London has been one of the most captivating and gorgeous places in the entire Europe for a family vacation. With charming sight of the London Eye to the stroll around the Westminster Abbey, everything here in London is really awesome. Christmas is among the best times in London when you can explore the best scene of the city whilst savoring on the delicious traditional delicacies and visiting an array of galas and shows organized by the private and government organizations. Though the flight fares and hotel prices may spike a lot during the Christmas, but if you are quick in grabbing the right opportunity and have found some amazing Christmas travel deals, then you can easily save huge on your travel.

Finding a perfect Christmas destination is a tough job especially when you know that your family and kids will be traveling with you. However, once you chalk down the preferences, the outcome list is easy to follow. Just like the destinations mentioned above, there are several other places that surely will be a great option to choose from for a luxurious, ravishing, enjoyable and memorable getaway with your near and dear ones. So, if you are ready for such a fantastic and enthralling Christmas this year, then all you need now is to take the advantage of Christmas travel deals of SmartFares and have a delightful Christmas vacation to save a good fortune during the holiday season and savor on the personalized experience of booking your travel.

Top 5 Places to celebrate Christmas in the Europe

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Christmas is probably the best time of the year when festivities give us the chance to get reconnected with the people we love, and the awesome weather conditions offer some quality experiences. However, this time is also quite a perfect time when you can plan a vacation with your near and dear ones and travel to the most fantastic and desired destinations. since, most of the American destinations are probably ticked-off from your travel bucket list, it’s time that we give you something beyond it. Hence, we have come up with a list of European destinations that will make your Christmas vacations more thriving and enjoyable. Hence, following are the top 5 places to celebrate Christmas in the Europe:

  1. Krakow


Krakow is among the most exquisite and diverse destinations of the Poland and is known for its magnificent lifestyle. Famous for its giant festive celebrations and the zealous culture which makes everything grand, Krakow is a great spot to explore during the Christmas season. The traditional customs along with bizarre rituals makes the Christmas celebration a thriving experience for everyone. Cherish the days in Krakow during the festival of Christmas whilst savoring on some delicious cuisines, magnificent shopping and outstanding galas organized throughout the city and make your vacations in the Poland a thriving experience.

  1. Copenhagen


Many people don’t think of Danish capital while planning for a Christmas vacation in the Europe. However, the charming conurbation of Copenhagen is a thriving delight for everyone to enjoy. The magnificent range of events, galas, celebrations and festivities have been keeping the natives and nearby travelers occupied for many years and those who have witnessed the astonishing delights this city has to offer around the Christmas have been visiting here repeatedly. The traditional feasts along with cultural rituals and spellbinding celebrations have been keeping Copenhagen in the charts of best places to enjoy Christmas at affordable prices in the Europe.

  1. Amsterdam


The Dutch capital always remain in demand for tourists regardless of which season it is. Amsterdam is arguably one of the most bewitching and diverse destinations in the entire Europe with a simple lifestyle and exquisite culture. Every year, if not millions, then thousands of tourists head their way to Amsterdam and witness the magnificent Christmas celebrations that include but isn’t limited to light festivals, galas, classical music shows, performances and much more that last the whole night of Christmas and give both the natives as well as tourists a happening delight to cherish for a very long time. Additionally, the fabulous weather conditions leave the tourists open to discover the mind-blowing range of attractions that are really stunning to explore around the festivities of Christmas.

  1. Salzburg


The Austrian city of Salzburg is among the most happening places in the entire Europe especially around the Christmas season when the Christmas markets draw the attention of global tourists and give a picturesque delight to everyone. The magnificent city of Salzburg is a culturally rich place that follow the orthodox traditions of Christmas and offer everyone a thriving experience. The Christmas markets here are the biggest highlight for tourists that love to shop a lot and offer much more than just souvenirs. People who love to have a traditional feast while traveling to the cities worldwide will find the markets of Salzburg quite useful to bring back some quality food with great flavors and traditional touch back to their hotel room.

  1. Moscow


It is really hard to find a place that can replace the charm and diverse beauty of the Moscow in the European region especially around the Christmas. The charming Russian capital is among the most happening place on earth around the festivities of the Christmas and celebrate the Christmas with great pomp and show. Followed by the Russian Winter Festivals and many more cultural events, Christmas is a wonderful time to spend in Moscow when the snow covers everything and leave people in the wonderful mood of bonfire and have a nostalgic time to remember with the near and dear ones.

European continent is the home of many exquisite and thriving destinations in the world and no matter what you desire on your vacations, these places will prove to be the best experiences of your life. However, finding a place around the festive season that can also come within your budget is the real task. Hence, we have come up with the list of places that are not only perfect for exploration, but also have the quality to come within your budget. So, if you are thinking to go abroad and make your Christmas a wonderful experience, then all you need now is to consider the services of SmartFares and savor on some amazing discounts by using our Christmas special travel deals to save a good fortune on airfares.

Perfect Destination for a Perfect Christmas

Friday, November 11th, 2016

The festive season is just round the corner and everyone soon will start asking you questions especially if you have kids or wife around you about the Christmas vacation plans. Each year, when millions of people head their way to a spellbinding vacation at some place nice, a few among others sit back home and wander if they had enough budget to make an escape. Well, if you have been into the second list for a very long time and seeking out a perfect destination for a perfect Christmas, SmartFares has the perfect way of giving you the experience you have been waiting for. Try out our Christmas travel deals and plan your escape from the following perfect destinations for a perfect Christmas:

  1. Vienna, Austria


The Austrian capital have always been among the most pleasant and energetic Christmas getaway destinations, offering a tremendous variety of celebrations along with the vibes of joy and happiness. With traditional bells ringing around along with the aroma of gluhwein, travelers can enjoy a spellbinding getaway experience on budget. Each year, the city receives thousands of travelers taking flights to Vienna in order to make an ordinary Christmas holiday one of the merriest moments of the year. Try out delicious food and wines served at myriad parties and restaurants on Christmas theme and enjoy your Christmas vacations in an old-school style.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich is one of the most favorite destinations for the tourists who frequently travel on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. With lush Alpine valleys, thriving culture, heritage sites and captivating variety of attractions, travelers can explore this stunning destinations whilst joining some of the finest celebrations going around the city. Piece of advice, if you are traveling a little early to Zurich, do not forget to witness children organizing candles afloat ceremony at Limmat River near City Hall that gives the most astounding and panoramic view of the river on December 19th every year

  1. New York City, New York, U.S.A.

New York City

The cultural hub of the United States has been quite popular among tourists who love celebrating Christmas with great pomp and show. With flashy events, alleys glittering with ornaments and sparkling lights and chanting by kids, you will thoroughly enjoy your vacation in the New York City. Visit any of the cathedral during the festival and you can come across some of the finest dining buffet as well as parties around the city. Do not forget to visit Rockefeller Center where you can witness one of the biggest Christmas Trees of the city decorated with thousands of lights and ornaments with a close proximity to the fifth avenue market where you can stroll around and enjoy some Christmas discounts.

  1. Montreal, Quebec, Canada


If you feel like celebrating Christmas in traditional style with a twist of European elegance, taking flights to Montreal will be an advantage to experience both. A city that has been celebrating Christmas in a traditional way since 1925 including Santa Clause parade comprising loads of music and floats. Also, you can stroll around the city and explore the snowy roads glittering with ornaments and lights across the city. The city is also quite astounding when it comes to European culture when many themed restaurants introduce French gourmet and make a wonderful traveling experience for the locals as well as tourists.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand


In case, you are done with celebrating Christmas in old fashion way and seeking an adventurous way of enjoying the festive season, visit Queenstown. A city that enjoys summer during the Christmas time, Queenstown is a perfect destination if you are looking to ditch snow and chilling breeze. Enjoy visiting here when you can get delighted by the summer breaks and have a wonderful time in myriad adventurous activities including swimming, surfing, paragliding, jet board riding and a lot more. Besides, the city’s culture offer a wonderful voyaging experience. If you feel homesick in the middle of your journey, you can always visit the cathedrals and churches across the city and neighboring towns to enjoy the traditional way of Christmas but of course, no winters!

There are tons of other destinations across the world that will make a perfect Christmas destination for you. To enjoy a cheerful getaway experience this Christmas, all you need is some planning and Christmas travel deals available at SmartFares for a budget getaway with family and friends.

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