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Last Minute Winter Getaways

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

As the winter is saying its bid adieu to everyone, it is the perfect time when you can actually step out of your duvets and have a spellbinding getaway experience whilst exploring the nature, culture and lifestyles of the places you adore the most. Since the winter season is going away and loads of people will be planning to catch the moment, it is highly likely that you will find the cities in your travel bucket list flocked by the tourists and not available to travel as of now. Hence, to give you some magnificent getaway experience, we have come up with a small list of last minute winter getaways that are both pocket-friendly and warm enough for a fantastic and memorable winter escape:

  1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Caribbean region is not only favorite for beach holidays, but is also quite a perfect region for some enthralling winter getaways. The sunny weather conditions, exquisite beaches and fewer crowd in the winter season makes it a spellbinding place for your voyage. The beaches of the Puerto Rico are known to be the perfect hideout for winter getaways and in the last days of the winter season, the charm of the beaches enhances to the very next level. Not only the sea waters become more soothing and enjoyable, but the landscapes become more explorable and enjoyable. So, if you are looking for some wonderful getaways in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico can be a nice choice.

  1. San Diego

San Diego

For those who don’t wish to go for a long voyage and seeking a small vacation, San Diego can be the wisest option in the entire West Coast for a spellbinding last minute winter getaway. The spectacular beaches, fewer crowd and less occupied flights and hotels in San Diego will make the city a treat to visit. Additionally, the spellbinding weather conditions with more sunny sky and bewitching surroundings will make your last minute winter getaways more enjoyable. Before the hot and humid days take over the city of San Diego, the place is absolutely perfect to explore and have a fantastic getaway experience with your near and dear ones in budget.

  1. Aruba


The palm beaches of the Aruba are known to be a beacon for tourists during the dense winter season, however, as the chills of winter wear off from the coastal areas of the Aruba, the city becomes more spellbinding and joyful. The fantastic delights of the Aruba are already quite famous for everyone, but when the charm of the city blends with the enjoyable weather conditions, the winter getaways become even more enjoyable and pleasant. Additionally, the discounted hotels and affordable flights to Aruba will make your last minute winter getaways more enthralling provided you book your itinerary prior to your departure as the city can be filled fast and you might find yourself stranded.

  1. Bermuda


Beach especially marine life lovers find it hard to get a perfect destination in the winter season. However, in the last days of the winter season, there are certainly places that can give you the treat you have been looking for and among them all, Bermuda score good grades. The spellbinding region of the British Overseas Territory known for its sandy beaches, coral reefs and golf courses, Bermuda is among the top-notch getaways in the entire world. The spectacular charm of the city is really enthralling and you can have a quality time without spending a fortune. In the last days of the winter season, the cities of the Bermuda become even more captivating and you can easily save a good fortune on both airfares and hotel stays if chosen wisely.

  1. Jamaica


A laid-back winter holiday is all it takes to make the rest of the year soothing and enjoyable and if you are in desperate need of same, how about visiting the captivating island of Jamaica. The thriving isle of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is quite a fantastic place to sooth the blues of the winter season and enjoy a fantastic and laid-back days at the sandy beaches. Sunny days, quality sand, warm waters and awesome gastronomy makes Jamaica a dream getaway destination for the people seeking some escape from winter season. The discounted airfares for last minute flights with some quality hotel stays are all that is required to make your last winter days magnificent and incredible.

The stunning beauty of the winter season won’t stay with us forever and before the warm and humid days take place, it’s time for us all to enjoy the best days of the year whilst spending some quality time at the places we love the most. So, if you have been thinking all these days to make a winter escape soon and haven’t done anything yet, then it’s high time you should pack your bags and leave your home. Also, there are plenty of last minute flight deals available with SmartFares that will give you not only mobility on instant plans, but some great savings on last moment flight bookings.

Best winter destinations across the world

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Many people have stated that summers are good to travel, but if you are talking about the better sight of nature, culture and festivities, winters are arguably better. Winter season is considered to be the ideal time for everyone to enjoy some quality time with near and dear ones whilst ditching the chilling gray skies and exploring places with some sunshine or something worth exploring. Finding a perfect winter getaway destination is also important as it should be a place that can match your preferences and require minimum adjustments. Hence, with this blog, we are giving you the absolutely perfect list of best winter destinations across the world:

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

The splendid and romantic city of Czech Republic, Prague is among the most picturesque and captivating places in the region and when the winter season arrives, the bewitching beauty of this sprawling city gets tenfold. The Gothic architecture covered with a thin layer of snow makes the sight even more picturesque and the glittering streets during the winter season add the charm of this conurbation. The Czech gastronomy becomes even tastier and enjoyable in the winter season as it complement the low mercury. Additionally, this time most of the tourists head south for some warmth and leave the city wide vacant for aspiring tourists.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Flying across the entire world for some quality winters won’t appear a clueless effort if you plan to travel to the Queenstown of New Zealand. The fascinating Zealandic city becomes charming than ever with the shining bright days and warm weather conditions due to its opposite weather conditions against the rest of the northern hemisphere. The engaging natural landscapes become even more accessible during the winter season and you can go from spending time at the beaches to the tempting sightseeing in the outskirts. Additionally the city becomes even more astonishing and joyful. Though winters in Queenstown are the peak travel season, but if you are quick enough to make your bookings, you can easily seal some great deals.

  1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Winters in Dubai is literally magical and if you have been looking to ditch the winters in the USA whilst avoiding the hot and humid weather in Dubai, you will enjoy the city the most during the winter season. Dubai becomes really charming and explorable during the winter season when the mercury hover around 70 to 82 degree Fahrenheit which is really pleasant to visit the best attractions, exploring the coasts and going for desert safari. Though the winters are considered to be the peak season in Dubai, but if you are an early bird and can book your getaways well in advance, you can easily save some great deals for a mesmerizing trip to Dubai in winters.

  1. Goa, India

Goa, India

The Indian beach getaway sensation Goa has always been a pleasant option for tourists across the globe planning a vacation during the winter season because of its awe-inspiring weather conditions and magnificent array of picturesque attributes. The South Indian city that has Portuguese heritage, Indian culture and world-class beaches, Goa has everything you need on a winter vacation. The blissful sunny days with warm weather conditions gives the most apt and hospitable weather conditions to soak up some sun and enjoy the sand and sea of the Indian Ocean. Besides, the winter season is quite affordable if you skip the peak time of Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day for visiting Goa.

  1. New York City, USA

New York City, USA

There is no way that we can miss the Big Apple in such a list where we are giving you the best scenes of winters. The captivating city of New York City is simply superb and enjoyable anytime regardless of the season, occasion or festival. However, winters in New York are really stunning and enjoyable. If you manage to book your flights and hotel in advance to save some budget on travel, you can have an astonishing getaway experience whilst enjoying the snow at the Central Park, witnessing the glittering skyline of the city and gorgeous snow-covered boulevards with loads of people strolling across. Additionally, the cafes and bars become even more delightful in winter season as everything in the menu is perfect to complement the weather conditions.

Though European, Middle-Eastern and many Asian destinations are known for great weather conditions and exquisite variety of festivals during the winter season, but if you are looking for something in particular after reading the options above, you can chose plan your getaways from places above or even go beyond as per your preferences. All you have to do is to go through the winter travel deals available at SmartFares and chose from our range of cities and fares available online for great and pocket-friendly getaways across the world.

5 Places to Feel Warm This Winter

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Winter is the season that brings new life among all of us and offer the most scenic beauty of all time. The time when the entire planet blooms with natural bliss and offer the most captivating experiences, winter becomes the reason why people tend to travel around the world. For those who find the winters a bit hard to face in the northern states as well as myriad cities of North America, it is quite an easy thing to ditch those chilling nights and escape for some warmer place on earth. To give you a perfect reason to get off from your couch and get going to witness the eternal beauty of the nature, we have brought to you 5 places to feel warm this winter that will allow you to get your sporty spirit back and enjoy some sun with warmth of air around you. So, here we are with the most coziest and warmer destinations in the world to travel this winter:

  1. Miami, Florida


The tempting coastal city of Florida, Miami is a perfect savior for the people living in the northern states of the United States and seek out some place nice to travel where they can soak up some heat of the sun and enjoy a tranquilizing getaway with the people they love. With promising culture and fantastic array of attractions as well as things to indulge with, Miami makes a great getaway for tourists from all age group. Either go on the picturesque sandy beaches and enjoy the warm water and get soaked in the refreshing beauty of the nature or head towards the downtown to find the pleasant dining and party scene that goes on forever.

  1. Barcelona, Spain


One of the sportiest cities of the Europe, Barcelona has been the prominent choice for travelers seeking some warmth during the winter season and becomes a tourist hub during the chilling season. A city that has it all including culture, lifestyle, heritage, architecture, beaches, fantastic nightlife and remarkable things to do, Barcelona is a fine choice to witness the elegance of Europe with a sporty spirit. Besides, the warm weather conditions will support you to explore the outskirts and witness some of the most awesome attractions spread across the city. So, if you are planning to get off from the continent and looking for a stylish and lavishing getaway, Barcelona is the right choice for you.

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan

Known for its tropical climate conditions with almost similar temperature throughout the year, San Juan is the most promising warm getaway on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. With its enthralling beauty of beaches, coral reefs and volcanic landscapes, travelers can enjoy the best winters ever and keep their wallets as well as body warm during the spine chilling winters. Among the most thriving Caribbean destinations, San Juan has become one of the most prominent choice for the travelers seeking a budget-friendly getaway in the winters for warm season experience. Hence, winter travel deals are always remain short to cope up with the demand. So, stay alarmed to get your hands on the cheaper travel deals if you are up for a Caribbean getaway and looking forward a budget getaway.

  1. Brisbane, Australia


The stylish city known as the jack of all trades in the Oceania, Brisbane has been a top-notch destination to visit throughout the year. But, what makes the city even more special is its opposite weather conditions that brings summer during western winter season. Hence, you can enjoy ample of sun and can even get all the tanning you need whilst soaking up yourself in the vividness of this dynamic capital of Queensland. Featuring many attributes including heritage sites, museums, art galleries, exhilarating beaches, resorts and dining, Brisbane makes the finest choice for those seeking a long-haul vacation away from their homes.

  1. Cancun, Mexico


If you feel home sick soon as you step out of your house and still wish to have a vacation out of the state, Cancun will be the best option for you. A fantastic conurbation located on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea with the spirit and dining scene of Mexico, Cancun has become one of the most exquisite options for travelers seeking warmth in winters. With its tempting beaches, hospitable resorts and awe-inspiring nightlife, the city has brought a charm among traveler’s lives. Hence people often search for winter travel deals and plan their trip to Cancun during the winter season every year.

There are tons of other places that brings joy among those who find it hard to face the chilling nights in their cities and people often find it better to take off and get going to witness the refreshing beauty of the nature while soaking up some sun. With ample of destinations like San Francisco, Cape Verde, Wellington, Cape Town, San Diego, Honolulu and more, you can chose your favorite destination and lay your hands at winter travel deals available with SmartFares for a fantastic journey whilst keeping your body and pocket warm. So, the choice is all yours about where you would like to head this winter season.

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