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Top 5 Places to celebrate New Year around the world

Friday, December 8th, 2017

New Year’s Eve is widely observed in the same manner and every year, millions of people across the globe make this wonderful night the best night of the year to look forward and welcome the next year in a different and joyful manner. Most of us begin to go and take the resolutions for New Year, whereas others think of doing something different in flesh. Since the New Year’s Eve is approaching quickly and we are running short on time, you all must be thinking of how you too can make this day memorable. With loads of extraordinary cities and celebrations going planned around the world, we have picked a few of the best places to celebrate New Year around the world and enjoy the enthralling day that has been waited for 364 days every year:

  1. New York City

New York City

New Year in the Big Apple have always been a treat for everyone who is seeking a giant celebration of the New Year and looking forward for a mesmerizing and memorable experience. The ball drop ceremony that is held every year at the Times Square is one of the best experiences one can have in the USA whilst being surrounded thousands of party frenzies. In case, you too have been thinking of New Year bash with an astounding experience and loads of happy memories with great food and endless party extravaganza, New York City can be a great host for you. Though, the flight fares and hotel prices go sky-high during the New Year, but if you are good at catching the right moment, you can easily save more with some handsome New Year travel deals to make your vacation budget-friendly.

  1. Dubai


The sprawling city of the Emirates, Dubai has been one of the most captivating places in the Middle-East for a superlative and opulent New Year Eve. Ever since the city made the world record for the largest firework display in shortest time, the city has become a beacon for tourists around the New Year. Not only the fireworks, but the thriving accommodation options, exquisite events and galas organized by various private and public organizers, the city is like a lifetime experience to treasure during the New Year. Also, the magnificent attractions become even more delightful for people on New Year’s Eve and you have a spectacular New Year celebration with loads of parties, events, fireworks and more.

  1. London


The British capital have always been among the most spectacular and visited places on the face of the earth when we speak of New Year celebration. The enchanting variety of superlative fireworks, exquisite parties, spectacular shows, magnificent events and more are the reason why people enjoy going on their New Year vacations at the England and experience the charm of New Year’s Eve at the British capital London. With its astounding variety of attractions and spectacular fireworks from the Tower Bridge, you can witness the real beauty and vibrant side of this bewitching conurbation of the United Kingdom. Additionally, the spectacular view of the city from the London Eye is simply indescribable and you can have a fantastic delight of being in the surroundings during the countdown.

  1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

When we speak of the wildest New Year party on the face of the earth, the city of Rio de Janeiro has come to top every year. The spectacular, zealous and endless party extravaganza, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most astonishing and liveliest places on the planet when you speak of a New Year celebration. Hosting the biggest beach party of all time on the Copacabana Beach, the city gives millions of natives and thousands of tourists a marvelous experience of an endless fun, adventure, excitement and booze party with loads of celebrations and exquisite delights. Additionally, the natives also go for the ritual for the goddess of the sea for prosperity and good health in the years to come.

  1. Sydney


Any list of finding the best places for New Year celebration is impossible to complete without mentioning the beautiful conurbation of Sydney. Globally famous for its famous New Year firework from the Sydney Harbour and one of the first places to observe the New Year’s midnight, Sydney has always been one of the most famous and desired getaway options on the planet. With its bewitching fireworks and astonishing array of captivating attractions that are exquisitely enjoyable on the occasion of New Year, you can have a great deal of fun with warm weather conditions and countless of tourists in the surrounding.

Though there are dozens of cities across the world that are equally stunning and prosperous when it comes to New Year celebration, but if you are looking for the best of the best, then you just have been through the list of the worlds’ finest. So, if you have been thinking to make it to this year or the next for a mesmerizing, adorable and memorable New Year celebration, then you can always consider booking your New Year travel deals with SmartFares and save a good fortune on airfares with our array of deals and offers available online.

10 Hottest Destinations to Visit in 2017

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Everyone has their own New Year’s resolution. Some find this time to promise themselves to lose weight whereas some make the resolution of giving up their bad habits. There are certain people who like to travel and every year, make a list of places they wish to travel in that particular year. If you have been following these people and looking forward to make it a perfect opportunity of making a travel resolution in 2017, we are here to help you in deciding and preparing a list of 10 hottest destinations to visit in 2017. So, please go through the options we have and enjoy the coming year with loads of happiness, traveling and fun:

New Year Travel

  1. Havana, Cuba

The Cuban capital have always been one of the most astonishing destinations to visit in the South America. With its vintage look, simple lifestyle and Cuban beaches, you can never take your eyes off from anything that is going around. Travelers from around the globe tend to take cheap flight deals to Havana across the year to enjoy the bewitching outdoors comprising beaches, heritage sites, simple yet dynamic lifestyle, astonishing food scene and more whilst soaking up some decent sun that remains almost similar throughout the year. So, if you have the zeal to live life in a vintage style for a few days, all you need is to get Havana airfare deals and you are all set for the most remarkable experience of your life.

  1. Berlin, Germany

German capital Berlin has been into travel buzz for over a couple of decades and have been giving the glimpse of a precise eccentric and elegant lifestyle Europeans live. With its extremely harsh yet dramatic history, the city has been preserving ample of heritage sites and tales that will chill your very spine. Besides all the heritage, the lifestyle of Germans are exquisitely admirable and easy to witness in Germany. In case, you are a foodie and love to learn some new gourmet styles, Berlin is the best place to get to know the German culture and traditions. A city that has been existing for over 8 decades, Berlin surely is a modern conurbation with loads of amenities and facilities for locals as well as tourists.

  1. Perth, Australia

The city that has been serving as the capital of Western Australia and known for its tranquilizing sandy beaches, a lifestyle to look upon and captivating culture, Perth is among the most desired destinations to visit among every traveler. Featuring ample of natural landscapes, fantastic museums, art galleries, breweries, opera houses, fantastic marketplaces and resorts, Perth sure knows how to greet people with a fantastic impression. An awesome destination, perfect for surfing, diving and more, Perth has been drawing the attention of travelers from across the world. Hence, you will find travelers taking cheap flight deals to Perth and flocking the planes to explore and experience such a fantastic destination of Western Australia.

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnamese capital, best known for its soothing landscapes, thriving culture and diversity, Hanoi makes a perfect place with many spellbinding attributes. With the culture and heritage dated back to centuries, Hanoi is among the most desired destinations for those who like to explore and experience different cultures with huge relevance across the region. Although, the downtown is quite bustling and people may find themselves among huge crowd every now and then, yet if you have a great map and have been planning your trip for sufficient time, you will find the true beauty of Vietnamese capital at just a swing away.

  1. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nestled on the shores of Persian Gulf, the sprawling and thriving capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi have been the tourism magnet for decades and has been deriving both business and leisure travelers from across the world to showcase and offer them the opportunity to broaden their business with the most astonishing brands existing in Arabic capital. Featuring many marvels of architecture and ample of astonishing sites such as Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Water world, Yas Mall and more, Abu Dhabi makes a perfect getaway destination for people from different interests.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Off the coasts of the Tanzanian archipelago, one of the naturally rich and pure destinations existing in African continent, Zanzibar have been a thriving and less populated destinations in the world. Featuring ample of landscapes, marine life and coral reefs, Zanzibar makes an ideal place to calm yourself down and enjoy the soothing beauty with nothing but purity and freshness. Besides all the lovely natural life, travelers can enjoy the opulent as well as budget-friendly hospitality delivered by the resorts scattered at the shores of the city. If you like to have some scrumptious dishes or looking forward for a shopping session, the city will not let you down as despite being a lesser known destination, Zanzibar have developed a lot and offer people all the luxury and comfort they need.

  1. Bern, Switzerland

Acclaimed as one of the most livable cities on earth, the Swiss capital Bern have been one of the most refreshing, thriving and captivating destinations of the nation as well as continent. Nestled amidst Aare River, the sprawling city was originated in 12th century and has been growing itself to become much more fantastic and nourishing for natives as well as tourists. Featuring ample of attractions such as historical sites, bewitching architecture, natural landscapes, green fields and relics from medieval era, Bern have been giving its guests a fabulous experience with a vivid and wide scene of gourmet, shopping and nightlife. So, if you wish to see a destination that has been acclaimed to be the most livable, Bern is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Needless to say, the Dutch capital have been among the most desired, visited and sprawling destinations in the Europe, best known for its heritage, Gothic architecture, art, culture and traditions. With bewitching canals, bridges and ambiance to please everyone, Amsterdam makes not only a destination to explore the Dutch culture and heritage, but also to cherish some romantic moments with your love. The most interesting and indulging factor that makes most of the travelers to fall in love with this city is the prime way of commuting around the city which is as healthier as it gets. Go cycling around the streets and explore the everlasting range of attractions scattered across the city. Whether you like refreshing boulevards, historical sites or lively nightlife, Amsterdam is an absolutely gorgeous place to be in 2017.

  1. Miami, Florida

There is no better option to begin your New Year’s travel resolution than visiting Miami and enjoying the warmth of this beach destination known for its zealous lifestyle and enthralling culture. A divine conurbation nestled on the eastern tip of Florida, Miami makes an ideal place to make an escape with family, friends or alone. Enjoy the everlasting night parties at the resorts, pubs and bars around the city whilst spending your days at the beach getting some tanning or soaking up some freshness of the North Atlantic Ocean. You can also go ahead and enjoy the markets and other heritage sites that are equally interesting and indulging for travelers visiting occasionally or frequently to Miami.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

A year is incomplete without visiting the most enchanting, dazzling and sizzling destination of the America. The Sin City Las Vegas have been a dream destination among most of the traveler where they go and enjoy the most opulent hospitality along with a few session of casinos, enjoying Broadway shows, fine dining experiences and loads of parties in every part of the town. The wonderful fountain of Bellagio is one of the most splendid highlights along with Caesars Palace, Stratosphere, Mob Museum and hundreds of other spectacular sites. So, if you like to ditch your routine and wish to enjoy some awesome glamor with a lot of other sorts of entertainment, you must visit to Las Vegas at least once.

There are tons of other destinations such as Wellington, Bali, Bangkok, Honolulu, Seychelles, Goa, Vancouver, Ottawa, San Francisco, Palm Beach, Dubai and more that offers the most astonishing experience and only require a common interest between you and them. So, if you have made a rough sketch of your New Year’s travel resolution and wish to make it happen, all you need is to get some budget airfare deals available with SmartFares and get going on your journeys for a dream-come-true life.

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