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Snorkeling Trips – Exploring a Whole New World

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Immersing yourself to the nature is the best idea when you are done visiting all the historical monuments, walked through those museums and dropped whilst shopping across the markets of destinations and there is no better way in the world that can beat the charisma and delights of heading underwater. Swimming, surfing and diving are quite the common and canny ways of oozing out the stress in your body and soul, but when you are an intrepid traveler, you always strive for more. Hence, to give you a direction towards greater good, here we are with some of the finest snorkeling destinations across the globe that will offer you not only some adventure to have after boring spell of walking and strolling down the cities, but also a striking experience to explore the marine life up close. So, following are the best snorkeling trips that will give you a gateway to explore a whole new and different world:

  1. Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii have always appealed tourists by its volcanic islands, spellbinding natural beauty, thriving beaches, splendid hospitality and exotic lifestyle, but many people haven’t scratched the surface and went beneath to witness a whole different world that is waiting to amaze you. The marine around Big Island, Hawaii have been among the most desired and delightful experiences to have among adventure lovers and tourists from various parts of the globe tend to take flights to Hawaii in order to discover a whole lot of these magnificent, rare and bewitching flora and faunas available across the island and its surroundings. Ideal for tourists from almost every age group, the snorkeling points of Big Island have been the most amazing delight you haven’t experienced yet.

  1. Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Among the most striking beach destinations of the South America, Galapagos Island is one of the most reputed and fascinating snorkeling destination in the world, giving away the most splendid experience of witnessing the sea turtles, penguins, fur seals, dolphins, whales, orcas and many more faunas of marine life in the South America. An island made of 19 small volcanic islands may seem spellbinding and diverse from the outside, but when you dive into the depth of the surface, you will witness an entirely different world, submerged and isolated from any interference from the outer world. The snorkeling spots around Galapagos Island are world’s finest, and ideal for children, adults and people from older age.

  1. Palau, Micronesia

Palau, Micronesia

A small archipelago country of Micronesian region, Palau is among the most isolated and tranquilizing getaway destinations on the Pacific Ocean, ideally famous for its laid-back naturally rich beaches and thriving culture. However, those who are in adventure water sports look at this country otherwise. Take flights to Palau and visit Eil Malk Island that has been considered as among the most prominent snorkeling destinations of the world, featuring an abundant variety of fishes, jellyfishes, turtles, hippos and many unknown marine species that will stun you with their outstanding variety. If you are afraid of stings of jellyfish while snorkeling, rest assured as natives have the belief that the lack of human interference have made the jellyfishes non-poisonous. Besides, the corals reefs of Palau are the world’s finest to enjoy the underwater world with loads of colors and varieties.

  1. The Coral Triangle, Asia Pacific

The Coral Triangle, Asia Pacific

If you have been hunting your entire life for some marine adventures and looking to broaden your area, then you will find more luck exploring the marines of the Coral Triangle in Asia Pacific region. A wide ocean region between Philippines, Solomon Islands, Indonesia and more, this region is best known for its underwater world and have a large area isolated from any human interference. Famous as the center of world’s marine biodiversity, Coral Triangle is a place for nature lovers who tend to admire the diversity of flora and faunas and have a keen interest in saving the endangered species as well as protecting them from any intrusion. The best part of the Coral Triangle is the friendly surroundings for marine creatures have kept them near the surface and you are not required to go deep to witness the giant array of these faunas.

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When we speak of snorkeling, there is no way a discussion can be completed without discussing about the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most popular reefs of the world, known for its giant size, incredible variety and tranquilizing surroundings, Great Barrier Reefs have become a the top choice for anyone seeking some delightful exploration of marine world. An area stretched in nearly 2,500 kilometers and covering a sum of over 2000 individual coral reefs, Great Barrier Reef is considered to be the paradise for snorkelers and have everything you desire to experience on world’s finest snorkeling experience. The perfect environment to flourish the corals and faunas of the ocean have been the reason behind its huge popularity and fan following.

It is quite easy to find a beach getaway destination and lay down, doing nothing and witnessing the beautiful horizon, but if you are destined for something greater, you will always feel that hunger of discovering more and pushing your limits. Hence, the ideal way for the same would be trying something different and enjoyable. Explore these fantastic snorkeling destinations or more whilst booking cheap flights with SmartFares and you can have the most ravishing getaway experience with loads of adventure and memorable experience whilst saving a lot on airfares by using our wide range of airfares and offers on flights available online.

Destinations that Inspire Art Lovers

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Traveling is inspiring and whether you believe it or not, those who have the soul to inspire others often find their inspiration in the most overlooked aspects of the world. Hence, there are hundreds and thousands of artists who tend to travel around the world to get fit into the mood of creativity and get inspired by things that are usually nothing in our daily lives. In case, you too feel yourself as a creative person or have that artistic soul, then here are the following destinations that inspire art lovers and give a spellbinding experience of seeing the world differently whilst exploring an abundant range of fascinating attributes the world has to offer:

  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Among the most promising getaway destinations of the America as well as an inspiring place for art lovers, the capital of State of New Mexico, Santa Fe is among the most outstanding and bewitching getaway destinations, known for a sum of more than 250 museums and art galleries within the city that have been treasuring the relics from the history of native America. Featuring a number of shops and markets that are run by the Indian Americans and selling handicrafts and other artistic goods, Santa Fe makes a perfect getaway destination to understand the Indian style of culture and traditions along with a blissful sightseeing experience of many outstanding architectural landmarks in the city.

  1. New York City, New York

New York City, New York

A topic of art is incomplete without mentioning New York City which has been globally renowned as the art and culture epicenter of the globe and featuring hundreds of art galleries and museums covering a large area of plateau of New York. With a trio of Metropolitan Museum of Arts, The Museum of Modern Arts and Tenement Museums, the city have been drawing thousands of tourists taking flights to New York every day and discovering an impeccable and infinite range of outstanding masterpieces from the history, culture and art of the United States. Apart from these three museums that have treasured thousands of artifacts within, there are dozens of other museums across the city that will allure you and give you an inspirational experience in relation to the ancient and modern art.

  1. Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

A city that breaths art and have the most inspirational cityscape in the European continent, Florence is one of the most fascinating subjects for art lovers and is visited by millions of tourists every year. Artists taking flights to Florence often enjoy exploring the bewitching cityscape of this Italian city that includes Galleria dell’Accademia, Uffizi Gallery and Loggia dei Lanzi that have been a treasure of historical, medieval and modern art of Italian as well as global culture. Places like Santa Maria Novella Church, Palazzo Strozzi, Innocenti Museum, Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Pitti Palace, Vasari Corridor and many more are as beautiful and inspiring as the most prominent trio of art galleries in Florence.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is globally famous for its uncanny artistry and have been visited by millions of tourists who are taking flights to Melbourne to enjoy the picturesque beaches but end-up admiring the outstanding collection of masterpieces displayed in the impeccable range of museums and galleries of the city. With places like Melbourne Museum, National Gallery of Victoria, Shrine of Remembrance, ArtVo, National Sports Musuem, Johnston Collection, Gertrude Contemporary, RMIT Gallery and many more places, you can surely get inspired by the liberal thoughts and incredible point of view of natives that have been flourishing the heritage, art and culture of Australia.

  1. Singapore


People from around the world enjoy taking flights to Singapore to have a superlative beach getaway or to pamper themselves by exploring the body treatment centers of the city. However, if you are done with all the pampering and seeking some artistic inspiration, Singapore will surely give you a splendid experience through its array of incredible galleries and museums. Places like Singapore Art Museum, National Gallery of Singapore and Peranakan Museum have been noted for inspiring art lovers and giving them the correct path to explore their own art and put forth the creativity within them.

The world is big enough to inspire each and every human existing on the planet and there are dozens of other cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Milan, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Goa, Delhi, Abu Dhabi and many more that are capable to lit that spark inside you to bring out the talent of art buried under your soul. So, if you like to be inspired and have this zeal to show your art among others, all you need is to give your artistry the wind by getting cheap flights to Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas or any other part of the world from SmartFares and explore the hues of nature, culture, lifestyle, traditions and many more aspects covering the plateau of this incredibly gorgeous planet whilst saving a lot with our wide range of deals and offers available online.

Top 5 Disney Parks

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Bringing kids and family to an adventure holiday requires a lot of research as well as smart spending on tickets. The forthcoming summer season is considered to be ideal to enjoy the finest theme parks existing in the world and getting soaked in the impeccable range of adventure and excitement. In case, you have been planning a vacation with your kids or children in the family, you must consider visiting the finest theme park chain among all and discovering top 5 Disney Parks in the world that are renowned to have the most exquisite and exclusive range of themes in adventure parks and are filled with loads of excitement and adventure to serve its guests from all age group:

Disney Parks

  1. Disneyland Anaheim, California

Disneyland Anaheim is the original Disneyland among all and is known to be the only theme park which was directly supervised by Walt Disney and is known as among the finest and exquisite theme parks in the whole world. With its spellbinding range of rides and tremendous array of scenic structures, Disneyland Anaheim have been alluring kids, adults and old age people from around the world and giving away a spellbinding experience of re-living those awesome days when the characters of Disney used to create our childhood and make our lives much more happening and cheerful.

  1. Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida

Probably the most exquisite and finest theme park in the entire world, Walt Disney World Orlando is among the most visited theme parks on the planet, known for its acres of area filled with loads of adventurous experiences that accommodate people from the age of children to grandpas. With its ideal location in the heart of the theme park capital of the world, Walt Disney World Orlando have been among the finest escapes for family travelers and is equally visited by tourists throughout the year with a special crowd during summer vacations and near the festive season.

  1. Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

The eastern version of Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most exquisite and tempting theme parks of Asian continent, ideally famous for its cleanliness and utmost unified administration. The fabulous variety of rides, themes, pavilions and attributes have been the reason behind its success and a major fan following in the entire country as well as throughout the continent. With its magnificent fairytale theme, people especially females tend to enjoy this Disneyland the most and tend to explore more and more throughout the year during various visits. With its astonishing food court and myriad water adventures, even male adventure lovers enjoy this theme park equally.

  1. Disneyland Hong Kong, China

One of the recent additions in the Disneyland family, Disneyland Hong Kong is one of the finest and tourist-friendly theme parks in the Asian continent, directing tourists in myriad languages and offering a spellbinding experience with a flawless chain of events and services. Located ideally on the Penny’s Bay Island, this exquisite theme park have been a delightful experience to have where the high-rise castle with the surroundings of bay gives a fairytale experience and charming range of rides are sufficient enough to take you down to the memory lane where you used to hear your bedtime stories about these magical creatures made by Walt Disney.

  1. Disneyland Paris, France

Probably the most renowned and visited theme parks in the Europe as well as the rest of the world, Disneyland Paris is truly a delight to visit and is majorly accommodating couples who flock the theme park throughout the year. With its spellbinding range of adventure rides and marvelous array of picturesque themes, Disneyland Paris have been successful to woo people’s heart and is giving an experience of being in a completely different as well as magical world where everything you have read in those bedtime stories have been brought into reality. Recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, Disneyland Paris is among the most visited site as not only a theme park in the Europe, but also a landmark in the Paris.

When it comes to a theme park or an adventure park, there is hardly any theme park existing that can match the diversity, exquisiteness and charm of Disney theme parks. If you have kids around, you will always find a soft spot for the characters and themes of Disney in their hearts. So, if you are planning a vacation this summer and looking to have an escape filled with loads of adventure, excitement, joy and charisma, then quickly start packing your bags and book your flights to Orlando, California, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Paris with SmartFares today to save some handsome amount on your traveling whilst using some of the finest and awesome offers on family travel deals.

Top 5 Ways to Kill the Time at the Airport

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

The idea of being trapped at the airport while traveling abroad is the biggest fear of frequent flyers, especially those who are in the middle of nowhere and waiting for hours and nearly a day to get their connecting flights. In case, you too face the same problem and often find yourself getting bored or get nothing to do while waiting for your next flight, here we are to rescue you and offer you some awesome ideas to kill your time at the airport while waiting for your flight. So, check out our list of top 5 ways to kill the time at the airport and next time, when you are waiting for hours at the airport and get attacked by the boredom, follow a few of them to make your waiting an interesting experience with loads of fun and joy:

Pamper Yourself

  1. Pamper Yourself

Many airports around the world have the facility of spas, massage parlors, beauty parlors and more. There are times when you are running short on time and have no spare time to spend on your own grooming. This time at the airport can be utilized by spoiling yourself with some extra care and getting oozed out by using some sauna, spa, body massage or stuff like that. Although, you may find it expensive at first point, but once you get going with the flow, you will find the services worth every penny you spent as the body treatment centers at the airport are well-aware of global tourist’s taste and are prepared with some awesome treatments to enjoy at the airport.

  1. Workout

There are times when you are so busy traveling on your business trips, that run out of time to spend on yourself and stay fit. If you have been traveling a lot and often have to stay at the airport for a few hours, start walking around the pavilions or hit the gym as many international airports around the world have the accommodation options with 24 hours of gym facility. So, don’t just sit like a duck and lose some calories by walking down the paths or hitting the gym for some sturdy workout. If you are wondering about having gym clothes, then don’t go for heavy workouts and start doing some simple stuffs like jogging, twister and activities like that.

  1. Take a Day Out

Many international flights consist of dozens of hours of stopover and make you feel lazy and running short on things to do. Imagine you are taking flights to Bali and have a stopover for like 15 hours at Dubai, you are done with your book, you have nothing productive to do, what will be your plan of action then? Obtain a short-term visa on arrival and explore the city for a few hours by stepping out of the airport. Go out for some quality sightseeing, watch some quality cinema, hit the beaches, and try some delicious local food and more whilst avoiding the boredom at the airport where you are running out of options. There are tons of places around the airports that offer some outstanding as well as affordable or free activities like art galleries, national museums, zoos and more.

  1. Get Close to the Nature

If you are in the flights to Australia and have a mandatory stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Singapore or airports of Southeast Asia, there are big chances that you will get some time to explore the outdoors. Airports around Southeast Asia are known for their natural bliss that are kept preserved even at the airport premises. Take a stroll at the airport gardens and get refreshed by the soothing views of green plains and take a walk down the boulevards of these parks to have an awe-inspiring time with fresh air and tranquilizing surroundings. This way, you can also keep your mind and body both controlled and in great shape. Nature has always been considered as the best cure for every issue and you should take it while traveling and being surrounded by the busy and stressful schedule.

  1. Play Games

The most interactive and easy way of killing time which is often used by most of the travelers is playing games. However, if you are done with all the interesting levels of your favorite game or running out of internet data or battery, you might need some other ways of keeping your mind busy. The best idea would be to get going with some deduction games where you will be analyzing the people around you with their general behavior. Play like a detective and observe people with their clothes, hand gestures, accessories, behavior, facial expressions and transform yourself into the Sherlock Holmes. If you find this game a little boring, go out and become a fashion inspector to observe new styles of clothing, carrying attires and stuff like that and you will soon become a master of fashion yourself.

There are tons of other ways like checking-out airport outlets, going for lounging and many more that can help you to stay cool and keep your mind occupied. Next time when you are taking flights to Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas or any other part of the world, don’t be afraid of getting a connecting cheap flight or a flight that requires a stopover and get going with some amazing things that will give you a joyful stay at the airport with some handsome experiences. So, if you like our ideas of killing the boredom at the airport or have some more ideas to get going without being bored, share your suggestions in the comment section and give us a chance to serve you well with our cheap flight deals available online, on call and over the app.

Best Coastal Towns in the World

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

No matter how many forest you explore, how many island you visit or the number of mountains you have climbed, the pleasure of being at a coastal town is something that is capable to cheer everyone up. The blend of cityscape and beaches have always been a captivating experience for voyagers. Hence, people have always fond of visiting destinations that are not only close to the ocean shores, but also have a picturesque cityscape with all the imaginable facilities. So, to keep your spirits of traveling high and give you some more moral boost for voyaging, SmartFares has brought an extremely gorgeous range of coastal towns around the world that are really beautiful and are perfect to visit as a solo traveler, family, couple or friends’ group. Check out the names and description below and finalize your next getaway:

  1. Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine

Located near the foothills of Mount Battie and on the shores of the Penobscot Bay, the fascinating town of Camden is one of the most bewitching, serene and happening destinations of the New England region, ideal to visit with friends and family. A captivating scene of cityscape blending with the heights and depth of the nature, Camden is surely a place that will bring new happiness in your life. Featuring not only fabulous beach shores and remarkable backdrops, this small town is the home of many cultural attractions and landmarks that have been giving tourists taking flights to Camden from around the world a fascinating experience to understand not only the geography, but also the heritage and culture of New England.

  1. Sausalito, California

Sausalito, California

A small hillside town of the California nestled on the steep mountains and sharing a beautiful shore is remarkably beautiful and exquisitely gorgeous place to visit as a couple. Giving the flashes of Italian fish villages, Sausalito is just a small ride away from the San Francisco and has this majestic view in the backdrops filled with fog and green mountains whilst the front is full of artistry and natural bliss. The docks here are the highlight as you can find some amazing houseboat to have an accommodation whilst in Sausalito and explore art galleries, boutique restaurants and history museums of California.

  1. Manarola, Italy

Manarola, Italy

As we speak of Italian fish villages, there is no comparison of hues and sheer beauty of Italian coastal town of Manarola. A part of Cinque Terre village that has been into existence since the Middle-Ages, this fascinating fish town is one of the biggest highlights of the Italian shores. Featuring colorful houses nestled on the steep hills, Manarola is something that will leave you stunned by its fabulous beauty that is visible throughout the year and giving tourists not only great sightseeing experience, but also an incredible hospitality delight and gourmet feast. The locals are considered to be really kind and enjoy the company of global tourists throughout the year.

  1. Oia, Greece

Oia, Greece

Located on the northern coasts of the Santorini Island of Greece, overlooking at the Ocean from the steep hill, Oia is one of the most peaceful, enjoyable and dreamiest destinations in the European continent. Despite the recent financial crisis in the Greece and fewer interest of tourists, people still have been taking flights to Santorini from around the world in order to enjoy the beautiful sight of this fabulous town that is filled with an abundant number of old-fashioned architecture and painted in serene white color. The alleys here are the finest experience to explore whilst admiring the sunset from the cliff and overlooking at the vast ocean horizon.

  1. Port Fairy, Australia

Port Fairy, Australia

Often visited as a pit-stop on a fascinating drive on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, the incredibly gorgeous port town on the Bass Strait, Port Fairy has attributes like its name. A small fairytale-alike town that once used to be a small seaside village and revamped many times to become something extraordinary and enjoyable. Considered as a shipping port in the 19th century, this magnificent town holds a huge relevance in the history of Victoria as there are an abundant number of heritage buildings that have been preserving the rich history of this incredibly gorgeous town. So, if you have been thinking to book flights to Victoria and have a plan to drive on the Great Ocean Road, then do visit here once.

The combination of tempting beauty of coasts, thriving markets, exquisite culture and glittering nightlife and more have been the most beautiful experience to have. And, if you have the chance to explore it all in one place, it is confirmed that you will never forget the delightful feeling and experiences you gathered whilst being on a particular destination. So, next time, when you crave for an all-star getaway, then do not forget to consider this amazing combination of coastal cities and considering SmartFares to book your journey and getting some amazing discounts on airfares.

Lesser Known Islands in the World

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Island hopping have been emerging as a prominent trend these day among travelers and those who like to enjoy beach fun with some gorgeous resort hospitality and tranquilizing natural bliss always remain in the hunt of finding islands that are perfect for their getaway whilst still accessible through major transport means. Hence, it is quite noticeable these days that people have begun to expand the horizon and started to visit the islands that were once deserted and gaining popularity gradually. To keep you up with the pace and offer you a bewitching experience of exploring some of the places, SmartFares has brought a list of lesser known islands in the world that will give you an idea to prepare yourself for a voyage in near future:


  1. Quilalea, Mozambique

On the shores of the picturesque Indian Ocean, the private island of Madagascar, Quilalea is one of the most seamless and lesser known islands in the region, ideal to enjoy a cozy honeymoon or a couple trip with loads of leverages and facilities. Once used to nest sea turtles eggs, this superlative island have now become a prominent choice for high-profile voyagers who don’t like any sort of interruption in their getaways and have a desire to witness the purity of nature up close. Hence, recently, people have begun to take flights to Mozambique to have an entirely different experience with almost everything similar but less crowd as compared to the cliché island destinations.

  1. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

Featuring a bunch of tiny resorts and a superlative natural scene, Guana Island is one of the most intriguing islands in the Atlantic region, known for being underrated and exposed among fewer people. Despite its lesser name as compared to other British Virgin Islands, this place have been witnessing a big number of voyagers who like to have a peaceful and enjoyable vacation without any hassle made of giant wave of tourists. If you wish to have a weekend with your girlfriend or the love of your life, then this place is absolutely perfect. All you need is to make your reservations and book flights to British Virgin Islands, and you are good to go and have a tempting vacation whilst getting pleasure of clean water and pure nature.

  1. Sovaly Island, Turkey

Notorious in the middle-ages for being the base of solders turned into pirates and later became a picturesque vacation spot, Sovaly Island is among the most enchanting and captivating Middle-Eastern island destinations, ideal to have a family or couple getaway. With recent increase in the tourism and exposure of tourists, this island has been considered as a perfect place to have a destination wedding. As a result, if not thousands, then hundreds of travelers take flights to Turkey and visit this thriving destination that will soon becoming a sensation in the world of travel.

  1. Jeju Island, South Korea

A year-round island destination as well as a domestically popular place to have a weekend getaway, Jeju Island is probably one of the most underrated destinations in the Asian continent despite being a tropical island that has mild weather conditions and you can go for swimming without any wet suit almost anytime. A place that is the home of the longest lava tube discovered in the world till date, is something that is really amazing experience to have. Not only the lava tubes and giant mountains have been the prominent attractions of Jeju Island, but also, there are certain other natural aspects that have been making tourists to begin taking flights to South Korea and enjoy a lovely vacation with friends and family.

  1. The Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands is a prominent archipelago of the Australian country that is quite popular and have hundreds of islands that will leave you speechless for being awesome enough and make you fall in love instantly. Although, most of the biggest islands in the Whitsunday Islands are exposed to the global tourists, but if you have a keen eye and zeal to explore more, you will come across a bunch of islands that are yet to get interfered by the global tourist population. So, if you have the curiosity of visiting lesser known islands and care to travel all the way to Australia, then you should start searching for the best deals on flights to Whitsunday Islands.

Despite the increasing interest of tourists in the most opulent and high-profile destinations, there are a big number of people who like to have things otherwise. Whereas most of the people are preparing themselves to visit the most prominent destinations across the continents, there is a big number of people who tend to visit places that are low in limelight and expects fewer people to keep the charm and adventure alive in their voyage whilst toning the budget with the help of cheap flights and pocket-friendly accommodation. So, if too share the same interest and seeking a lesser known island ideal for your next voyage, all you need now is to fix your travel plans and consider the services of SmartFares to increase your pleasure with our fabulous range of airfares and discount offers available online.

Best Snorkeling Places around the World

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Traveling is all about gathering new experiences and filling the life with joy and delights. Hence, most of the people find their happiness whilst traveling to the historical places, artistic sites, natural landscapes, dazzling cityscapes and more. Once you are done with all of it and find nothing else on the surface of the planet, it is time to think beyond and start discovering the underwater world. An intriguing experience for intrepid travelers, who have been doing ample of ordeals ever since have found the new love whilst snorkeling and discovering a whole different world beneath the blue ocean surface. If you too seek something different than jumping, surfing, sailing and trekking, here we are with the most promising range of best snorkeling places around the world that will give you a fascinating exposure of an infinite range of flora and fauna existing on our planet, off the shores of the popular cities and landmass:


  1. Kailua County, Honolulu

Renowned across the archipelago of Hawaii State for its cityscape and thriving lifestyle, the fascinating county of Kailua is quite a popular destination for people who have a keen interest in the marine life. Hence, in recent years, the destination have become a hot favorite place for those who like to have a little extra than others and wish to dive beneath the surface to explore a whole different world that is still intact and giving tourists taking flights to Kailua from around the world in order to please their mind and soul with an utmost beautiful sight of corals, fishes and many more creatures rare to be seen in an aquarium.

  1. Ilha Grande, Brazil

Visited by thousands of tourists every year who take flights to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo and head their way to the other cities, Ilha Grande makes a perfect stopover for a couple of days to admire a little more than the beach extravaganza and splendid lifestyle of Brazil. Home of an abundant number of marine creatures and coral floras in the South Atlantic Ocean, this superlative site is ideal to enjoy a deep sea dive and discovering an incredible and utterly picturesque site of marine life. Besides all the natural bliss, travelers can also explore the tragic treasure of shipwrecks surrounded by colorful fishes and seahorses.

  1. Western Blue Cut, Bermuda

As we speak of shipwrecks, there are a big number of adventure lovers who tend to enjoy exploring a little ahead of an ordinary sight of corals and marine faunas, and take flights to Bermuda to explore an extraordinary area filled with an abundant number of shipwrecks of pirates and more on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The mild weather conditions makes the Western Blue Cut a perfect place to dive in the crystal clear water and get going to explore what is left from the wreckage of ships that were sunk in history. There are a number of tours as well that can give you a thorough insight as well as an experience if you are new in the adventure love and haven’t gain a professional experience in diving.

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When someone speak of marine life at its best, the list can never be complete without mentioning the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most prominent reasons why people are fond of Australia, Great Barrier Reef is the home of a giant area filled with loads of sea plants, corals, flora, fauna and more. With its exquisite beauty that is nearly impossible to describe in words, this region have been greet tourists taking flights to Cairns and other parts of the Queensland with pleasure. An area covering hundreds of nautical miles in total, Great Barrier Reef is one of the most promising spots for deep sea diving, snorkeling and other underwater adventure activities in the world.

  1. The Maldives

The Mecca of snorkelers and divers, Maldives is much more than just a dreamy resort archipelago where you can have some margarita and soak up some sun while laying at the sandy beaches. When it comes to snorkeling, Maldives makes one of the finest spots on earth where you can encounter a wide range of unseen sights in the surroundings of myriad atolls of this archipelago nation on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Hence, you will find a big deal of snorkelers taking flights to Maldives every now and then to enjoy the purity of marine world with loads of fun, excitement and pampering available at the resorts in this beautiful island nation.

Although, there are an abundant number of other snorkeling places that will allow you to gain some insight about the marine life existing on the planet along with the picturesque sites of corals, colorful fishes, shipwrecks, creatures and volcanic structures whilst fulfilling the hunger for adventure and excitement need in regular boring life. So, if you have been thinking to have an adventurous getaway in near future with some perks of beaches and natural serenity, then book your flights with SmartFares right now and start saving big with our wide range of travel deals and offers available online.

How to bring spirituality in your life

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

There are times when you feel like done with every earthly thing and seek some enlightenment in your life to pursue something that actually matters or gives you happiness. Some fortunate people often come across such things after getting retired from their jobs and at the age where they have sufficient time to think over issues in life and come across every hassle they have been facing. Yet, due to increasing pressure in daily life with so much stress and worries about job security, financial crisis, relationship issues, failures in many steps and more, many people seek some guidance to make their lives easier and happier once again. To give those people a direction to take and get the best future, here we are with some answers of how to bring spirituality in your life:

  1. Facing the issues head on

Face Issue

Most of the tremors we face in our lives are because of not facing your fears or issues that have been bothering you for a very long time. People these days have been occupied with so many things that sometimes it makes them to put issues on hold that have been haunting or bothering over and over again. Hence, the wiser idea is to face your issues and get over with it for good. Keeping problems piled-up have never brought good to anyone. There are times when you will regret to find the solution that could have been easier if searched a long time ago. Also, keeping things on hold makes it even harder to break-out later which could be a piece of cake if attempted in early stages.

  1. Following your heart

Follow Your heart

Doing things that are against your morals or your spirit weakens your soul and no matter how much you try to accept it, the scars on your memories will never fade away due to neglecting your gut-feeling or your heart when you had the choice. Hence, if you are seriously looking to get some spiritual enlightenment, you should begin to listen to your heart and follow the things that are considered right by you and bring greater good to the society. A happy heart is the key to keep your body, mind and surroundings happy and well-functioning. It is often said by geniuses that if you follow your heart, then the whole world will help you to achieve your goals.

  1. Finding someone to help you sorting issues

Find help

Sharing have been one of the most successful ways of clearing the burden on your soul and heart. People who have been keeping their problems to themselves and not showing the concern to others are the one who takes the biggest toll on their health and spirits. In the present scenario when everyone have been busy for themselves only, it is really important to share your feelings and issues that have been bothering you. That way, not only you lose some steam out of your chest, but also may come across the views that were not clear from your side of thinking. These practices also help to come across many unconventional or unfamiliar ways of solving your issues easily.

  1. Adapting your hobbies to get distraction


If you have been in issues for a very long time and haven’t come across anything to break out from it, you should start trying to indulge yourself in new and interesting hobbies to distract your mind and body. Getting new hobbies are good to learn a lot about different things as well as take some steam off from your head. Whilst pursuing new hobbies like music, art, dance, craft, reading, writing, adventure and more can be a thing to keep you busy, they also broadens your mentality to see things differently and ultimately help a thread of spirituality.

  1. Travel the world for better exposure

Explore world

There are many sayings that the people who travel a lot are the wisest among the lot. Traveling across many destinations and regions gives an exposure that is impossible to have while sitting in front of your laptop, watching television or reading a magazine. There are tons of cultures, lifestyles and heritages living on our planet and exploring a single place in the world will bring so many new ways of looking to your life differently. Traveling also gives some spiritual experiences by exploring nature’s marvels and visiting destinations that have been into the roots of enlightenment for centuries. Places like Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Korea and more have been quite popular these days among people. So, if you like to get spiritual enlightenment in a traditional way, travel across the world and find the path of your own.

There are a number of other ways that help to get spirituality in life and give some sooth and happiness to your body and soul. In case, you have been thinking over to start traveling and gaining exposures of places, cultures, nature, lifestyles and arts that were never occurred to your mind before, we are here to serve you well as SmartFares has been giving ample of options to travel with our wide range of cheap airfares and offers to make your dream of traveling come true.

Festivals Not to Miss in 2017

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

It is often said by many travelers that if you like to understand the culture and lifestyle of a particular destination, you must join their festivals. Festivals are the greatest way to understand not only the culture, but the local lifestyle, behavior and hospitality of the natives. Hence, it is often considered equally important to explore the city during the perfect weather conditions as well as when a festival is coming up. In case, you have been planning to explore the finest destinations of the world, here are the best festivals you should not miss in 2017 whilst planning your trip to either of the destination:

  1. Carnival of Venice

Carnival of Venice

Renowned by many names like Venice Carnival, Carnevale di Venezia and Carnival of Venice, this festival is one of the most exquisitely amazing and popular European festival, organized every year between February 11 and 28. A day when people across the city stroll around wearing the attire which used to be worn by natives in 18th century as well as masks that have been a highlight over the internet for past a few years. Join this incredible festival of Italy to have a trip to the history of the city whilst joining people in the celebration and enjoying wide variety of dishes and potations served in myriad feasts and parties. Also, you can have a pleasant view of the decorated city and local areas that are far away from the major highlights.

  1. Holi


One of the biggest festivals of the broad nation of India, Holi is the symbol of happiness showed into dynamic colors. A day when the entire nation soak itself into vibrant colors, water splashes and more, you can’t differentiate people from their attire. A day that has recently become a symbol of religious harmony and celebrated by all religions with equal zeal, you can have a striking getaway experience whilst mixing with others and enjoying the festival without any partition of color, gender, society, religion, wealth or nationality. Widely celebrated in metro cities as well as remote regions including Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Kolkata, Chennai and more, you can be a part of this festival wherever you are in India.

  1. Snowbombing


An exquisitely amazing cultural festival that initially recognized as a snow adventure sport gathering in Austria, has now become one of the finest music and sport events in the European continent. Celebrated every year between April 3 and 8, this exquisite festival is organized in Mayrhofen and comprises wonderful snow sport events in the day time and getting delighted by the electrifying music in the night. Every year, if not millions, thousands of snow sports lovers and experts take flights to Innsbruck, which is the nearest airport from this ski resort, in order to enjoy the bewitching acts and jaw-dropping performances.

  1. Tomorrowland


Probably one of the most desired festivals in the Europe, celebrated for 10 days between July 21 and 30 every year in Belgium, Tomorrowland is a combination of music and arts where musicians and artists from around the world gather here in Boom, Berlin and enjoy a packed schedule of performances and exhibitions prepared by worldwide artists that have been renowned in their region as well as the rest of the world. Finding flights to Belgium especially Boom during this season is really a tough job and those who like to attend such event with different genres of music shall book their flights well in advance.

  1. Oktoberfest


Take flights to Munich Germany between September 16 and October 3 if you have been over all the galas and performances and looking for some high-spirited celebration filled with booze, cakes, waffles and more. A fantasy for all beer lovers in the world, Oktoberfest is one of the finest cultural festival that gives an exciting opportunity to be a part of a community during such a shoulder period of the year where all you have to do is eat, drink and enjoy the music. A festival that has brought the existence of Munich in world map a few decades ago, Oktoberfest is something that everyone should experience for once in their life.

There hundreds if not thousands of festivals celebrated every year throughout the world and those who have been exploring the culture, lifestyle, heritage, ancient values, religious harmony and much more on their journeys, shall explore these fantastic events to broaden their way of thinking. So, if you too would like to attend these festivals some day in future, then all you need now is plan your trip and book your flights with SmartFares to avail some handsome discounts over discounted tickets.

How to Save Money While Shopping Abroad

Friday, February 17th, 2017

While traveling, we come across many experiences. Some of them are worth remembering whilst others haunt us for a very long time due to our decisions that could have been better. One of the reasons that makes a happening trip into a tragic experience is traveling while shopping abroad. There are tons of destinations around the world that are extremely gorgeous in sightseeing and furnished with abundant variety of markets and malls. These kind of destinations are often visited by people who like shopping and buy a lot of stuff as a remembrance for their vacation in the respective destination. To save you from the trouble and give a universal question of “how to save money while shopping abroad”, we have come up with a few simple tips that will allow you to keep your budget on and stop you from spending a lot:

shutterstock_274223285 (1)

  1. Prepare a list

Always prepare a list before you step out of your home or hotel in abroad. It is essential to keep your preferences sorted and help you to reach your destination without wasting a lot of precious time. This way, you can not only keep the essential buys in mind and check before leaving your destination, but also keep a track on your spending by making a list and having an estimated expenditure which allows to keep your budget toned while you are in a city or island away from home. This way, you can also resist yourself in buying things that look fabulous and appealing while shopping but have no relevance at all to keep for a long time. Also, you can keep up with your budget and save a little extra while keeping your requirements in mind and not to checking out things that are not in priority list of your shopping.

  1. Learn how to bargain

There are an abundant number of destinations such as India, Morocco, Thailand and Egypt that are furnished with a fine variety of markets and shops that allows you to bargain. Bargaining is often considered to be the right of a customer in many countries and customer can always check at other shops before buying the stuff finally while comparing the difference and asking some extra concession against student ID and tourist discounts. Also, learning about the conversion cost of currency and knowing the price in local currency helps to bargain a bit extra to waive off the extra imposed currency conversion charges that are often remain hidden from the seller. A quick research in the market and knowing the estimated price of what you are about to purchase from a friend or known person also helps to determine the cost of the good and bargain against the shopkeeper.

  1. Shop away from the prominent attractions

Shops and marketplaces nearby a prominent attraction of a respective destination are considered a big NO among professional travelers who like to collect souvenirs and go for shopping. These marketplaces are often works on a fundamental of keeping customers in an illusion of high-quality stuff at an attractive price. However, if you travel down to the local marketplaces and malls of the city, you will find the prices way cheaper than the shops selling the same thing nearby an attraction or landmark. These shopkeepers tend to keep the price tags higher than the original cost and use cheesy language to sell their goods on hefty profit. In case, you are at a destination where there is no other place to shop a particular thing than nearby markets, then always check the price from different shops before heading towards the final purchase. Also, try to bargain to know the nearby value of the thing and anticipate the situation. If you still feel like not buying the thing, you can always walk-out from the shop/outlet.

  1. Know when to stop

The best way to keep a tab on anything you do is knowing when to stop. There are times when you either exceed your regular traveling budget while shopping something much more interesting and end-up having nothing reserve in pocket for emergency situation. Also, monitoring the weight of the stuff you are buying and type of thing as per the airline’s parameters will help you to stop paying excess baggage fee or leaving the thing at the airport during the security check. In case, you find something will cost you way more than your budget allows you, it is best to keep the thing on hold for a while and look for alternatives such as another trip or finding stuff that you will no longer need in your luggage before leaving for home.

  1. Discount Cash Cards

There are plenty of destinations such as Dublin where tourists can get discount cash card that allows them to avail discounts on purchases from authentic shops. These cash cards also allows you to keep a monitor on your purchases and help you to stop whenever you go beyond your limit. Buying such cards will only cost you a nominal fee (starting from $10) and help you to recharge your card using your credit or debit cards. These kind of cards also help to save a lot on currency exchange fees as all the transactions and conversions go through the bank and the valid conversion fee is imposed during your recharge.

There are tons of other ways through which you can keep your budget in limit even before leaving your living room such as booking cheap flights and finding affordable accommodations. Also, shopping from duty-free zones and buying locally produced items that can cost you way less than the usual, things that can attract custom duty fee and more. So, if you like exploring new places and have a hobby to shop wherever you go, all you must be worried about is saving some good amount on your travel expenses. And to help you saving more, SmartFares is at your service to give you access to some amazingly discounted travel deals and offers available on our website.

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