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Destinations that Inspire Art Lovers

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Traveling is inspiring and whether you believe it or not, those who have the soul to inspire others often find their inspiration in the most overlooked aspects of the world. Hence, there are hundreds and thousands of artists who tend to travel around the world to get fit into the mood of creativity and get inspired by things that are usually nothing in our daily lives. In case, you too feel yourself as a creative person or have that artistic soul, then here are the following destinations that inspire art lovers and give a spellbinding experience of seeing the world differently whilst exploring an abundant range of fascinating attributes the world has to offer:

  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Among the most promising getaway destinations of the America as well as an inspiring place for art lovers, the capital of State of New Mexico, Santa Fe is among the most outstanding and bewitching getaway destinations, known for a sum of more than 250 museums and art galleries within the city that have been treasuring the relics from the history of native America. Featuring a number of shops and markets that are run by the Indian Americans and selling handicrafts and other artistic goods, Santa Fe makes a perfect getaway destination to understand the Indian style of culture and traditions along with a blissful sightseeing experience of many outstanding architectural landmarks in the city.

  1. New York City, New York

New York City, New York

A topic of art is incomplete without mentioning New York City which has been globally renowned as the art and culture epicenter of the globe and featuring hundreds of art galleries and museums covering a large area of plateau of New York. With a trio of Metropolitan Museum of Arts, The Museum of Modern Arts and Tenement Museums, the city have been drawing thousands of tourists taking flights to New York every day and discovering an impeccable and infinite range of outstanding masterpieces from the history, culture and art of the United States. Apart from these three museums that have treasured thousands of artifacts within, there are dozens of other museums across the city that will allure you and give you an inspirational experience in relation to the ancient and modern art.

  1. Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

A city that breaths art and have the most inspirational cityscape in the European continent, Florence is one of the most fascinating subjects for art lovers and is visited by millions of tourists every year. Artists taking flights to Florence often enjoy exploring the bewitching cityscape of this Italian city that includes Galleria dell’Accademia, Uffizi Gallery and Loggia dei Lanzi that have been a treasure of historical, medieval and modern art of Italian as well as global culture. Places like Santa Maria Novella Church, Palazzo Strozzi, Innocenti Museum, Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Pitti Palace, Vasari Corridor and many more are as beautiful and inspiring as the most prominent trio of art galleries in Florence.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is globally famous for its uncanny artistry and have been visited by millions of tourists who are taking flights to Melbourne to enjoy the picturesque beaches but end-up admiring the outstanding collection of masterpieces displayed in the impeccable range of museums and galleries of the city. With places like Melbourne Museum, National Gallery of Victoria, Shrine of Remembrance, ArtVo, National Sports Musuem, Johnston Collection, Gertrude Contemporary, RMIT Gallery and many more places, you can surely get inspired by the liberal thoughts and incredible point of view of natives that have been flourishing the heritage, art and culture of Australia.

  1. Singapore


People from around the world enjoy taking flights to Singapore to have a superlative beach getaway or to pamper themselves by exploring the body treatment centers of the city. However, if you are done with all the pampering and seeking some artistic inspiration, Singapore will surely give you a splendid experience through its array of incredible galleries and museums. Places like Singapore Art Museum, National Gallery of Singapore and Peranakan Museum have been noted for inspiring art lovers and giving them the correct path to explore their own art and put forth the creativity within them.

The world is big enough to inspire each and every human existing on the planet and there are dozens of other cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Milan, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Goa, Delhi, Abu Dhabi and many more that are capable to lit that spark inside you to bring out the talent of art buried under your soul. So, if you like to be inspired and have this zeal to show your art among others, all you need is to give your artistry the wind by getting cheap flights to Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas or any other part of the world from SmartFares and explore the hues of nature, culture, lifestyle, traditions and many more aspects covering the plateau of this incredibly gorgeous planet whilst saving a lot with our wide range of deals and offers available online.

Best Asian Destinations for Vacations in February

Friday, January 20th, 2017

February is the month when we all try to ditch the chilling weather and either stay at home or head to the south whilst ignoring the fact that there are many other regions around the world that offers a spellbinding and enjoyable weather conditions for a joyful family getaway. If you have been looking for places alike, you must try heading towards Asian continent that is featured with many impeccable beach destinations, landlocked cities, cultural getaways and more. So, here we are, giving you a fabulous range of destinations that are not only cheerful to visit, but also are available to reach through cheap flights:

  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Home of one of the biggest ancient complexes of the world Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is one of the finest and most visited destinations of Southeast Asia. Nestled on the shores of Tonle Sap Lake, this city was the seat of Khmer Dynasty between 9th and 15th century and has become one of the hot favorite places on earth after being featured in Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider. With many relics from the past like Angkor Wat, you can enjoy the outskirts of the city and stroll around the cultural capital of Cambodia whilst admiring the picturesque weather conditions and astounding cultural diversity living together with harmony in Cambodia.

  1. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

A promising resort destination of Thailand located at the eastern Gulf coasts of the country, Pattaya is a great getaway destination, best known for its year-round pleasant weather conditions and world-class hospitality. Often misperceived as an expensive getaway in the Asian continent, Pattaya has been receiving thousands of travelers every month from around the world and offering them a wide variety of attractions along with opulent hospitality. Once used to be a fishing village, the city has transformed into a world-class destination in recent years and now has become a favorite place to add in travel bucket list of worldwide travelers, Pattaya sure knows how to woo people visiting here and offer them not only a fabulous beach extravaganza, but a wide variety of cultural essence in the form of art, culinary, markets and more.

  1. Singapore


When we speak of Asian tourism and not including Singapore, the list will always remain incomplete. The Asian Island country, best known for being jack of all trades, Singapore have been one of the most thriving getaway options in the region, offering great views of oceans, hiking trails, city extravaganza, nightlife, cultural aspects and a lot more. With year-round moderate climate conditions floating around 80 degree Fahrenheit, this city makes a great escape to enjoy with family, friends or even solo. The tourism of the country island is quite advance and you can go for some decent dips in the clear water or get tanning laying at the sandy beaches during the day whilst enjoying the parties at the clubs and pubs at both boardwalk and downtown for a complete range of fun.

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Visiting Vietnamese capital Hanoi during the month of February comes with many delights and leverages. Where at one point, you can enjoy the shining bright sun and refreshing natural outskirts, the city enjoys Chinese New Year and you can gather around with the locals to enjoy the festivities and savor on some great dishes from the Vietnamese culture influenced from the Chinese and French culture. Home of many historical sites dated centuries back from the French colonial era and Chinese influence, Hanoi have been possessed with an impeccable and infinite range of beauties and charm. Being the capital of the country, you can easily find a decent accommodation at budget price if you know how to bargain.

  1. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The second best city of Malaysia, best known for its dynamics of natural and cultural sites, Kota Kinabalu is second most visited destination in the country, following the capital Kuala Lumpur. With a wide variety of natural landscapes including beaches, hiking trails, water bodies, green plains and more, you can have a refreshing getaway whilst soaking up some sun in the pleasant month of February. Apart from all the natural bliss, the city has been furnished with a variety of historical and UNESCO sites that have been one of the most prominent attractions for voyagers taking flights to Kota Kinabalu from around the world.

There are several other places in Asian region such as Goa, Kerala, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Taipei, Bali, Bangkok and more that can also be a great host for your February getaway in Asian continent, but if you have been looking for some great fun and excitement with shining days and more, all you need is follow your instinct and book cheap flights to Asia with SmartFares to avail some great deals and offers currently available online for a budget family getaway.

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