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Places to go with Black Friday Travel Sale

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Traveling this Black Friday is so much fun for those who have been thinking that they can’t simply afford to travel to their dream destinations or can’t stash sufficient funds to make their dream of travel come true. Well! If you too have been living with the misconception that the traveling is all about luxury and money, then we are here to burst your myth and give you some of the most awesome deals and ideas to plan a perfect vacation with your near and dear ones. Here with the help of numerous editors and comparing the market conditions, we have come up with a list of top 5 destinations that are quite easy and affordable places to go with Black Friday travel sale:

Black Friday

  1. Orlando

People who have been thinking for a very long time to bring their kids to some place nice where they can enjoy their heart out can now plan their family vacations to one of the most kid-friendly destinations in the United States. Plan a voyage with your toddlers to the Orlando whilst taking the advantage of discounted flights to Orlando on Black Friday and get drenched in the impeccable range of experiences, adventure and delights while exploring an everlasting range of theme parks, golf courses, exquisite hotel accommodations and much more. The shoulder season for traveling to Orlando will give you an easy access to the best places whilst vacant hotels and flight seats will be sufficient enough to bring your travel expenses into a reasonable budget.

  1. New York City

Those people who have been dreaming to have a fun and exciting vacation in the Big Apple, New York City can now easily plan their trip to the most astonishing, reputed and fabulous city of the country whilst booking Black Friday flight deals for New York City and enjoy a fascinating trip to one of the most amazing and diverse cities of the nation. Explore the bewitching boulevards, marvelous museums, tranquilizing parks, extraordinary marketplaces and much more whilst saving a good fortune on airfares and hotel stays. In addition, you can enjoy a great shopping experience in the most spellbinding and diverse markets of the city which have been proven to be one of the bests in the whole wide world.

  1. Los Angeles

The action-packed city of stardom, Los Angeles is among the most fascinating and delighting places on the plateau of the United States for those who wish to witness the most dramatic yet shining life of the Tele. With its superlative markets that have been catering the stars and celebrities, you can enjoy a massive delight of witnessing the wonderful and charming conurbation of California whilst shopping around at discounted prices while saving huge on airfares with our Black Friday flight deals. Additionally, you can enjoy some wonderful sightseeing in the magnificent city of Las Vegas that have been serving as the home of world famous Hollywood.

  1. Las Vegas

If you have been dreaming your whole life for a spellbinding visit to Las Vegas and haven’t been confident enough to check even the prices of your vacation, then Black Friday can be a great time to get some quotes and even book your flights to Las Vegas as at SmartFares, you can get some of the most competitive and affordable travel deals for Las Vegas that will help you live your dream and be a part of superlative delights the city of Las Vegas has to serve. The shoulder season will also bring down the prices of hotel stays which will eventually lead to a much cheaper vacation in the Sin City.

  1. St. Paul, Minneapolis

Minneapolis have been among the most desired getaway destination for shopping lovers for being the home of one of the largest and most delightfully versatile shopping areas of the entire United States. Plan your visit to St. Paul and have the double dose of Black Friday by enjoying a great deal of offers and discounts from us with our Black Friday special Minneapolis flights whilst getting delighted by the spellbinding offers and discounts the markets of St. Paul will offer you. The cheap accommodation and reasonable rates of airfares will help you to shop till you drop and offer a much delighting experience in the charming city of Minneapolis.

Though, you can easily visit to any destination without thinking about the budget as SmartFares is offering you the most outstanding range of discounted deals and special Black Friday Offers, but if you are thinking to visit a place that can give you the spellbinding experience of sightseeing along with superlative shopping, then it is always a great idea to consider one or more places enlisted above. All you have to do is consider the services of SmartFares and make us your preferred travel partner and you can enjoy a great deal of savings with hassle-free booking experience.

Top 6 Things to Know Ahead of Shopping on Black Friday

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Black Friday is unofficially or officially start of holiday shopping season. It comes the day after Thanksgiving. On Black Friday almost all stores come out with big sales with early morning to attract consumers to their stores. People stand in queue hours before store is opened, to grab the bargain of the year. For bargain hunters, if there is a biggest festival in a year, that would be, no doubt, the Black Friday. Here we share top 6 things to know ahead of shopping on Black Friday.


Dress Strategically: During Black Friday the outer weather is cold and warm in stores, so wear sneakers and dress in layers in order to stay comfortable. Don’t wear that kind of dress who pain to take off and carry around the store.
Pack a Distraction: Long queue in front of shops are very normal on Black Friday and it’s unavoidable. So we suggests pack something to do & eat while you wait and lowering the irritability factor.

Take Your Own Shopping Bags: Many stores are going bag free and they want you to buy one of their shopping bags. It is best to take your own shopping bags and you can put over your shoulder like a tote bag. If you have plan to go in a bunch of stores and then it is best to carry bunch of tiny little bags, you can condense everything into one so that your hands are free.

Browse Ahead of Black Friday: It is best to make a list what you want to buy ahead of Black Friday. Before Black Friday browse the stores or take a small trip of all store to know the sale and discount offers. It will save your time and money on Black Friday.

Avoid the Hotspots: On Black Friday try to avoid big name shops, because they are packed with crowds. If you need to hit big-name shops, head to their quieter locations and make your plan before Black Friday.

Or, hey! Skip Black Friday!: If you miss something in your Black Friday shopping, shop on Saturday or Sunday morning instead. Between Black Friday to Cyber Monday lots of shopkeepers still offer huge discount on their products.

Hope! Now you are ready for a Black Friday shopping and if you may have a plan for weekend trip after it. We have unbeatable airfare deals with our special Black Friday discount. For more info, Call us @877-247-6435 or visit: http://www.smartfares.com/blackfriday.html

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