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Best Australian Beach Destinations for Summer Vacations

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

With every day passing by, the mercury is heading north and people are trying to figure out to find a place for vacation to beat the heat. Fortunately, there are some places in the world that have opposite weather conditions than ours and among them all, Australia is one of the finest options to enjoy a vacation far away from home to beat the scorching heat of summer season. Featuring the finest range of cultural attractions, architectural marvels and striking landscapes, Australia is world famous for its tranquilizing beaches and have ample of destinations that are nestled across the sandy and striking beaches throughout. So, if you are ready to take a long flight to witness the bliss of nature combining with the zealous lifestyle of Australia, then here we are with the best Australian beach destinations for summer vacations you find much more interesting:

  1. Torquay, Victoria

Torquay, Victoria

A small seaside town, nestled on the coasts of Zeally Bay, Torquay is among the most charming and enthralling getaway options you can find offbeat in the Australia. With a close proximity from the provincial capital Melbourne, Torquay have always been a charming getaway option featured with a thriving range of beaches, splendid culture, laid-back surroundings and outstanding hospitality options. With its wide range of beaches and magnificent variety of indulging attractions on the boardwalk, Torquay makes a perfect place to enjoy as a couple, family or solo traveler. Despite its small size, locals who enjoy having some adventure or calm vacations visit here on frequent basis and get delighted by the enthralling beauty and freshness of Torquay.

  1. Mooloolaba, Queensland

Mooloolaba, Queensland

Located a couple of hours drive away from the state capital Brisbane, Mooloolaba is one of the most striking, engaging and bewitching suburbs of the Queensland, ideally famous for its superlative beaches and thriving resorts that have been making this city a perfect place to have a beach vacation with luxury, comfort and style. Recently witnessing a huge boost in tourism, Mooloolaba have become the first preference of locals to enjoy a thriving vacation filled with loads of adventure, excitement and pampering. If you are traveling as a couple and looking for a resort city in Australia for a beach vacation, then Mooloolaba is the best choice you can find.

  1. Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island, Victoria

Often visited by global tourists to witness myriad motorcycle and car racings, Phillip Island is among the most prestigious getaway destinations in the Victoria state, known for its thriving variety of beaches and striking fauna existing across the island. Located off the southern coasts of Australia, Phillip Island is among the most amazing and awesome beach getaway destinations, featuring a wide range of attractions such as white sand beaches, sunset points, penguin parades, seal rocks, fur seals, racing circuits and much more. Besides, the resorts and hotels in this islands are quite astounding when it comes to pampering and luxurious traveling experience.

  1. Noosa, Queensland

Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

Another gem from the Sunshine Coasts, Noosa is one of the most visited and prestigious beach getaway destinations in the Australia, ideally famous for its enthralling nightlife and superlative variety of experiences one can get. For newbies, the city appears to be as a dream come true place where for frequent travelers, Noosa is now a part of their lives. With its outstanding range of boutiques, restaurants, enthralling resorts and marvelous markets at the boardwalk, Noosa have been impressing tourists with many more attractions apart from sandy beaches. Spend your days by taking the pleasure of refreshing waves whilst the nights are always there to have other experiences like shopping, drinking, partying, tasting new foods and so on.

  1. Gold Coast, Queensland

Gold Coast, Queensland

Arguably the most adventurous beach getaway destination in the Australia and one of the most outstanding surfing spots in the world, Gold Coast is one of the most admired, desired and visited beach getaway destinations in the Australia, lush with an outstanding variety of beaches and laid-back attractions. With its impeccable variety of engaging attributes, Gold Coast have always stole the heart of its guests and gave them the most memorable and enchanting experience of their lives. Where the beaches have strike most of the youth in the world, the cityscape is no less charismatic and have been alluring people from all age groups to showcase the cultural diversity and richness in Queensland.

Although, you will always find the giant cities with signature stature like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Great Barrier Reef and more equally striking and boasted with beaches, but, if you are planning to ditch the hefty seasonal crowd and seeking a tranquilizing break to enjoy the beauty and calmness of nature, then you can consider visiting the destinations mentioned above. We are not certain which destination you will pick, but we are certain that SmartFares is always here for you to give you the most hassle-free and budget getaway experience through our wide range of beach travel deals available online and to book over the phone.

Best Beaches To Explore On The Indian Ocean This Summer

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Indian Ocean, the home of some of the finest coral reefs, hundreds of small and large islands and a sea full of natural bliss and outstanding hospitality is one of the finest regions on the planet that can complement the scotching heat of summer season. Giving tourists from around the world a delight of heaven with its picturesque beauty and thriving hospitality, islands and beach destinations of the Indian Ocean have been the finest options to cherish the summer season. In case, you have been thinking to have a beach vacation far away from home to enjoy magnificent pampering and outstanding adventure, here we are with the best beach destinations on the Indian Ocean to explore this summer:

  1. Mahe, Seychelles

Mahe, Seychelles

Seychelles is a combination of a big number of islands and if you have been thinking to explore this region with loads of adventure, fun and pampering, you should head towards Mahe. One of the most spellbinding beach resort destinations on the Indian Ocean, Mahe have always been a first choice for tourists to visit and explore the infinite range of magnificent beaches, natural landscapes, astounding sights and spellbinding activities to indulge in. Known as the largest island in the archipelago of Seychelles, Mahe is famous for its picturesque white sand beaches, spellbinding resorts and exquisite culture.

  1. Blue-Bay, Mauritius

Blue-Bay, Mauritius

Mauritius has always been one of the most charming getaway options in the world especially among couples who tend to enjoy some luxury, comfort and privacy during their honeymoon or a romantic getaway. However, those who wish to enjoy a ravishing and enthralling beach vacations can also interest to the bewitching city of Blue-Bay that has been among the most prominent beach getaway destinations in the country of Mauritius. Featured with the finest resorts, hotel accommodations and other lodging facilities, Blue-Bay gives a perfect escape filled with loads of nature exploration, scenic views of the Indian Ocean and loads of activities to beat the heat of summer.

  1. Male, Maldives

Male, Maldives

A year-round getaway destination on the Indian Ocean, known for its astounding sandy beaches and tranquilizing lifestyle, Male is one of the most promising getaway destinations of the Maldives, witnessing thousands of tourists every month. A destination featured with a lot more than just natural landscapes and luxurious resorts, Male has a spellbinding skyline and exquisite cityscape that makes the city even more charming and enjoyable. Take flights to Male and enjoy an enthralling getaway where during the days you can enjoy the splendid beaches and tranquilizing water whereas the nights can be enjoyed at the bars, restaurants and other nightlife scenes available in the capital of Maldives.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The charming crown jewel of Tanzania, Zanzibar is a perfect combination of nature, culture and history, known for its iconic islands and extraordinary coral reefs. Came into limelight a few years ago, Zanzibar is on its way to become a sensational getaway destination is presently visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. With its spellbinding weather conditions that makes it a year-round destination, Zanzibar offers a bewitching and laid-back getaway experience on the Indian Ocean and has bag full of surprising elements to ensure an escape with adventure, comfort, luxury, natural freshness and a lot more.

  1. Saint-Denis, Republic Island

Saint-Denis, Republic Island

An exquisite French department surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is one of the most wonderful and extraordinary getaway destinations in the region, made after years of volcanic activities and transformed into a naturally rich island. Saint-Denis have been among the most prestigious and thriving getaway destinations in the country and possesses some of the most awesome beaches as well as resorts on the coastal line of the city. Apart from all the beaches, the city also has a wide range of cultural, historical and lifestyle attractions that makes it a perfect place for summer vacations.

Indian Ocean is the region full of possibilities and delights and if you seek a combination of fun, adventure, luxury and comfort all together on a beach vacation this summer season, then destinations above and many more are the finest places to be as solo, couple, family or group traveler. So, if you enjoy exploring the utmost beauty of the nature with many astounding options to test your mettle, then all you need now is to sort your destination for this summer and get access to the beach travel deals available with SmartFares and you can enjoy not only some of the finest vacations of all time, but also a magnificent delight of saving a fortune on airfares.

Panama City Beach Spring Break

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Spring break is almost here and the young & old, rich & poor, students & employees all are ready for holidays. It’s a time of the year where college students are ready to kick back, relax and have some fun in the sun. There are many popular destinations to choose from, for relaxing and having fun on your spring break. If you are a beach lover and want to enjoy your spring break on beautiful beach, Panama City beach is best place for you.

During spring break season, you will find Panama City Beach packed from college students coming from the United States and many other countries as well. Enjoying wild parties and fun in the sun are the main activities. This beach is well known for twenty seven miles of beautiful, soft white sand and in spring season it is transformed into largest beach entertainment clubs in the world. This is the main reasons why thousands of people get attracted to the renowned Panama City beach during spring break festival. During spring break, people from all across the US and even from outside have a ball at the Panama City beach accompanied by food, wine, fun and frolic and all sorts of water-sports like snorkelling, jet skiing, diving, sea-doo rentals, para-sailing etc. Television shows, live bands, contests and parties make each year’s spring break at Panama City beach, worthwhile. Live concerts by major TV channels are always a big crowd-puller. It’s a good place to party and forget about the scrutiny of school and exams.

For those who want to enjoy party at night, luck is on your side. There are many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs available. Club La Vela, the best known nightclub in Panama City Beach is purported to be the largest nightclub in America. The club have multiple themed rooms where a party never slows down. For concerts lovers, Boardwalk Beach Resort hosts Spring Break concerts and themed contests every day and it might be the place for you to see and be seen. A popular local Alvin’s Magic Mountain Mall is best place for shopping lover. It resembles a cave and everything from beachwear to cheap souvenirs can be found there.

When you go to Panama City Beach, there is so much to do. It may take longer than a week!

SmartFares offers exclusive Spring Break travel deals for college and high school students. Checkout our all travel deals here: http://www.smartfares.com/flights/spring-break-travel

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