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The Magical Spain

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Spain: It’s not just another country to visit, it’s an addiction. The beautiful architecture, breathtaking beaches, mesmerizing cities, delicious food, castles, snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada, you name anything and Spain has it all. Spain is known as the Europe’s most beautiful, passionate country which is full of life. There is so much to explore in Spain and that one can always run short of time.

Sagrada familia in Spain

Barcelona: Who doesn’t know about the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona! The capital city of Catalonia is known for its beaches, laid back lifestyle, restaurants and nightlife. This city has some mind-blowing architecture that lies along the Mediterranean Sea and welcomes millions of tourists every year. It has been the most popular destination for travelers for a long time and hasn’t lost its charm one bit. Its major attraction is Sargada Familia, which is a huge Roman Catholic Church. The construction of the church began in 1882 but never got completed. Any talk about Barcelona is incomplete without the mention of the legendary Camp Nou, the home of the famous Barcelona Football Club.

shutterstock_143885179 (1)

Madrid: The capital of the Spain is a vibrant city and the heart of modern Spain. The city has some amazing art and the beautiful architecture is visible all around the city or in its museums and art galleries. Madrid has a happening nightlife with some amazing rooftop cafes and lively music. Just like Barcelona, Madrid would be incomplete without the mention of Santiago Bernabeu: the home of legendary Real Madrid Football Club.
Some other famous things you should never miss in Spain:
Seville is the cultural and financial centre of Southern Spain and the fourth largest city in the country. Seville is well known for its Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations. The town of Granada near is well known as grand festive celebrations, feasts and Tapas.
Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the most famous beach party destination all over the world and is thronged by tourists round the year.
La Tomatina is a festival celebrated every August in Bunol, Valencia, where crushed tomatoes are thrown by people at one another.
The Pamplona Bull Run is the celebrated event in Spain and is held annually in July. Though it’s a risky event on account of the accidents that happen every year, but that doesn’t affect the spirit of the adventure freaks.
Spain is one of the most loved countries in Europe not just because of its beauty but also its warm people. So plan your itinerary from the capital of Spain, the best place to start the trip and book your flight to Madrid to get ready for the vacation of your life.

Top Cities to Visit in Europe

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Rome: – Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world without any doubt. Every year, millions of tourist come from around the world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture. Rome contains a vast amount of priceless works of art, palace, museums, parks, churches, gardens, basilicas, temples, villas, piazzas and theatres.


Paris: – Paris is also known as “The City of Light”, draws millions of visitors every year. Through movies and pop culture, Paris has turned into a fairytale destination for many- and famous by name “The city of love”. Form history, fashion week and food, there is something for everyone.


Barcelona: – Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital and Spain’s second-largest city. Barcelona has an effortless, cool vibe, history, culture, mesmerizing architecture, one of the world’s biggest football clubs, beaches, and a local population with an unquenchable thirst for a night out. Barcelona is one of Spain’s major cities and a popular destination for tourists from around the world. It’s one of the most economically powerful cities in the European Union.


London: – Nothing can really be compared to London. It is a business and cultural hub hosted the epic historical events. London is not one of those cities you can see in a weekend. You need at least a week to just scratch the surface of what is London. Retrace history, and don’t forget the great night life, making it a great place for anyone to visit.


Budapest: – Budapest is a city of full of surprises and wonders, with its lively center, pretty parks, and Majestic River, church and a lavish spa. Budapest is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The city is full of secrets to uncover, hidden spots to explore. There are plenty of designer shops, tiny parks, terraced cafes, and architectural treasures wait for you.


Milan: – While Rome is the oldest, Milan represents the new Italy. It is a hub for fashion, cars, and movies. Take a break from the European history and relax on the beach or shop through one of the most expensive shopping area in Europe.


Athens: – Athens is the home of the gods! Do you remember about the Hercules, Zeus, and all of the other gods and goddesses? Welcome to their home. This is the place where the Olympics began. But also don’t forget the nightlife.


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