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Best First Class Lounges Around The World

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Many people state that the comfort of a luxurious journey begins by the time you board the flight, but for many of us who enjoy traveling with luxury and comfort, seek the same sort of pampering and luxurious experiences since the time we reach to the airport. At times, when the flight is halted for some reasons, we reach to the airport early or have long stopovers, we need something more comforting at the ground. Hence, the airport lounges come in and offer us nothing but the best experiences of all time. Although, most of the first class airport lounges are perfect to enjoy the pampering, but there are a few that can be considered as a bit better based on people’s experiences. So, following are the first class airport lounges the airlines offer to give you the most stunning experiences of all time:

First Class Lounges

  1. Air France at Paris Airport

Many travel magazines and experts have stated about the success of Air France and its services and it is obvious to find this stunning air carrier to be mentioned in this list all thanks to its wonderful and extraordinary first class lounge at the Paris International Airport. The first class lounge open to the first class travelers flying from or through the Paris Airport is an amazing experience that everyone should have at least once in the lifetime. The wonderful variety of gastronomy, a special car for you to take from your carrier to the lounge (in case of connecting flights), spacious sitting area, marvelous presentation and amenities that can make a five-star hotel jealous, this is truly a masterpiece of an airline providing a magical hospitality.

  1. Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is known to be among the busiest and crowded airports in the entire European continent and if you happen to fly from the Frankfurt Airport or have a connecting flight from here, you will surely enjoy the hospitality of this gorgeous place as it has brought the services to the very next level. Where all the airports in the world have the first class lounge located within the main premises, the Frankfurt Airport has made its own First Class terminal where you can avoid all the crowd of economy, premium class and more and get ahead with the check-in. Additionally, there are plenty of perks and amenities available within the Frankfurt first class lounge that will make you feel special on your getaway.

  1. Cathay Pacific at Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airport is globally famous for its state of the art interior and when we speak of the first class lounge, it is bound to be something unique and special. Many first class travelers have stated that the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Airport first class lounge appeals like an opulent hotel property instead of an international airport. With awesome interior, astonishing hospitality, wonderful services, range of drinks, fine variety of menu, great restaurant and awesome serving, there is nothing you feel remain left in here. Additionally, the roomy space available here will give you a breather especially when you cross the main lobby of the bustling Hong Kong Airport.

  1. Qatar Airways at Doha Airport

Arabic carrier Qatar Airways has made its name in the global tourism world with a massive pace and when you speak of leaving a signature impression in the mind of its patrons, the experience is superlative. The Al Safwa Lounge at Doha Airport is truly one of its own kind and have become one of the most stylish and enthralling lounge to be enjoyed by the first class travelers. The personifying beauty of artifacts, cozy furnishing, finishing in the interior, mind-blowing range of drinks and gastronomy and so much more is just a glimpse of what you can find in here. Additionally, for the first class travelers having long stopover at the Doha Airport, they can enjoy the luxury of an opulent hotel room by enjoying the private bedrooms available inside the lounge.

  1. Qantas at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airports’ Qantas First Class Lounge is something that is simply beyond explanation in words. Featuring a massive collection of books to read, world-class interior, spacious seats, gorgeous surroundings and delightful array of dozens of amenities, Sydney Airport offers its guests something that they can’t find elsewhere. The unique structure of the entire lounge is impeccable and will leave a mild smile on your face. The wide variety of dishes in the menu, drinks available and fantastic services by the ground staff is absolutely flattering. Once you are done with the dining and adoring the interiors, you can go and have a spa treatment for 20 minutes covering a wide variety of massages (if available).

Although, spending time isn’t the joyous thing anyone desire to have while traveling, but when you have the access to such wonderful first class lounges, the waiting time for your flight becomes a pleasure and add new experiences in your journey. In addition, the above-mentioned lounges are enlisted here based on the various reviews of customers and travel experts. So, next time you plan a leisure trip to any of the airports or have flights with layover at the respective airports, try to enjoy the comfort and luxury provided and add new delights in your journey. As far as flight ticket booking is concerned, SmartFares is at your service to offer some amazing and discounted airfares for first class travel.

First Timer Guide to Chicago

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

There are plenty of cities and towns across the USA that are known for giving the best experience to the travelers. However, only a few of them are capable to take the excitement of traveling to the next level and among them all, Chicago is truly a masterpiece. The fantastic conurbation of the state of Illinois, Chicago has been the fantastic getaway option for years and is continuously giving everyone a fabulous vacation delight. In recent years, tons of people are found planning their Chicago trip and many of them were the first timers and enjoyed the city very much. So, if you too are looking to have a spectacular experience of exploring one of the most charming and spellbinding cities in the entire USA and think you can have your first visit to Chicago, then here we are with the first timer’s guide to Chicago that will give you a direction for a thriving getaway:


  1. Most Visited Attractions

First thing first! Whenever you visit to a new destination, the biggest excitement you hold in your heart is visiting the most promising and prominent attractions that are majorly highlighted on the cover page of the travel guides. These are the places that will give you the first satisfaction of visiting a place you love. So, when you are in Chicago, start your voyage by visiting Willis Tower which is the most iconic landmark in the skyline of Chicago. Then pay your visit to the Cloud Gate followed by the Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, 875 North Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, Magnificent Mile and conclude your first day by visiting the Field Museum of Natural History.

  1. Important Places You Shouldn’t Miss

On your following days of visiting Chicago, you will be enjoying places that can give you more pleasure and will start exploring less popular attractions than the biggest landmarks. So, once you are done with the topmost attractions, go to the Museum of Science and Industry, Adler Planetarium, Chicago Cultural Center, Burnham Park, Children’s Museum, Brookfield Zoo, Robie House, Driehaus Museum, City History Museum, McCormick Bridgehouse, Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP), Hull House, Buckingham Fountain and Grant Park that are treasuring the key essence of the city and offer the most astounding experience to you when you explore the city that is really diverse.

  1. Things You Must Try

The city of Chicago is the jack of all trades and is definitely featured with tons of things you can try whilst visiting this place for the first time. Start your free time by visiting the beaches of the Great Lakes that are known to be the most astonishing highlight of the entire city and nearby areas. Spend some quality time here and soak yourself into the freshness this bustling city has to offer. If you love sports, you can head towards various stadiums of the city that will offer you some of the most electrifying matches of basketball. If you are lucky on your first trip, you will get the chance to see the giants of Chicago Bulls practicing in the arenas. The city of Chicago is also widely famous for its arts especially the theaters that are spanned across the city and give away the most picturesque and promising performances you may ever see.

  1. The Delicious Gastronomy

When it comes to food, Chicago has the true potential to stand against any gastronomical city in the world and if you love to try delicious food without being worried about the calorie count, you will find this place as a heaven. When you are in Chicago, don’t forget to try the barbecue ribs, Cemita Atomica Sandwiches, pan pizzas, jibarito sandwich, Sassy Chicken Wings, French Fries with Ice Cream and many more dishes that are known to be the biggest pleasure for foodies living in the Chicago and the tourists who enjoy visiting here over and over again for some lip-smacking bites of heaven. The city of Chicago is filled with a massive number of restaurants covering the entire plateau and offer the most spellbinding flavors that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

  1. Everything Else

Once you are done with exploring the city at its best, then you must start seeking some time to collect some memories and shopping is known to be the ideal way to collect some gifts as the souvenirs of beautiful getaways. the Magnificent Mile is the perfect place to go and shop till you stop feeling your legs. The wide stretch of road from Michigan Avenue to the Oak Street Beach, this stretch is filled with a massive number of outlets from world-class brands and local shops. Here, you can easily get everything you need and can explore the massive collection of fashion, food, accessories, gadgets and even beyond. While you are here, try and visit the famous Chicago Water Tower which is an iconic structure standing in the middle of the hive of shops that survived the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Chicago is a blissful combination of rich history, modern cityscape and captivating culture and if you think you will love all three, then you will surely adore this city more than anything. First timers who visit Chicago will find this lovely conurbation of Illinois really wonderful and engaging and the deeper you will start exploring this place, you will start loving it even more. So, don’t hold your horses and get going to this charming city of the Illinois with cheap domestic flight deals available with SmartFares and begin some astonishing savings on airfares whilst visiting here alone or with the people you love.

Top 5 European Destinations to Visit in November

Friday, October 27th, 2017

European continent has always been a pleasant experience for everyone to enjoy an opulent, culturally rich and historically diverse delights with loads of impeccable essences to found elsewhere. People who have been traveling often desire or even plan their vacations in the Europe love to visit here whenever they get an opportunity. In case, you too have been thinking to visit the European continent this November and seeking the best cities to start with, we have a list of some of the most outstanding destinations that are enjoyable and splendid for everyone regardless of age, gender, preferences and more. So, here following, you can find our list of top 5 European destinations to visit in November:

  1. Rome


The Italian capital known for its rich past and outstanding cultural beauty, Rome is truly a mesmerizing place to enjoy a fabulous and engaging trip to Europe. With its massive collection of attractions including Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, Capitoline Hill, Galleria Borghese and many more, you can have a spellbinding trip to this astonishing Italian treasure that have stored the essence of its heritage and culture till date and giving people loads of information related to its past and present. Besides, the amazing weather conditions are simply superb to enjoy a vacation in Italy and give you many delights including affordable stays and cheap flight deals.

  1. Prague


The Czech capital Prague is one of the most beautiful, romantic and enthralling getaway destinations in the Europe and is visited by millions of tourists every year, seeking some beautiful sights of the cityscape, marvelous romantic landscapes and much more. The Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Gothic architectures, spellbinding churches, catholic statues and much more are the overview of this detailed, historically rich and captivating destination. Although, people who have been visiting Prague find the city quite expensive during the peak season, but if you plan your trip to Prague during the month of November, you will find the conurbation quite welcoming and affordable in terms of hotel stays and flight tickets.

  1. Paris


The French capital Paris require no introduction to everyone except the fact that Paris too can be easy to afford and can give you a magnificent experience. The spellbinding range of captivating sites, superlative landscapes, breathtaking atmosphere, delicious eateries, fantastic culture and much more can easily be witnessed if you plan the trip to Paris in the month of November. Experiencing its shoulder season before the big celebration of New Year, Paris enjoy the shoulder season and give everyone the reason to enjoy equally with its affordable stays, discounted flight tickets and so much more. So, if you are ready to witness it all with your love and planning a trip to Europe in November, Paris could be your next stop.

  1. Istanbul


Arguably one of the most famous Turkish cities, Istanbul is one of the most spellbinding and engaging cities of the region with a massive cultural diversity which can easily be seen. With places that are existing since the sixth-century, the city is a massive treasure of culture, natural beauty and heritage. Hence, people who love to enjoy the culture and history that combines Europe and Asia are found taking flights to Istanbul more frequently and visiting the most prominent attractions including Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosphorus, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Spice Bazaar, Hippodrome of Constantinople, Maiden’s Tower, Suleymaniye Mosque, Golden Horn, Taksim Square, Chora Church and many more.

  1. London


The British Capital is among the most spellbinding and desired cities in the entire Europe for traveling lovers and if you are planning your next getaway anytime soon in the month of November, then you will find London as amazing as ever with the bonus of being affordable and less crowded. Right before the Christmas and New Year when thousands of travelers flock the streets of London, November is the time when you can enjoy the best of the city whilst paying less. Not only the discounted flight deals will give you the delight, but also the cheap hotel stays and remarkable experiences with fewer crowds will be an add-on on your trip to the British capital. Be it Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, British Museum, Tower Bridge or any other attraction, you can have the best experience of all time in London.

European continent is featured with many big names that can immediately strike your mind with some amazing pictures you might have seen on the internet or even in the movies. So, if you are allured by the charm and beauty of the Europe and looking forward for an amazing and joyful vacation in this upcoming month of November, then all you need now is to pick one destination for you and book your flights to Europe with SmartFares to avail our special offers on international flights designed for your convenience and budget.

Best jobs to travel around the world

Monday, October 16th, 2017

For those who enjoy exploring the different cities and landscapes throughout their lives, it is a bonus if they get paid for doing the same and if you think that it can only be happening in dreams, then you haven’t been through the whole story. People who have been dreaming to travel throughout their lives whilst earing a good fortune, there are a number of jobs that can give them what they want along with some great exposure, monetary support and reputation. Through this blog, we are guiding you to find the best suitable jobs for you to enjoy a captivating life with loads of success and joy of traveling. Just check out the jobs below that will surely give you a life you want with a deserving exposure and you can thank us later:

  1. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Working as a flight attendant is something that will give you a good reason of travel and let you to the most amazing, fabulous and enthralling destinations around the globe. Though, it isn’t easy to get access to the worldwide destinations on your call, but once you have the sufficient experience to join a world-class airline as a crew member, you can have the world your way. Not only the job is quite satisfactory and respectful, but it also give you the opportunity to interact with people from different culture, ethnicity, lifestyle, perspective and personality. Needless to say, your flight and hotel expenses will be majorly bared by the airline itself and you will be getting a hefty remuneration against your services to the passengers.

  1. Language Teacher

Language Teacher

In the modern world where everyone is trying to get to know the other cultures in detail, requirements for language teachers have spiked to the new level of heights. Languages that are globally used such as English itself is a great job these days and many countries and organizations are looking for the people who can help them to get the English language to the new level of fame and reputation. Teaching somebody is a noble cause itself and when you get paid in hefty amount with an awesome privilege of exploring new and fascinating destinations, there is probably any other job that can beat the charisma of an English teacher. These days, teachers are getting paid on hourly basis and get much more than just money and respect. Thus, if you are trying to get into the teaching profession to travel the world, you better be good.

  1. Government Embassy Jobs

Government Embassy Jobs

Every nation’s government have their own embassy in different countries to work smoothly and effectively whilst catering their fellow countrymen that are working, living or spending holidays in an unknown country. For those people who wish to be working with their own locals whilst traveling the world, getting a job in the government embassy or country branches in other part of the world is something that is really an amazing opportunity. Not only you get the opportunity to live an opulent life which has all expenses paid by the government, you get some great reputation and often chances to shift to other countries for a long period and learn a lot about the culture, heritage and other attributes. However, this kind of jobs require some special set of skills along with great education qualification with experience.

  1. Adventure Sports Instructor

Adventure Sports Instructor

Adventure is now becoming a bread and butter for travelers and there are many people who love to bring their own instructor while visiting an unknown city or country. For those who are expert in adventure sports like skiing, surfing, sailing, diving, skydiving and base jumping, the opportunity is limitless as you can easily be hired by the adventure sport organizing companies that not only give you the chance to live your passion towards adventure sports, but also give you the esteemed opportunity to share your skills with others whilst getting paid in full and getting the chance to explore the world on all-expenses-paid conditions. Though, these jobs require high level of skills and expertise in the field of adventure sports. Thus, if you are have what it takes, then you are all good to go and enjoy your life with adventure, fun and loads of traveling.

  1. Travel Photographer

Travel Photographer

People who love to travel are always connected with many esteemed travel photographers to witness the eternal beauty of culture, nature, cityscape, beautiful lifestyle, enthralling hues of the nature and a lot more. So, if you think you have got that creative eye or the skill to bring out the best perspective out of a simple activity and capturing the impeccable moments, then all you have to do is brush-up your skills and do some investment to become a travel photographer. Many people don’t really know that you can sell your best photographs online and can earn hefty amount without breaking a sweat. And once you are a well-established name in the industry of photography, you will be paid to go out there and shoot the best moments and capture them all in your camera.

Though, there are many more jobs such as au pair, travel agent, creative designer, bar tendering, yoga instructor, cruise staff and many more, but if you wish to live your life freely without any interruption or time-boundations, you have the best options we have enlisted above. These jobs are great options to enjoy the life and discovering the new and different perspectives of the world whilst giving you the great offers and perks including expenses covered for flights, hotel stays, shopping, extra savings and much more. Although, we are not certain about which job will suit your skills, but what we know, is that you can get some great deals on flights by considering the services of SmartFares and you are all set for a fascinating getaway experience with loads of savings and massive offers for a hassle-free trip.

Tips to keep your gadget safe while traveling

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

In the era of modernization and high-end technology, people have begun to explore the world whilst keeping their gadgets and tech-toys around them which have both minimize the thrill of traveling whilst have kept things easy for some. Either way, traveling with gadgets is a big responsibility due to higher cost of these devices and low level of durability which have been the reason why you need some expert tips to keep your gadgets safe while traveling. With this blog, we have come up with some great tips that will help you to keep your devices safe and secured while traveling. Based on the advices of expert travelers and from those who have been the victim personally of gadget loss, we have brought to you this amazing list of top 5 ways to secure your devices while traveling to your dream destination:

Travel Gadget

  1. Know what to pack

Knowing what to pack is the key to every problem related with traveling. Everyone believe that they may require everything during their trip i.e. their camera, laptop, iPad, airpod and other accessories in order to capture the best memories, exploring the best places and stashing the memories whilst keeping themselves entertained. However, this entire packing kills nearly half the fun of the trip as you probably stay indulged with your devices rather than admiring the beauty and charm of your destination. Needless to say, the more things you pack, the more responsibilities you are carrying with you on your voyage which will obstruct a free and soothing exploration.

  1. Downgrade the packaging

Flashy bags of laptops, iPads and phones are the welcome signs for thieves who can go to any extent to get close to the target and fetch the valuables. It is highly recommended to downgrade the packaging of your gadgets in order to keep people under the doubt whether you have something valuable in your bag or something that doesn’t worth an effort. The best way to downgrade or uglify your bags is to carry light and small laptop bags and put them in an ugly carry bag along which can misguide the thieves and keep you away from them throughout your journey. Needless to say, you should not be using your expensive gadgets in public area to avoid any exposure of your valuables to unknown and suspicious people.

  1. Invest in better travel bags

Many of us have been the victim of damaged gadgets due to bad quality of packing or rough usage while traveling especially during the airport check-in, using the public transport and lodging at the hotel room. It is highly recommended to invest in a good quality bag for your valuables that can offer better padding, safety from jerks, water damage and exposure from extreme temperatures. You should always pack your gadgets in their respective bags and avoid putting them randomly in anything at any given time. This way, you will be securing your devices from any accident that may occur throughout your trip. Buying authentic backpacks, rucksacks and quality bags is the key to keep your devices safe. You can put the ugly padding on the bags later on to downgrade the outlook of your bags.

  1. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is the closest assurance you can get while traveling and saving yourself from any accident that may occur during your trip. There are an abundant number of travel insurance plans that secure your valuable electronic devices and gadgets from any given threat and even if you get the device damaged, a nominal fee can cover the cost of repair or replacement. One must always read through all the terms and conditions while purchasing a travel insurance to stay confirmed about which devices are covered, what the exceptional circumstances are, which cities are covered in the insurance and about the entire cost of the insurance before proceeding as per your budget and smartness.

  1. Other important facts

Keeping the backup of your data is the key element of securing all your important details and information stored in your mobile, tablets, phablets and laptops. Usage of cloud storage and other digital drop box is a plus when you are traveling. One must also stay away from unsecured Wi-Fi connections especially in the public area which can be a threat to your data security. Installing applications to locate your devices, secure the login of your devices and adding some extra security is a plus. Carrying electricity converter adapters and power banks while traveling to unknown lands would be a great advantage for those who stay tech-savvy during their entire trip. Packing important accessories like data cable, power banks, hands-free sorted in different packaging will save a lot of space and time in your packing process.

There are many reasons why you should be carrying your devices while traveling abroad, and on the other hand, you will find plenty of people you know who will give you reasons why you should leave them home. Either way, you must always know that these devices are your friends and you must take a good care of them while traveling to capture the great moments, keep the memories logged and kill some time at the airport and other long waiting queues. So, if you find the points which we have suggested worthy to implement, just keep these points in mind for next time you travel to your favorite place and don’t forget to take the services of SmartFares to avail some great deals and offers on cheap airfares we have for you.

Snorkeling Trips – Exploring a Whole New World

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Immersing yourself to the nature is the best idea when you are done visiting all the historical monuments, walked through those museums and dropped whilst shopping across the markets of destinations and there is no better way in the world that can beat the charisma and delights of heading underwater. Swimming, surfing and diving are quite the common and canny ways of oozing out the stress in your body and soul, but when you are an intrepid traveler, you always strive for more. Hence, to give you a direction towards greater good, here we are with some of the finest snorkeling destinations across the globe that will offer you not only some adventure to have after boring spell of walking and strolling down the cities, but also a striking experience to explore the marine life up close. So, following are the best snorkeling trips that will give you a gateway to explore a whole new and different world:

  1. Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii have always appealed tourists by its volcanic islands, spellbinding natural beauty, thriving beaches, splendid hospitality and exotic lifestyle, but many people haven’t scratched the surface and went beneath to witness a whole different world that is waiting to amaze you. The marine around Big Island, Hawaii have been among the most desired and delightful experiences to have among adventure lovers and tourists from various parts of the globe tend to take flights to Hawaii in order to discover a whole lot of these magnificent, rare and bewitching flora and faunas available across the island and its surroundings. Ideal for tourists from almost every age group, the snorkeling points of Big Island have been the most amazing delight you haven’t experienced yet.

  1. Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Among the most striking beach destinations of the South America, Galapagos Island is one of the most reputed and fascinating snorkeling destination in the world, giving away the most splendid experience of witnessing the sea turtles, penguins, fur seals, dolphins, whales, orcas and many more faunas of marine life in the South America. An island made of 19 small volcanic islands may seem spellbinding and diverse from the outside, but when you dive into the depth of the surface, you will witness an entirely different world, submerged and isolated from any interference from the outer world. The snorkeling spots around Galapagos Island are world’s finest, and ideal for children, adults and people from older age.

  1. Palau, Micronesia

Palau, Micronesia

A small archipelago country of Micronesian region, Palau is among the most isolated and tranquilizing getaway destinations on the Pacific Ocean, ideally famous for its laid-back naturally rich beaches and thriving culture. However, those who are in adventure water sports look at this country otherwise. Take flights to Palau and visit Eil Malk Island that has been considered as among the most prominent snorkeling destinations of the world, featuring an abundant variety of fishes, jellyfishes, turtles, hippos and many unknown marine species that will stun you with their outstanding variety. If you are afraid of stings of jellyfish while snorkeling, rest assured as natives have the belief that the lack of human interference have made the jellyfishes non-poisonous. Besides, the corals reefs of Palau are the world’s finest to enjoy the underwater world with loads of colors and varieties.

  1. The Coral Triangle, Asia Pacific

The Coral Triangle, Asia Pacific

If you have been hunting your entire life for some marine adventures and looking to broaden your area, then you will find more luck exploring the marines of the Coral Triangle in Asia Pacific region. A wide ocean region between Philippines, Solomon Islands, Indonesia and more, this region is best known for its underwater world and have a large area isolated from any human interference. Famous as the center of world’s marine biodiversity, Coral Triangle is a place for nature lovers who tend to admire the diversity of flora and faunas and have a keen interest in saving the endangered species as well as protecting them from any intrusion. The best part of the Coral Triangle is the friendly surroundings for marine creatures have kept them near the surface and you are not required to go deep to witness the giant array of these faunas.

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When we speak of snorkeling, there is no way a discussion can be completed without discussing about the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most popular reefs of the world, known for its giant size, incredible variety and tranquilizing surroundings, Great Barrier Reefs have become a the top choice for anyone seeking some delightful exploration of marine world. An area stretched in nearly 2,500 kilometers and covering a sum of over 2000 individual coral reefs, Great Barrier Reef is considered to be the paradise for snorkelers and have everything you desire to experience on world’s finest snorkeling experience. The perfect environment to flourish the corals and faunas of the ocean have been the reason behind its huge popularity and fan following.

It is quite easy to find a beach getaway destination and lay down, doing nothing and witnessing the beautiful horizon, but if you are destined for something greater, you will always feel that hunger of discovering more and pushing your limits. Hence, the ideal way for the same would be trying something different and enjoyable. Explore these fantastic snorkeling destinations or more whilst booking cheap flights with SmartFares and you can have the most ravishing getaway experience with loads of adventure and memorable experience whilst saving a lot on airfares by using our wide range of airfares and offers on flights available online.

Tips to travel like a true foodie

Monday, January 16th, 2017

While traveling to a different country or other parts of the world, it is quite a difficult thing to understand the customs and culture of the respective destination. There are a number of factors that may help you to get close to the people as well as gain more knowledge about the culture and traditions. Those who tend to explore the gourmet and like to try out new things have always performed better than others when it comes to understanding the culture. So, if you too wish to explore like a foodie and love to discover new facts and information about a certain destination, following are a few tips that will help you travel like a true foodie:

  1. Plan ahead for your trip


Planning before doing anything has always proven the best activity and the same thing goes when it comes to traveling. Searching for new places, their delicacies, cultural aspects and more through websites and social media platforms are always helpful. Joining communities on social media websites that have been exploring that particular destination will give you more insight and help to understand the type of culinary you are going to have as well as give you a gist about the food scene at your destination. Also, you can make new friends or can find friends of friends that will help you catch the latest trending dishes as well as places to enjoy some scrumptious portions.

  1. Be Observant


Don’t just see, you must always observe on things as well. For an instant, if you are in flights to Berlin, you will come across some delicacies that belongs from German culture during your meal time and it will help you understand the flavors and aromas to judge after you get off your flights. Most of the national carriers or even airlines providing cheap flights offer some delicious food insights about the respective destinations through their vast menu. Also, when you are in a destination, observing places with huge crowd or people chatting about a particular dishes may help you get more insight to make a keyword over the internet and going through all the necessary details.

  1. Have a meal with a local


Eating like a local doesn’t mean you have to follow every local food joint come in your path. It clearly means that you have to find a dining area that can suit your hygiene level as well as pocket. Locals who have been living in that city for too long are habitual against all health hazards. So, it is better to be like a local whilst keeping your safeguard on. You can also make friends with locals and join them over a dinner at their home to learn some basic customs. For an example, in South India, people often prefer eat the food barehanded and avoid using spoons, knives and forks. These sort of customs can only be understood when you join a local over a main course.

  1. Go for Grocery Shopping


While planning to visit someone’s home abroad for a dinner or meal, try to bring some groceries and reach to the place ahead of time to help them out in cooking as well as understand the combination of spices and flavors used while cooking. Buying groceries will help you understand the effect of climate over the dishes as well as give you a brief about the spices, herbs and key ingredients. So, when you are off for a meal at some local’s home, ask them to allow you bring some groceries for meal to show a gesture of gratitude whilst understanding the relevance of particular herbs or spices in that particular dish.

  1. Join local cooking classes


What’s the use of tasting delicious food when you are not able to try it out on your own after coming back home? Joining cooking classes for a couple of days or week for an hour or two have been becoming a trend these days. Foodies visiting Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and more tend to join local cooking classes or visit to the chefs of restaurants on frequent bases near their hotels. This helps them to understand the significant insight about the culture and also learn new facts and information about a destination’s traditions. Also, it is quite fun to interact with other locals as well as tourists to blend different cooking methods and bringing out something good and unique.

So, if you have been traveling a lot and enjoy trying different food with different flavors and diverse tastes, then you have become a true foodie traveler in spirit. Now all you need is explore more cities and discover different dimensions of food and cooking that changes in a few miles around the world. So, to enjoy more beautiful explorations and have a spellbinding getaway experience, consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and get delighted by awesome and cheap flights for a happening getaway.

Top 5 Destinations to visit this January

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

January is the month when the Mother Nature brings on its best game and offer a tranquilizing experience with loads of attributes including festivals, weather conditions, amazing offers and more. Hence, you will find people around you taking a family vacation or planning a trip with their loved ones to the most exotic locations across the world. So, if you feel like having a vacation for your own this January, we have brought you an astounding range of places that will bring new happiness and charm to your life and give you an experience to cherish for the rest of the eternity.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The sprawling city of Rio de Janeiro have always been one of the most spellbinding destinations across the Americas, offering tourists a zealous lifestyle, thriving culture, exquisite range of natural sites, floras, faunas and many other remarkable attributes. Yet the most interesting thing that makes Rio de Janeiro much more desired during the month of January is its spectacular festivities and nearly perfect conditions. When the peak season has passed on and the beauty of nature still available to cherish, you can actually have the most splendid getaway experience with the people you love the most.

  1. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

When the entire western world is facing the spine-chilling winters, Wellington enjoys the summer climate conditions. Hence the city becomes quite desired for those who can’t face the wrath of cold and people from across the world tend to take cheap flights to Wellington to witness such a wonderful conurbation featuring many bewitching attributes including museums, floras, faunas, heritage sites, landscapes, train rides and more. Travelers seeking a romantic getaway with warm days can head towards the New Zealand’s capital and enjoy a superlative getaway experience of all time.

  1. Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

The capital city of Bahamas known for its tropical climate conditions that makes it an ideal place to enjoy not so far away with a distinct proximity. With average temperature floating around 70 degree Fahrenheit, travelers can get a cozy dip at the crystal clear Caribbean shores and get their tanning whilst laying at the sandy beaches. Besides, the season is optimum and travelers always look for Nassau airfare deals for that season. So, stay alarmed and search for some great deals available online to have a dash getaway to the pleasant lands of Nassau.

  1. Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida

Key West is one of the most pleasant and closest destinations for all Americans to enjoy a pleasant vacation with the people they love during the month of January. With its remarkable beaches, stunning lifestyle and wide variety of gourmet and festive zeal throughout the year, you can have the most astonishing getaway experience in the beginning of the year. Also, travelers often find the city more enticing during the month of January as locals tend to organize some of the most renowned food tasting and wine tasting festivals in the month and offer foodies a perfect destination with loads of dining, fun, adventure and joy.

  1. Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada

A skier’s heaven in the month of January in North America, Whistler is one of the most visited Alpine resorts in the region, best known for its slopes, snow-capped mountains and thousands of acres of landscape giving some of the most fascinating experiences of all time. Explore the famous Blackcomb Mountain and discover your skiing skills whilst indulging yourself in some learning of how you can perform some of the most adventurous snow sports in the world and polish your skills whilst savoring on the generous hospitality of the resorts available there. All you need is to book cheap flights to Whistler and get going on an exhilarating getaway with the people you love the most.

There are tons of other places in the world that can make a perfect getaway for your escape in the month of January, as the season brings new spirit, life and natural bliss to the horizon. All you need is sorting your preferences and you are good to go to your dream destination. So, if you are impressed from what you read above and looking forward for a vacation for yourself, then wait no further and quickly book your travel plans with SmartFares and get your hands on the most affordable airfare deals available online.

World’s Most Scenic Train Rides

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Technology have brought new heights of improvement and convenience in our lives and have given us many better inventions in recent decades. However, if you still look at the past, you will find many things that once used to be slow and time taking, but had a spellbinding experience related with it. For those who have heard about the stories from their grandparents and great grandparents about their journeys, most of us will be found to begin with a train ride that took them to the mysterious, magnificent and adventurous lands of tales. Have you ever wondered if you could have the same experience of traveling rather than hopping in a flight and reaching your destination in a few hours with artificial breathable air and seating area that doesn’t show you much? If you have been through the same old fashioned and boring traveling experience, here are the world’s most scenic train rides that will give you an experience of lifetime:

  1. Glacier Express, Switzerland

Glacier Express, Switzerland

Stroll through the magnificent Swiss Alps whilst traveling from Zermatt to Davos via Oberalp Pass to enjoy a spellbinding 7-hour ride, comprising an opulent traveling experience and loads of scenic photos. The tranquilizing route may seem a bit short for a 7-hour ride, but has a spectacular views to enjoy at a lower speed. Hop into the Glacier Express and rail through nearly 290 bridges and more than 90 tunnels across the route whilst exploring some of the most fantastic landscapes, some at the height of 6000 ft. from the sea level to enjoy the real beauty of vivid municipalities of Switzerland.

  1. Hiram Bingham Luxurious Train, Peru

Hiram Bingham Luxurious Train, Peru

Imagine a ride consisting a tempting view of Machu Picchu from a distance whilst giving an opulent traveling experience including some delicious delicacies from Peru culture along with entertainment options. With Hiram Bingham Luxurious Train ride, you can actually enjoy such delights. Beginning from Cuzco to the heritage city of Inca where one of the most preserved and renowned heritage sites exist. The train itself is after the name of the discoverer of the Great Machu Picchu and furnished with a wide range of amenities and luxuries onboard. So, stroll your way to the Machu Picchu in a 3 and half hours of ride (one side) whilst enjoying great views of valleys and marvelously iconic land of Machu Picchu.

  1. TranzAlpine, New Zealand

TranzAlpine, New Zealand

One of the most renowned and scenic train journeys of the world, TranzAlpine is a spectacular rail journey begin commence from Christchurch with the ending destination at Greymouth. With a total number of 9 stops within the route, this nearly four and a half hour of ride consist of many magnificent views of Southern Alps, bridges and tunnels out of which, one was made out of blasting a solid rock more than 5 miles thick. Each year, thousands of travelers take flights to Christchurch to enjoy a fantastic ride to Greymouth whilst witnessing some of the remarkable views of River Avon, Franz Josef Glacier, Canterbury Plains, Waimakiriri River, Arthur’s Pass and many other iconic landmarks of the New Zealand.

  1. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

How about a spectacular two days rail trip from Vancouver to Calgary comprising a marvelous view of pristine wilderness, glaciers, lakes, canyons, black lava cliffs and more. The astonishing train ride follows the path of Canadian Pacific train from 1885 and gives some of the most breathtaking views of bighorn sheep, rivers, Rocky Mountains and sometimes grizzly bears. So, if you feel like having a pleasant two-day trip in the 60-cared ride, you can always take cheap flights to Vancouver to begin refreshing journey to the natural bliss of western and northern Canada whilst savoring on an opulent service throughout your ride.

  1. Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express

The magnificent nation of India has one of the largest rail routes in the world along with a few of the most opulent, ravishing and delightful train rides. One of them is the world famous Maharaja Express. A service that comprises various routes from 3 to 8 days, this spectacular rail ride consist of the real and rich heritage of the nation whilst offering the most imperial, luxurious and bewitching experiences whilst covering the most fantastic destinations such as Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ranthambore and more. So, if you ever travel all the way to the chronicle lands of India, do not miss this opulent ride.

There are ample of other train rides across the world that may offer a spellbinding traveling experience along with luxurious perks. However, most of these rides may require a hefty spending, so if you like having such delightful experience whilst keeping your budget well-toned, all you need is to book cheap flight deals from SmartFares and avail some delightful offers to save big.

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