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5 Most Adventurous Places to Travel

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

For some people who play daredevil among others or have an image of thrill hunter, adventure traveling has been an inevitable part for them. Most of us find some sort of adventure near to our home, yet some are ready to go a bit beyond and explore myriad natural and cultural adventures scattered across the world. If you have been conquering your fears for a very long time and find taking new challenges interesting enough, visiting some of the most thrilling places will be the most delighting experience of their lives. So, if you have what it takes and ready to face the extreme challenges existing, we have brought to you 5 most adventurous places to travel around the world and offering a fantastic experience for life:

Adventure Travel

  1. White water river rafting at Alsek River, Alaska, United States

White-water river rafting have emerged as one of the most trending sports in last a few years and people from around the world have found many astonishing places across the world to enjoy the fantastic rafting experience whilst defying death and riding on dangerous yet extremely thrilling waves on slant slopes. To find the best among all, you can visit to Alsek River in Alaska that has been one of the most amazing and most adventurous accessible rafting spot existing on planet. Crossing through the wilderness and rapids containing glaciers, make your way through the wild and spine-chilling (literally) white water and enjoy the most exquisitely dangerous yet adventurous experience of your life.

  1. Hot air balloon ride, Melbourne, Australia

Depending on with whom you are trying this activity, Hot Air Balloon ride in Melbourne often considered as both adventurous and romantic. Travelers from across the earth gather in Melbourne in the early months of every year and get delighted by the spellbinding experience where all you have is a giant balloon filled with hot air produced by the geyser and controlled by you with a strong thrust of wind waves at such a high altitude. Experience the beauty of this splendid city from a distinct height and soak up the most striking, thrilling and beautiful moments of your life whilst being alone or with a couple of people and navigating your way through the landing point with the help of wind.

  1. Mount Everest expedition, Nepal

One of the deadliest and extremely dangerous expedition existing on earth, climbing on Mount Everest is the dream come true opportunity for travelers who like to touch the tip of the highest altitude existing on the planet. With extreme weather conditions and blood freezing chills, explore the true beauty and rawness of the nature whilst witnessing some of the most awe-inspiring, extremely thrilling and narrow routes taking to the new heights existing on our planet. Requiring a lot of stamina, fearlessness, precise skills of climbing and sheer luck, Mount Everest expedition is the most astonishing and renowned adventure trip existing on the planet.

  1. Mountain biking, Moab, Utah

Biking around the rocks and mountains has been a spellbinding adventure for years. And if you like getting indulge in such a delightful adventure, the best place you may come across to access through your bike would be Moab Utah. With fantastic range of canyons and thrilling slopes, wheel your way through these extremely gorgeous and wild slants whilst following the trails decided as per the difficulty and experience level. Often claimed as the best and biggest mountain biking spot existing on planet, you can go from 2 miles to nearly 10 miles as per your capacity. So, if you like to be on the wheels to enjoy some adventure, Moab is the place for you.

  1. Wave surfing, Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Home on the lands to the leatherback turtles, Playa Grande is among the most naturally rich places on earth, offering a wonderful range of marine fauna and flora whilst offering the surfers a spectacular range of waves to surf on. With sandy beaches and tranquilizing resorts, the city makes an ideal place for leisure getaway whilst giving the opportunity to ride on one of the safest and thrilling waves. Travelers especially surfers tend to visit here throughout the year to experience the high-tide and discover their talent and test their skills whilst riding on the most extraordinary and exquisite range of tides hitting on both sandy and rocky beaches.

Although there are plenty of other options such as visiting Angel Falls, Scandinavian dog sled riding, Horseback wildlife safari in Kenya, Desert Safari in UAE and more, yet if you are looking for adventures that are one of its own kind, then you can chose from a list above. To prepare yourself for an evergreen experience of your life and visit those incredibly beautiful destinations, you can take holiday travel deals from SmartFares and avail some extraordinary discounts on airfares available online.

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