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Myths about premium class travel

While traveling by air, we always desire to travel in the premium classes where the amenities are really amazing and great space, comfort and perks kick-start our journey with happiness. Business class and first class traveling is mostly a dream for many of us and regardless of how much we try, our thoughts and general perception blocks us to even search for something alike. As a result, we always think about flying in business class and first class, but never go for it because of some myths which we all have been considering as a true fact. Hence, today we are debunking the myths about premium class travel:

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  1. Business class flights are always expensive

Almost every single person has this mindset that business class flights and above are really expensive and nearly impossible to get back into the budget of a common traveler. Though, the prices of tickets of business class and above as compared to economy class are higher most of the times, it is not true that you can’t afford them. Most of the times, the prices are slightly higher than the economy class due to occupancy of the seats and if you do a search on business class and first class flights while looking for economy travel, you can easily come across the fares that are slightly higher and can still fit in your budget. Hence it is strongly suggested to keep on looking for business class and first class airfares while you are on your way to book economy class flights.

  1. Last minute premium class tickets are expensive

It is a general perception that last minute premium class flight tickets will always be expensive. But many travel experts and agencies have stated that the business class and first class flight tickets remain within the budget even when you are looking at the last minute travel. Since the airline is running short of the passengers and need to fill the seats for the sake of profit, the airline keep on some great discounts and special airfares on the last minute premium class travel. So, if you are not an early bird and still need a worm, then you should always check business class and first class whilst booking last minute flight tickets.

  1. Every airline has first class service

At times, we have seen people from the other side of the table with a confusion that every carrier has the first class and business class cabin for its passengers. In the era when all the airlines are in the race of providing the most exquisite and thriving onboard services, there are still a decent number of the airlines that don’t have the business class or first class cabin for its passengers. Though, you can easily find a number of carriers that operate in the premium classes, but if you think that even the low-cost carriers are featured with elite class cabins, then you should look at the specifications of your respective airline again.

  1. Premium class travel is available for everywhere

Since, it’s established above that elite class flight seats are not available with every carrier, it is quite natural that you can’t fly to any random destination with business class and first class flight tickets. Though, many major airlines are covering almost every major and minor city across the globe and is giving away the best of the services, but there are certainly a decent number of exceptions where you will not be able to find first class or business class seats to travel. Though, the routes and carrier planes keep on changing with the airline, so you must keep a track on the airlines that operate for the cities and have brought the elite flight service to the respective destination.

  1. There are no discounts on business class flights

Many people have this belief that business class and first class flight tickets don’t get any discount or have a very nominal discount just to tick-off the formality. However, if you have been looking at the newsletters and promotional emails from various travel agencies and airlines, you will always see that many of the carriers and travel agencies are giving away hefty discounts on business class and first class flight tickets. So, if you are still looking for something more budget-friendly and inspiring to go for premium class travel, you must subscribe for the newsletters from various carriers and travel agencies to stay updated on any sale or discount offer.

Apparently, we all have made up our mind that because of the high levels of perks and delights, business class and first class flight tickets are out of our reach and may cost a good fortune regardless of our efforts. Hence, we mostly stop trying for it and satisfy ourselves with nothing but a small, less cozy and more budget-friendly economy class flight ticket. So, stop thinking on your own and start being practical and next time, whenever you fly, don’t miss to check out the business class flight deals and first class flight offers from SmartFares for more amazing deals and offers available with us.

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