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Lesser Known Islands in the World

Island hopping have been emerging as a prominent trend these day among travelers and those who like to enjoy beach fun with some gorgeous resort hospitality and tranquilizing natural bliss always remain in the hunt of finding islands that are perfect for their getaway whilst still accessible through major transport means. Hence, it is quite noticeable these days that people have begun to expand the horizon and started to visit the islands that were once deserted and gaining popularity gradually. To keep you up with the pace and offer you a bewitching experience of exploring some of the places, SmartFares has brought a list of lesser known islands in the world that will give you an idea to prepare yourself for a voyage in near future:


  1. Quilalea, Mozambique

On the shores of the picturesque Indian Ocean, the private island of Madagascar, Quilalea is one of the most seamless and lesser known islands in the region, ideal to enjoy a cozy honeymoon or a couple trip with loads of leverages and facilities. Once used to nest sea turtles eggs, this superlative island have now become a prominent choice for high-profile voyagers who don’t like any sort of interruption in their getaways and have a desire to witness the purity of nature up close. Hence, recently, people have begun to take flights to Mozambique to have an entirely different experience with almost everything similar but less crowd as compared to the cliché island destinations.

  1. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

Featuring a bunch of tiny resorts and a superlative natural scene, Guana Island is one of the most intriguing islands in the Atlantic region, known for being underrated and exposed among fewer people. Despite its lesser name as compared to other British Virgin Islands, this place have been witnessing a big number of voyagers who like to have a peaceful and enjoyable vacation without any hassle made of giant wave of tourists. If you wish to have a weekend with your girlfriend or the love of your life, then this place is absolutely perfect. All you need is to make your reservations and book flights to British Virgin Islands, and you are good to go and have a tempting vacation whilst getting pleasure of clean water and pure nature.

  1. Sovaly Island, Turkey

Notorious in the middle-ages for being the base of solders turned into pirates and later became a picturesque vacation spot, Sovaly Island is among the most enchanting and captivating Middle-Eastern island destinations, ideal to have a family or couple getaway. With recent increase in the tourism and exposure of tourists, this island has been considered as a perfect place to have a destination wedding. As a result, if not thousands, then hundreds of travelers take flights to Turkey and visit this thriving destination that will soon becoming a sensation in the world of travel.

  1. Jeju Island, South Korea

A year-round island destination as well as a domestically popular place to have a weekend getaway, Jeju Island is probably one of the most underrated destinations in the Asian continent despite being a tropical island that has mild weather conditions and you can go for swimming without any wet suit almost anytime. A place that is the home of the longest lava tube discovered in the world till date, is something that is really amazing experience to have. Not only the lava tubes and giant mountains have been the prominent attractions of Jeju Island, but also, there are certain other natural aspects that have been making tourists to begin taking flights to South Korea and enjoy a lovely vacation with friends and family.

  1. The Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands is a prominent archipelago of the Australian country that is quite popular and have hundreds of islands that will leave you speechless for being awesome enough and make you fall in love instantly. Although, most of the biggest islands in the Whitsunday Islands are exposed to the global tourists, but if you have a keen eye and zeal to explore more, you will come across a bunch of islands that are yet to get interfered by the global tourist population. So, if you have the curiosity of visiting lesser known islands and care to travel all the way to Australia, then you should start searching for the best deals on flights to Whitsunday Islands.

Despite the increasing interest of tourists in the most opulent and high-profile destinations, there are a big number of people who like to have things otherwise. Whereas most of the people are preparing themselves to visit the most prominent destinations across the continents, there is a big number of people who tend to visit places that are low in limelight and expects fewer people to keep the charm and adventure alive in their voyage whilst toning the budget with the help of cheap flights and pocket-friendly accommodation. So, if too share the same interest and seeking a lesser known island ideal for your next voyage, all you need now is to fix your travel plans and consider the services of SmartFares to increase your pleasure with our fabulous range of airfares and discount offers available online.

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