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How to Enjoy Harbin Ice and Snow Festival to the Fullest

As the year kicked off, the biggest ice and snow festival has begun in China known as the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. The 33rd edition of one of the finest and unique festivals of the world, Harbin Ice and Snow festival attracts millions of travelers every year and voyagers tend to enjoy taking flights to China during the period and experience many celebrations while the festival goes off including New Year, Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Spring Festival and more. Hence going for Harbin Ice and Snow Festival comes with many perks for travelers while voyaging across the Chinese nation. In case, you too are planning to be a part of this huge celebration, here we have brought some pretty ways which may help you to enjoy Harbin Ice and Snow festival to the fullest:

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

  1. History

Before you jump the gun and head towards the most prominent galas, here is some basic information you need to know about the festival to learn about its relevance and find the prominent essence. The festival was first observed during the Qing Dynasty era when Ice lanterns were traditional in the Northeastern China during winters. Eventually the event has got its fame over the period of time and travelers from around the world shown their interest in basic rituals. Taking the art and culture to the next level, the locals began to showcase their talents by making giant sized sculptures and architectures from Ice and decorating them with colorful lights. As a result, the world famous Harbin Ice and Snow festival became a big sensation in the travel world.

  1. Major Events

Traditionally Harbin ice and snow festival kicks off in the month of December when the chills are enough to take the mercury down to minus 40 degrees. However, if you are planning a visit here, you must know the main events of the festival beginning from snow sculpture festival followed by group Wedding ceremonies, dance competitions, New Year gala, snow sculpture dual meeting, grand party and Opening Ceremony for tourists, ice hockey competition, badminton tournaments, Tae Kuwon Do competition and skiing championship respectively. If you have been planning a visit to Harbin Ice and Snow festival, don’t forget to check the fixture to get the information about the ongoing and upcoming events.

  1. Biggest Attractions

Although the entire city of Harbin observe the Harbin Ice and Snow festival and get into the colorful mood of enjoying the celebration with great pomp and show. Yet, if you wish to experience the real fun and seek some best places to get your hands on, you can go to Sun Island, Ice and Snow World and Zhaolin Park that have been the biggest places to experience the real beauty and artistic vibrancy of Harbin. Please note, being highly visited attractions, these places will require an admission fee to pay and are far away from the city center. So, you must need to keep a tab on the local transportation and gather more information to get the place as per their opening timings. Do not forget to carry currency in small dominations to avoid any hassle in the remote yet highly advanced areas.

  1. Besides Ice and Snow

Harbin is comparatively small yet extremely gorgeous and versatile destination with much more than the Ice and Snow festival. During fall of February when weather conditions get warm and most of the sculptures get damaged due to sun’s heat, you might require to find some other places to enjoy the utter beauty of Harbin. To give you a perfect opportunity, there are Harbin Daoli Qu Area, Church of St. Sophia, Siberian Tiger Park, Yabuli Ski Resort, Jile Temple, Exhibition Hall of Art and Craft, Long Ta, Architectural Gallery, Wudalianchi Global Geopark, Unit 731 Museum, Sidalin Park and many more places that will offer you a great experience.

  1. Essential tips to safeguard and avoid mishaps

Being harsh climate conditions during the winters, there are several things that may give you a hard time to enjoy the Harbin ice and snow festival. Please keep in mind that reduced temperature can put a toll on the battery back-ups of phone, cameras and other gadgets. Also, bringing warmer clothes and snow shoes will be a plus for you. Carrying plastic bags to safeguard your gadgets will be an advantage. Also, taking taxis from authorized stands such as airport and terminals will help you save a fortune. Keep in mind that late hours may impose some extra charges while taking a taxi at random places and you may require to wait for even an hour in chilling weather during the night if you haven’t prepared for your transit options.

There are tons of attractions that may give you a picturesque delight of Harbin Ice and Snow festival and you will be exposed against a fantastic experience which can be remembered for the rest of the eternity. So, if you have planned your next getaway and chose to be a part of Harbin Ice and Snow festival, then all you need to do is pack your warm clothes and book your flights to China with SmartFares to enjoy one of the finest and rarest festivals of all time in China. Do let us know how much the article helped you and share your feedback in the comment section below.

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