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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Chinese Style

Chinese New Year is one of the most widely observed festival, celebrated between the fall of January and fall of February based on the position of moon. A festival that has been observed around the world and named differently such as CNY, Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, Lunar Year and more, Chinese New Year have been a great way to rejoice the festivities and bring good fortune in your life. In case, you feel like celebrating Chinese New Year in traditional ways whilst following the rituals and other activities, here we are to help you out with the ways that will bring forth the traditional ways of enjoying this festival:

Chinese New Year

  1. Confirm the dates and start shopping early

Since the dates of festival are not fixed, it is always a question of debate which day would be considered as the Chinese New Year as the festival can fall from 21st of January till 21st February. In year 2017, the Chinese New Year will be observed on January 28 worldwide and be celebrated with great pomp and show. Since the festival requires a lot of preparations for different rituals on different days, you might require to do some serious shopping days before the festival as many ornaments and important goods get sold out as early as they appear in the shop. Go to local Chinese markets and stalls to find decorative stuff, food ingredients and more for the big day celebration.

  1. Prepare for the big feast

The big feast is one of the most important part of the festival where family and friends are invited to celebrate the festival and share the fortune with traditional delicacies. Traditionally, if you are inviting another family, they must help you in preparing the food to show the good gesture and offer their helping hand to the hosts. With dishes like dumplings, steamed rice, stews, fish and more, you can enjoy some spellbinding dishes with the people you love whilst having the joyful celebration of such a fantastic festival and sharing the wisdom of this astounding event held every year.

  1. The Rituals

As we all know, the festivities of Chinese New Year begin from a week before the main day and last for a few more days after the Chinese New Year day, you must understand the rituals that comes between the celebrations. Beginning from cleaning to decoration of house with ornaments, lanterns, paper-cuts, Fu, Chinese Knots and more this may take a few days and leave you with the Chinese New Year Eve where you can call up the people you love and share the feast with them by beginning with the dumplings, Stews and more while keeping up late till the dawn and having fun conversation or playing enjoyable games with them. Sharing Red envelopes with money among kids in family is an important part of the celebration along with visiting to the friends and family in following days.

  1. The Fireworks and Midnight celebrations

The midnight celebration is the biggest highlight when all the skies around the world glitters with fireworks and people come out to the streets to enjoy and cherish the golden moments of the year with the people in the community as well as tourists who happened to be enjoying alongside with equal zeal. Go out and witness the parades, dancing dragons, lions, people and more whilst being covered in confetti and tasting some of the most awesome Chinese dishes at the food stalls and joints scattered across the streets near the Chinese areas.

  1. Visit Chinatowns or a destinations

The best way to celebrate all of it is by visiting a Chinatown in your city or going on a vacation with family and friends to some place nice where you can get indulge into the celebration and enjoy all of the rituals as well as galas in person with purity. In case, you don’t find any Chinatown or region where you can find a celebration going on near you, thanks to Chinese New Year travel deals, you can witness the same by going to a Chinatown in neighboring cities or head towards the East and enjoy the traditional festivities in original way.

There are tons of ways using which, you can actually savor on the magical essence of a gigantically observed and celebrated festival known as Chinese New Year. In case, you feel like missing the thrill or originality, you can always go to the destinations that are perfect to enjoy the Chinese New Year such as London, New York, Paris, Mexico, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and more by using Chinese New Year travel deals available with SmartFares and begin huge savings with our hot favorite deals designed for your pleasure.

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