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Festivals Not to Miss in 2017

It is often said by many travelers that if you like to understand the culture and lifestyle of a particular destination, you must join their festivals. Festivals are the greatest way to understand not only the culture, but the local lifestyle, behavior and hospitality of the natives. Hence, it is often considered equally important to explore the city during the perfect weather conditions as well as when a festival is coming up. In case, you have been planning to explore the finest destinations of the world, here are the best festivals you should not miss in 2017 whilst planning your trip to either of the destination:

  1. Carnival of Venice

Carnival of Venice

Renowned by many names like Venice Carnival, Carnevale di Venezia and Carnival of Venice, this festival is one of the most exquisitely amazing and popular European festival, organized every year between February 11 and 28. A day when people across the city stroll around wearing the attire which used to be worn by natives in 18th century as well as masks that have been a highlight over the internet for past a few years. Join this incredible festival of Italy to have a trip to the history of the city whilst joining people in the celebration and enjoying wide variety of dishes and potations served in myriad feasts and parties. Also, you can have a pleasant view of the decorated city and local areas that are far away from the major highlights.

  1. Holi


One of the biggest festivals of the broad nation of India, Holi is the symbol of happiness showed into dynamic colors. A day when the entire nation soak itself into vibrant colors, water splashes and more, you can’t differentiate people from their attire. A day that has recently become a symbol of religious harmony and celebrated by all religions with equal zeal, you can have a striking getaway experience whilst mixing with others and enjoying the festival without any partition of color, gender, society, religion, wealth or nationality. Widely celebrated in metro cities as well as remote regions including Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Kolkata, Chennai and more, you can be a part of this festival wherever you are in India.

  1. Snowbombing


An exquisitely amazing cultural festival that initially recognized as a snow adventure sport gathering in Austria, has now become one of the finest music and sport events in the European continent. Celebrated every year between April 3 and 8, this exquisite festival is organized in Mayrhofen and comprises wonderful snow sport events in the day time and getting delighted by the electrifying music in the night. Every year, if not millions, thousands of snow sports lovers and experts take flights to Innsbruck, which is the nearest airport from this ski resort, in order to enjoy the bewitching acts and jaw-dropping performances.

  1. Tomorrowland


Probably one of the most desired festivals in the Europe, celebrated for 10 days between July 21 and 30 every year in Belgium, Tomorrowland is a combination of music and arts where musicians and artists from around the world gather here in Boom, Berlin and enjoy a packed schedule of performances and exhibitions prepared by worldwide artists that have been renowned in their region as well as the rest of the world. Finding flights to Belgium especially Boom during this season is really a tough job and those who like to attend such event with different genres of music shall book their flights well in advance.

  1. Oktoberfest


Take flights to Munich Germany between September 16 and October 3 if you have been over all the galas and performances and looking for some high-spirited celebration filled with booze, cakes, waffles and more. A fantasy for all beer lovers in the world, Oktoberfest is one of the finest cultural festival that gives an exciting opportunity to be a part of a community during such a shoulder period of the year where all you have to do is eat, drink and enjoy the music. A festival that has brought the existence of Munich in world map a few decades ago, Oktoberfest is something that everyone should experience for once in their life.

There hundreds if not thousands of festivals celebrated every year throughout the world and those who have been exploring the culture, lifestyle, heritage, ancient values, religious harmony and much more on their journeys, shall explore these fantastic events to broaden their way of thinking. So, if you too would like to attend these festivals some day in future, then all you need now is plan your trip and book your flights with SmartFares to avail some handsome discounts over discounted tickets.

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