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Exploring the Stunning Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, one of the most beautiful and iconic region of Italy established on the edge of the Italian Riviera; is among the most fascinating places you may ever come across. Announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, the city is a combination of Five Towns (named after the Italian translation of Five Lands), Cinque Terre has been drawing millions of tourists every year from across the globe. Explore the rich history, magnificent residency, tranquillizing natural view of the coasts as well as the mountains and so much more while exploring the bewitching villages comprising Cinque Terre. Following are the best travel tips to explore these stunning villages that makes Cinque Terre a perfect beach holiday destination:

1) Monterosso al Mare


One of the most renowned and highly visited villages of Cinque Terre, Monterosso al Mare or commonly acknowledged as Monterosso has been the finest village by far. Featuring a perfect beach, lemon trees, tremendous resorts and well connected to the neighboring villages as well as cities nearby, Monterosso is easily accessible by foot or taxis. Standing like an emerald on the coasts, this sprawling town has everything you need in this bewitching city of Cinque Terre. Opulent resorts, fine beaches and endless fun and adventure are the reason behind the high occupancy of Monterosso during the peak season.

2) Vernazza


Enjoy an indelible experience visiting Vernazza, which is the finest and naturally blissful village in Cinque Terre, known for fabulous harbor and tempting structures built on cliffs. A small fishing village which once use to be a village of pirates is now one of the finest places in Cinque Terre to visit. Featuring a rustic yet memorable church, fountain and widespread of colorful houses, Vernazza is indeed one of the smallest yet picturesque towns in the Italy as well as the rest of the Europe. Enjoy hiking on beautiful cliffs, photography, shopping and food tasting in Vernazza.

3) Corniglia


Right in the middle of all five villages of Cinque Terre and placed at the steep promontory, followed by a couple of beaches at the slope, the tempting village of Corniglia is boasted by a splendid streetscape, giving the alluring view of ancient core and bewitching colorful houses standing on the slant surface. When you are in Corniglia, do not forget to visit Saint Pietro Church, which is probably one of the oldest structures of the city and boasted with a remarkable architectural beauty. Follow the hiking trail from the train station and get delighted by the spectacular view of other villages and striking coastline.

4) Manarola


Unlike the sister villages, Manarola is a beautiful and multi-hued town featured comprising magnificent hiking trail, tempting view of the coasts and great option of dining and drinking. Stroll around the streets of Manarola and witness the maximum number of boats hanging outside the houses which no one can tell were last seen in the water. However, the town is quite an admirable place and you can hear the chiming sound from the bell tower of Manarola. Follow the slope and explore the magnificent art of nature by discovering incredible caves, small beaches, diving points and so much more.

5) Riomaggiore


The easternmost village of the Cinque Terre, the largest among all villages, Riomaggiore is renowned for its exquisite ocean view and a small harbor ideal for tanning. The village is built on a steep and those who like to stroll around will have to face a big number of staircases. The village that dated back in 8th century for Greek refugees, Riomaggiore is among the most picturesque and adorable villages of Cinque Terre. Go for cliff jumping, hiking and shopping in the most versatile and promising village of the city.

The city of Cinque Terre is boasted with a remarkable range of stunning landscapes and myriad phenomenon of living. Where at one point you can explore the civilization backed in 8th century, on the other hand, you can get delighted by the laid-back beaches and tranquillizing resorts. Experience the delight of exploring a completely different perspective by taking Italy flight deals from SmartFares and save big on cheap flights to Cinque Terre.

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