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Essential Tips for Backpacking in Thailand

Southeast Asia is majorly considered as one of the most pleasant, vivid and rich region when it comes to culture and if you are planning a trip to this part of the world, you must know some basic travel tips. Thailand is among the most culturally rich regions of the Southeast Asia and is one of the most pleasant backpacking getaway destinations in the world. Travelers from across the earth especially from the America tend to take a month or more backpacking trips to the calm, cozy and bewitching Thailand. If you too like the island country as your next backpacking destination, you must know a basic and essential tips for backpacking in Thailand. Following are a few ideas of how you can survive and have a wonderful time exploring this beautifully vast region of Asia:

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

1. Know the basic culture:

Thailand is best known for its rich culture and basic etiquettes. Whether you are at the resorts of Pattaya or the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, every part of the Thailand follows the same level of courtesy and etiquettes. In Thailand, they follow the recites of Buddha, stating that respect the elders, guests, animals and above all human. So, if you have an interaction with an elder person, show some gratitude like touching the feet, having least eye-contact and more. However, if you are new to the city and people around you know, they will lead you to the basics and help you to understand the culture. Also, it is mandatory to remove your shoes while visiting a holy or religious place.

2. Know how to bargain:

Bargaining is the biggest key to survive in the country of Thailand. Markets of Thailand are more renowned for thugs and people who may charge you way more than the actual price. So, always, I repeat always bargain with any product or service you are paying for. The shopkeepers in the local flea markets and big shopping malls tend to consider tourists as their favorite subject of con, so act local and less surprised when they show you something from their culture that is unique to you and start an easy bargain. That way, you can save a lot to get some handsome Bangkok airfare deals to fly your way to the bewitching Thai capital and have a joyful trip.

3. Avoid high-class eateries:

Eating like a local will always save you. The formula is perfect to be followed in every part of the world and when it comes to Thailand, it will come handy more often. The local markets and food stalls serves a quality and large portion with great taste at budget. So, if you are strolling around the streets and find a hygienic place, good for cooking, you can have a delicious meal made of fresh ingredients. Also, try to avoid eating or buying groceries from at least two blocks of proximity from a major tourist attraction. They often tend to charge way extra and the quality is comparatively pathetic than other parts of the city.

4. Go for hostels instead of hotels:

If you are on a leisure trip with family and friends, the ideal accommodation option is resort or a hotel, but if you have plans of staying for a longer period, you must start considering better options with budget. Find local hostels and guest houses that offers value for money accommodation. Hostels in Thailand are easily available and all you need is to do some research work online and join a few local communities to find a good, safe and reliable neighborhood at affordable price.

5. Use public transport:

Taking a taxi and heading towards your next stop is easy, yet equally costly. However, if you are in a city like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Hat Yai and Pattaya, traveling like a local can save a lot. Go for local methods of transport like buses, tuk-tuk and trains (for inter-city traveling) and save a fortune. To be on a safe side, always know the timings of opening and closing of local transportation before planning anything that can consume a whole day. Also, fix the final amount of your journey with your cabby to avoid any argument and issues later on. Avoid the cabbies that drive you near the attraction and say that the place is closed and divert your route to a local farm, factory or gem store. These are common thugs and can shed a huge money on the name of touring.

Behaving like a local is the key to survive on a budget in any destination and when you are in Thailand, all you need to follow what locals do. Whether it’s related with food, traveling, etiquettes, lifestyle, shopping or anything else, the budget way to enjoy a splendid time in Thailand is to know the trade secrets. So, next time you plan a backpacking trip to this stunning country, book cheap flights to Thailand with SmartFares and start saving some extra for a few leisure activities as well as to afford Bangkok airfare deals easily.

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