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Top 5 Father Day Destinations

Monday, May 28th, 2018

We all have this routine of making Mother’s Day a big celebration, yet we often overlook another pillar of our own foundation, the person who worked really hard to give us food, shelter and good upbringing, the dads. Fathers are the most integral yet overlooked part of our life and whether you believe it or not, they too need your affection and pampering. Despite being looking cold from the outside and not seeking any love verbally, they also wish to get some love from their children. So, this Father’s Day, make your dad proud by giving him some special gift and making the day worth his while. Luckily, traveling on Father’s Day with your dad is a perfect gift and if you are thinking to plan an escape with your dad, then here we are with the top 5 Father’s Day destinations that will suit you well.


  1. New York City for Sightseeing Lovers

For the dads who enjoy exploring the local attractions and cultural sites, exploring the Big Apple will truly be a treat for them. The promising cultural capital of the world, New York City is truly one of the finest getaway destinations in the entire United States for some quality sightseeing and cultural exploration. Just get yourself a New York City Pass and you will get a queue-free admission to some of the most promising attractions of all time in the New York including Guggenheim Museum, Ellis Island, American Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Arts and many more. In addition, the gastronomy in NYC will be a delightful experience and you can hit the quality bars without wasting a good fortune and enjoy a decent company of fellow travelers as well as natives.

  1. Los Angeles for Driving Lovers

Los Angeles is not just a city where you can witness the stardom in flesh, but also is the place where you can find the speed chasers feeding on the adventure required. The enthralling conurbation of Los Angeles is widely famous for extreme driving stunts and wonderful circuits that are meant for speed lovers. If you can recall your dad telling you about his love for speed or have witnessed his driving skills taking to the next level, then it will truly be a chance where you can give him free wings without being worried about the safety. These circuits and driving teams are known for extreme safety along with quality driving skills. So, bring your dad to the Los Angeles this Father’s Day and watch him go fast and furious.

  1. Big Sky for Outdoor Lovers

The sprawling resort town of Montana, Big Sky is truly one of the most majestic places in the entire America that is not so famous among tourists but is widely popular among adventure seekers and natural terrain explorers. For those who have found their dad taking pictures of the natural terrains and discovering the pristine landscapes in the free time, then this resort town will be a spellbinding place to go and give your dad some quality experiences along with your company. The wonderful snowcapped mountains in the backdrop and stunning plains in the front will be a treat for your dad as well as yourself. So, just pack your bags and some warm clothes and fly your way to this extraordinary town of Montana.

  1. Las Vegas for Luck Players

If you happen to see your dad jumping with joy near the slot machines or enjoying a hand on the card decks give him some comfort and delight, then bringing him to the gorgeous conurbation of Las Vegas will indeed be a wise choice. The city that is widely popular for its surreal culture and extravagant lifestyle, Las Vegas makes a perfect place for your dad if he enjoys pressing on his luck more often. During the Father’s Day and nearby days, the city enjoys its shoulder season and will give you some quality escape experience along with budget stays. Also, Vegas has a number of picturesque delights and stunning gastronomy options that are really captivating and lip-smacking to savor.

  1. Pebble Beach for Golfers

If you have witnessed your dad looking for expensive golf clubs on the internet and watching golfing tournaments on the tele, then it is quite obvious that he enjoys golfing more than anything and has kept his love for golfing hidden all these years to give you and your family necessary things. So, it is your chance for some payback by taking him on a mesmerizing golfing trip to the Pebble Beach. The gorgeous resort city of California, Pebble Beach is among the most visited destinations by golfers and with its mind-blowing range of golf courses and clubs, you can surely give your dad a perfect gift. Have a one on one session with your dad or assist him as a caddy during his sessions and you will be making your dad happier than ever.

Dads are really hard to understand and no matter how grown-up you are, you will never understand what is going on inside that big warm yet invisible heart. Although, you might be aware of the habits and desires your dad has and that might be able to help you determine places he would love to explore. So, this Father’s Day, give your dad two great gifts of his life, your time and a trip that your dad will love the most. All you have to do is figure out his most desired hobbies and select a destination like we have done above. As far as the expenses are concerned, the wide range of Father’s Day travel deals available at SmartFares have got it covered.

Best family weekend getaways in February

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Weekends are known for doing crazy things and if you have been stressing a lot due to your work or some other reasons, it’s a hint for you that you should start packing your bags and getting out of the town for the entire weekend with your family. Weekend travel is the best way to steam-off the stress from your head and enjoy some quality time with your near and dear ones. To give you some inspiration and hints of how you can make your weekends even more delightful this February, we have come up with a list of best family weekend getaways in February that will surely give you a magnificent experience and some break from the spine-chilling winter season:


  1. Palm Beach, Florida

A small and beautiful resort town in the Southern Florida, Palm Beach is among the most tranquilizing and bewitching places in the region, ideally famous for its spellbinding terrains, array of picturesque landscapes, wonderful palm boardwalks at the beach and variety of galleries, boutiques and many more places. Being so diverse in the attributes, this small town of the Southern Florida has been proven to be ideal for family travelers and giving kids, adults and elders a treat to enjoy. During the month of February, this town blooms like a garden and with the sun, sand and the sea, gives everyone an unforgettable delight.

  1. Carlsbad, California

A beautiful resort city at a proximity from San Diego, California, Carlsbad is one of the most astonishing and bewitching getaway options for family travelers. Featuring an array of natural landscapes and thriving attractions, this city has been a perfect for a weekend getaway. During the month of February, the city becomes even more delightful and engaging and give kids as well as adults the treat they have been seeking on a weekend. Additionally, the thriving range of attractions and affordable accommodations and airfares will help you a lot to plan and execute a weekend getaway in Carlsbad.

  1. Orlando, Florida

There is hardly any place existing at a close proximity in the USA that can beat the beauty and diversity of Orlando, California for a weekend getaway. The tempting array of picturesque landscapes, extraordinary theme parks and laid-back attractions have been  making Orlando an ideal place for weekend getaways with family in the USA. February is also considered to be the perfect time when you can witness the attractions and enjoy the adventure theme parks with fewer crowd wasting your time as the shoulder season of Orlando leave the city available for tourists. Additionally, the hotel stays will become even more affordable for you if you plan your weekend family vacations in Orlando during the February.

  1. Cancun, Mexico

The breathtaking resort city of Yukatan Peninsula region, Cancun is truly one of the most astonishing and adorable getaways in the close proximity from the USA where you can have some quality time with your family during the weekend. The outstanding range of resorts, bewitching beaches, fabulous cityscape and loads of attractions covering the entire plateau of the city will surely be an advantage for family travelers. The sun, sand and sea will be a great treat for families especially for kids to enjoy their vacations whilst elders can get delighted by the nightlife and other attractions of the city. So, if you are planning to go outside of the USA on a weekend family getaway, Cancun can be a wise choice for you.

  1. Scottsdale, Arizona

The small desert city at a proximity from the capital of Arizona Phoenix, Scottsdale is one of the most magnificent, thriving and engaging getaway destinations, best known for its golf courses, tennis courts, spas and many more sporting activities. The natural landscapes here that include hills, rocks, plains of deserts and more have been a great highlight for tourists visiting here in the winter season. If you too have been planning for something a little warm and away from the coasts, this place can be a great choice for budget travelers. Additionally, the wide range of historical places in the downtown will be a treat for kids as well as adults.

Spending weekend with family is a great energy booster and a perfect way to immune your body and mind against stress to come. Hence it is important for us all to plan a getaway occasionally on the weekends to make our life easy and enjoyable. So, if you too are thinking for some quality fun on the upcoming weekends, then you should probably consider the services of SmartFares and get going with weekend travel deals to save more on family flights with great discounts.

5 Most Expensive Destinations in the Europe

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Europe is globally renowned for its class and high standards of living and we all know to avail a quality class, one must pay the justified price. In case you have ever planned or have the desire of experiencing such a wonderful lifestyle and elegance environment, you shall have thought about Europe only. A continent that has proven itself in past as well for being a high-maintenance region, Europe possesses some of the most expensive destinations in the world. So, if you are planning to experience such a delight with flashy decor and amazing culture, we have jot down a list of the most expensive destinations in the Europe:

1. London, England:


The British capital is often considered as one of the most expensive and flashy destinations of the Europe. With its amazing range of attractions and spectacular lifestyle, the city is also boasted with myriad types of accommodation options and other features that have been the contributing factors of making London an expensive destination to visit. Whether you try to find a decent accommodation with great features and facilities or have an interest in trying some of the attractions and attributes, the city may compel you to spend some extra pounds in order to show its full colors. So, next time you plan a trip to British capital start saving some dollars by taking cheap flights to London from SmartFares

2. Paris, France


Often acknowledged as one of the costliest destinations yet visited by couples more frequently, French capital and the romantic capital of the world, Paris makes a great getaway destination with huge cost. Each year, thousands of couples take romantic travel deals and visit this astounding and inspiring destinations whilst discovering many flavors and colors spread across the city. The expense majorly imposed while visiting the capital city of France comes after booking cheap flights to Paris. When you find a decent hotel accommodation with higher price and try some quality wines and other dishes at the restaurants in prominent tourist areas. Word of advice, try to have meals and other portions at local areas away from the main landmarks of the city to avoid extra money.

3. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian capital has topped in the list of the most expensive holiday destinations of the Europe in past and have been a great place for tourists from across the world who seek a peaceful getaway with cultural exploration. The sizzling capital of Norway have always been an eye candy for tourists despite being an expensive getaway destination with an average hotel price of nearly $170 per person per night. So, if you are planning your visit to Oslo in near future, book cheap flights to Oslo with us and start saving extra dollars to face the higher expenses by using our marvelous travel deals and offers.

4. Zurich, Switzerland


The finance and banking capital of the world and one of the most livable cities of the globe, Zurich makes a perfect place for some romantic getaway whilst experiencing the freshness and charm of Swiss lifestyle. Although the city is often listed as one of the most expensive destinations to travel with an average accommodation of around $220 per person per night. Yet, every year, thousands of travelers from the United States travel all the way to Switzerland after taking cheap flights to Zurich and beginning their savings with budget flight deals.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark


The capital city of Denmark and one of the most prosperous, peaceful and picturesque destinations of the Europe, Copenhagen is one perfect place to go. However, if you have even a slightest concern of budget, the city may seem a bit far as there are plenty of things that can shake your budget heavily. The average accommodation in Copenhagen is marked around $170 last year and you might face some issues when it comes to dining and other activities to stroll around the city. Piece of advice, if you are planning a trip to Danish capital, find cheap flights to Copenhagen and trim your expensive in the beginning.

There are tons of other destinations spread across the Europe as well as across the world, based on what sort of fun and adventure you are looking for. However, some of the destinations are actually costly when it comes to make a getaway and find a reasonable accommodation. So, next time you plan a trip to one of the expensive destinations of the Europe or any other parts of the world, book your budget flights with SmartFares and start saving big with our spellbinding range of airfares and offers available online.

5 Getaways for a Perfect Thanksgiving

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Thanksgiving! For most of us it’s a day when we enjoy scrumptious meals, parades on our TV sets and a get together with the people we know. However, if you fond of voyaging, you might see a bigger picture where the national holiday will give you a chance to enjoy an extended weekend with people you love. This year, be thankful for the beauty of nature, vividness of culture and above all, god for giving you the opportunity to discover new dimensions of its greatest creation, mother Earth. Get your hands on thanksgiving travel deals and get going on a wonderful journey whilst exploring some of the most ideal and apt destinations across the United States that will give you a tremendous thanksgiving experience. Following are the top 5 getaways for a perfect thanksgiving:

1) Honolulu, Hawaii


Who doesn’t like to spend a vacation with family and friends on the sandy beaches, soaking up some sun and sipping some amazing drinks whilst leaving all the stress behind? If you are planning a thanksgiving getaway just like this, you can always plan a trip to Honolulu. The Hawaiian capital, best known for its amazing resorts, sandy beaches, spellbinding sunset, tremendous volcanic geological formations and ideal weather conditions can be your thanksgiving getaway destination this year. All you need is to find some of the offers providing budget thanksgiving travel deals and get going on a superlative journey in the beating heart of North Pacific Ocean.

2) Orlando, Florida


When you have kids in your family and you have promised them a wonderful journey, the best thing to save your neck is by taking them to Orlando on thanksgiving. The amusement park capital of the world is something that is capable to cheer up not only kids, but also adults from all age group. Go for some waterparks, amusement theme parks, Disneyland Orlando or Universal Orlando Resort to enjoy an exciting getaway. Whereas, if you are not a big fan of rides and other adventure stuff, there are also many golf parks that will give you a soothing and playful experience with loads of joy and excitement.

3) New York City, New York

New York

The big apple is ideal for every day of your life and when it comes to thanksgiving, the charming artistic epicenter of the world becomes the home of one of the finest thanksgiving parade. Enjoy having some scrumptious delicacies from the food stalls have a delighting experience witnessing huge balloons of characters from different genres. Find your way to many parties and get together going around the region and have a blast with fellow tourists. You can also go for some shows and events organized on the very day where you can have an impeccable experience of witnessing myriad art forms and make your thanksgiving the most memorable experience of your life.

4) Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

If you love glamour and have thanksgiving one of the chances to get close to your likings, Las Vegas is the place just right for you. Like an oasis in the middle of the deserts of Nevada, this sprawling and charming city of USA is a year-round destination and makes you a perfect getaway with plenty of parties and events going on to celebrate the auspicious occasion of thanksgiving. Fly your way to the Las Vegas and have a pleasant time exploring your luck whilst tasting the glamour and stardom of this huge, glittering land in the middle of the deserts of Nevada. Thanksgiving is also ideal to find some great budget deals for staying and other activities in Las Vegas.

5) Chicago, Illinois


If you are a tad tight on budget and looking for a destination for thanksgiving getaway within your budget, Chicago is the best place to be. With all the festival attributes comprising on the streets, Chicago is an ideal destination to be this thanksgiving for budget travelers. All you need is to search for budget thanksgiving travel deals and get going on a beautiful journey with family and friends to this spellbinding getaway featuring thanksgiving parades with giant balloons heading their way to the end point. Late in the night, you can also go for Millennium Park that host free ice-skating event for everyone.

Thanksgiving is a festival that is widely observed throughout the Americas and if you are one of the few people who haven’t made your thanksgiving plans yet, then you are in a luck as SmartFares offer some great thanksgiving travel deals for your last minute getaways. So, start packing your bags and book your thanksgiving trip with SmartFares.

5 Must Visit Attractions in Brazil

Friday, June 24th, 2016

A trip to Brazil comprises a visit to the most tempting places of the world has been giving away the experience of enjoying laid-back beaches, magnificent sport arenas, vibrant culture, fantastic festivals, delicious culinary and so much more to become one of the most amazing and dreamed countries to visit among global travelers. Boasted with natural beauty like beaches, rainforests, mountains, waterfalls and more, Brazil sure know how to present itself. If you are taking flights to Brazil and planning a getaway for a very long period, here are 5 must visit attractions in Brazil:

1) Christ the Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer

The most magnificent place to visit in entire Brazil, Christ the Redeemer is located at Corcovado Mountain and is giving away a spellbinding experience to millions of travelers visiting Brazil every year. This thriving site is known for this amazing giant statue of Christ along with the breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings from a high altitude. A promising site for travel photographers as well as tourists from all age groups, Christ the Redeemer is a place to enjoy the wonderful ocean breeze whilst taking selfies with the giant Jesus Christ.

2) Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

A combination of more than 270 falls, Iguazu Falls are among the most renowned water falls in the world as well as one of the most visited places in the Brazil. Located at Iguazu National Park, on the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, this stunning place will allow you to explore the wonderful and tempting natural bliss of Brazilian rainforests that have been the home of myriad flora and faunas. Although the falls are deep inside the forests, yet tourists can enjoy the refreshing accommodation options available nearby the wonderful site.

3) Chapada Diamantina National Park

Chapada Diamantina National Park

Located in the state of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina National Park is one of the extremely gorgeous natural places to find in Brazil. Boasted with endless purity and magnificent natural beauty, the Chapada Diamantina National Park comprises waterfalls, mountains, caves, rivers, valleys and so much more under 400 km land, the national park is one of the greatest landscapes to come across in the entire Brazil. Drawing countless tourists from across the world for wildlife photography, nature explorers, hikers and more, Chapada Diamantina National Park is a prestigious place to visit in Brazil.

4) Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

A beautiful volcanic archipelago in boundaries of Brazilian coasts, Fernando de Noronha is declared to be the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2001. Renowned for optimum snorkeling places, diving options, swimming, scuba diving and more, Fernando de Noronha is a perfect laid-back and enjoyable resort destination in Brazil. The island has recently become quite renowned among celebrities of the Brazil, hence visiting during the low season (April till September) is the ideal time.

5) Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande

The beautiful resort island located around 150 miles from Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande is among the most bewitching islands in Brazil known for its picturesque landscapes, delighting mountains and endless natural beauty. Once a penitentiary for political prisoners and highly violent criminals of Brazil, this island has now become one of the best places to visit in Brazilian archipelago. Enjoy the pleasure of fabulous natural sightseeing, adorable beaches, swimming, snorkeling and so much more when you visit next time to Brazil.

Being a huge country, Brazil is featured with endless possibilities and must place to visit. Quickly take flights to Rio de Janeiro, do not forget to visit these tranquillizing places and get your Brazil flight deals from SmartFares to avail special discounted airfares and seasonal offers on travel deals.

Where to travel in February

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

February happens to the shortest month of the year but has an ideal weather to go on a trip that can relax your mind and boost you up for the next season. Though despite being the shortest, it never fails to influence us and creates a light ambiance around us that makes us happy and satisfied. Whether you wish to spend some time at the beach or are looking for an adventurous expedition at the mountains, February gives you the freedom of doing them all as the weather is perfect and so are the places.

So, while you are making up your mind for the February break, here are the top places we have picked up for you to give you a wonderful experience.

1. The Caribbean:

Saint lucia

The month of February in the Caribbean makes you witness the best of this amazing destination. With a wide range of carnivals, festivals, warm temperatures and the valentine romance in the air makes many of its islands a perfect spot for vacation. Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, etc. are the major islands you can pick for your vacation. The vibrant nightlife and amazing food scenes of these places will double up the fun of your trip.

2. Venice, Italy:

Venice, Italy

This city of canals has a wonderful charm that can make you fall in love with it. With more than 100 islands, it is a wonderful destination to enjoy, have fun and swing in a mood of romance with your loved ones. The winter season in Venice stays only in December and January, so you can have an awesome vacation during February. The colourful ambience, lively street and the weather altogether make Venice a lovely place to be at.

3. Moscow, Russia:


If you wish to see the snowfall and feel the cold winds, Moscow is the perfect place you should head to, in February. Pancake binging, horse-drawn sleighs and ice-skating and the popular Mardi Grass Carnival are the major reasons that make it a pleasant destination where you can spend some memorable time. Cafes, galleries and art centres are the major attractions of the city that will captivate your eyes. Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Pushkin Museum, etc. are few more places that could be explored.

4. Palm Springs, California:

Palm Springs

This desert resort city in the state of California is yet another beautiful destination where you can spend a mesmerizing trip and create magical memories. The 20th century architectures, live music scenes, parties, colourful ambiance and lively culture make Palm Springs a favorite destination, especially in the month of February when the weather is just so perfect that you love every bit of it. There are many places and spots to explore as well that include the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Palm Springs Air Museum, San Jacinto Peak, etc.

Since January has already started, it’s high time to plan a trip and book cheap flights so that you can have a never before vacation experience. To make it better, take your loved ones along and browse some deals on SmartFares.

How to Make the Most of Myanmar

Friday, November 13th, 2015

With over 100 ethnic groups, vibrant culture and amazing sights to explore, Myanmar (Burma) is one popular tourist destination in the Southeast Asia that can give you numerous memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Known as the ‘Golden Land’, it is surrounded by major countries including India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. This culturally and historically rich country has a treasure trove of eye-catching attractions that will leave you spellbound. While you are planning a trip to this amazing destination, here are the spots that we have picked for you to make the best of your vacation. Create a checklist so that you don’t miss any of them and get the best of this wonderland.

1. Yangon:

Yangon, Maynamar

The largest and most important city of Myanmar, Yangon is an amazing destination with a wide range of colonial architectures, Buddhist Pagodas and a vibrant skyline. The impeccable charm of this destination will make you wonder in surprise. Museums, art galleries, and many more historical landmarks will add a pinch of joy to your trip. Do not forget to give your taste buds a treat with the delicious cuisines that are hard to find anywhere else.

2. Bagan:

Bagan, Myanmar

After Yangon, head straight to Bagan, this ancient city of Burma will take you to the 13th century and its influence. It is one of the most beautiful archeological sites that will give a treat to your eyes. There are pagodas, stupas, temples and many more spots that clearly depict the Buddhist influence. To delve into its magical charm, you need to be here soon. The majestic charm is definitely going to steal your heart away.

3. Northern Myanmar:

The most diverse part of the country, Northern Myanmar is a beautiful place with huge mountains, eye-pleasing sights, lovely landscapes and a mix of modern and ancient civilization. Placid stupas, temple-studded plains and warm-welcoming people of the region will make you spend a longer time here. The photogenic sights and unique sites will make you lose your heart for this alluring destination. Take your travel buddy along to create some awesome memories.

4. The Delta Region and Western Myanmar:

Western Myanmar

To get the best experience of being in Myanmar, do visit the western region of the country and watch the agricultural land spreading happiness throughout the nation. The green towns, exotic beaches and huge fields are nothing less than an awe-inspiring scene that will surely leave you spellbound. Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the west, this delta region is also known as the Rice bowl of the nation. To explore its hidden vistas, visit it soon.

Myanmar is a gem in the crown of the Southeast Asia and has several eye-catching and attractive places, spots and landmarks that will definitely urge you to explore this tourist friendly and budget friendly destination thoroughly. Since the list is already here, there isn’t any reason to delay more. All you need to do is, book a cheap flight to Myanmar through SmartFares and save huge with the additional discounts.

Driving through the rugged roads of South America

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Road trips are the best way to explore a country, its famous landmarks and the different spots. It gives a chance to peek into its deep roots from where we get to know about something new all the time. Traveling can make you experience the best moments of your life, but you cannot know your potential and introspect unless and until it’s a road trip, especially when you are on a ride to measure the roads of South America. Forget everything and pack up your bags for an exciting adventurous trip, which you might not get anywhere else. Pull up your socks and get ready to enjoy a thrilling expedition that will make you scream in joy and surprise.

1. Death Road, Bolivia:

Death Road, Bolivia

Also known as the World’s Most Dangerous Road, the death road in Bolivia is a highway that stretches from 61 to 69 kilometers that connects the Amazon rainforest region of northern Bolivia to its capital city. The magnificent views of the road and the breathtaking route will give you an out of the world experience. The road is filled with tourists all the time and travelers can be seen cycling very often. So, if adventure is what you seek, take this road which is actually less traveled but worth visiting.

2. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia:

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar De Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat that happens to be another renowned adventure-filled road trip. The smooth white salt flat and the crystal blue sky will add charm to your trip and leave you awestruck. It is an amazing place to experience a 4×4 excursion. The solitude of the place will make you fall in love with it and you’ll definitely like to spend time discovering its hidden vistas. The road takes you to La Paz from Uyuni. Do not forget to stop over its only restaurant and take a break from the drive.

3. Carretera Austral, Chile:

Carretera Austral, Chile

Formerly known as the Carretera General Augusto Pinochet, Carretera Austral is a name given to route 7 of Chile. The highway is around 1,240 km long and connects Puerto Montt to Villa O’Higgins through rural Patagonia. Flawless views of fjords, glaciers, forest and natural sceneries are the common sights that you will encounter while driving on the road. The unpaved roads are no less than an electrifying experience which you will relish if you are an adventure seeker. Get on your ride and take yourself on a journey that will make you forget everything else.

4. Transamazônica, Brazil:

Transamazônica, Brazil

This 4,000 km long highway is the connecting link from Amazon to Brazil. Driving along the Amazon on the unpaved roads is an experience that you will remember for your lifetime. You will have to ride between the cattle and the cowboys that can be found all over the roads on this route. The best time to drive on the road is between July to October when you can watch the wonderful sights of the Amazonia National Park and the village Labrea. This is yet another adventurous ride you will come across.

5. Ruta 40, Argentina:

Ruta 40, Argentina

The most famous and the longest road in South America that takes the tourists from La Quiaca in the north to Rio Gallegos in the far south of Argentina. A ride on this route will make you give a treat to your eyes with some astonishing views of the Andes Mountain and the Los Glaciares National Park. Herds of sheep and foxes can be spotted while driving on the road that will add a pinch of magic to your drive. A drive on this route cannot be missed as it is one of the most important routes of the South America.

So, while you are planning your itinerary, do not forget to browse through best hotel deals on SmartFares.

Veteran’s Day Weekend Getaways

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Veterans Day, an event dedicated to the valor of the people who sacrificed their lives while serving the U.S. army. Commemorated as a national holiday, this day is a vital part of the history. Many people celebrate the day in their own way, some pay tribute to the soldiers, others participate in the parade while a lot of people take advantage of the weekend and spend it at an exotic destination.

If you too are planning for a quick break this Veterans Day, here is the list of the destinations that could be visited easily. The pleasure of sightseeing and the honor of saluting the brave souls, experience both the things by booking a Veteran’s Day flight soon.

1. Arlington, Virginia:


There cannot be a better place to celebrate Veterans Day than Arlington. The Arlington National Cemetery is a place where you can pay homage to 25,000 soldiers at one single place. There are many historical sights too that can be explored. So feel the privilege and enjoy a fun-filled weekend by visiting Arlington this Veterans Day.

2. USS Arizona, Honolulu:

USS Arizona, Honolulu

A memorial in the name of the Battleship of 1941 in the Pearl Harbor will make you give tribute to 1,102 sailors in the USS Arizona. This amazing Whitehall memorial isn’t just a place to remember the heroes but has a lot more to see that will take you back to the old era.

3. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington

The names of 60,000 deceased soldiers carved on a wall will bring tears in your eyes when you visit the Vietnam veterans Memorial. This unique way of recalling the bravery of the war heroes is one way in which you can celebrate the event. Pay a floral tribute and walk around to explore the historical monuments present around the city.

4. Liberty Memorial, Kansas City:

Liberty Memorial, kansas

Located at the National World War I Museum, Kansas city, Liberty memorial is another place where you can relive the stories of the thousands of unsung heroes. A great event is organized here on each Veterans Day so you can be a part of felicitations too. After being a part of the same, an excursion to Kansas City can also be enjoyed.

5. Gettysburg Battlefield, Philadelphia:


This area has experienced a huge military war whose traits can be easily found in the museums and cemeteries around this region. The sacrifices of the war heroes can be seen in the 4.5 acres of the Gettysburg battlefields. The scenic beauty and the gentle hills of the city will make you feel the magical charm and give you a wonderful vacation experience.

It is because of the dead heroes that we are leading a happy and free life, so to thank them we shall celebrate Veterans Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Take benefit of the Veterans Day deals available on SmartFares and visit all the memorials and war cemeteries to honor the bravery of the great people. Since Veterans Day is not very far, do not forget to book a cheap flight soon.

The Best Beach Destinations of Oceania

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Oceania is a region centered on the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean, which is famous for its alluring beaches and impeccable beauty, which is hard to find anywhere else. It is majorly divided into four parts, Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, which makes it an amazing and alluring part of the world that needs to be explored definitely. To your surprise, these destinations have been awarded as the best holiday spots that have all the important factors which you are looking for in your island vacation. And if you are a beach lover and all you want to do is enjoy the turquoise blue waves, Oceania is definitely the region you should head to. In short, to experience the best beaches, here is the list you need to follow to feel the magic yourself.

1. Australia :

Bondi Beach, Australia

Australia has been a favorite destination for many travelers since the last few decades. The alluring landscapes, natural wonders and the magic of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean make it a wonderful island destination that will double up the fun of your vacation. A wide range of beaches, tropical rainforests and eye pleasing scenic beauty will steal your heart away. Make sure you visit them all to get a reason to differentiate among them all.

2. Cook Islands:

Cook Island

A south archipelago nation in the region, the Cook Islands is another destination of the region that will leave you awestruck. If you are looking for a remote and isolated place, Cook Islands make the perfect and ideal spot for your holiday. Spectacular and white sand beaches can be easily found here. Known as the water sports and beach paradise of Oceania, the destination is worth exploring if you are looking for that exuberant outing.

3. Fiji:

Fiji Island

Fiji is a country in the South Pacific with more than 300 islands that boasts palm-lined beaches, blue lagoons and rugged mountains. This island nation has a wide range of breathtaking beaches that will make you fall in love with it totally. No matter what kind of vacation you seek, Fiji is a gem of Oceania that will let you live your dream vacation easily. You can enjoy snorkeling, trekking, surfing, diving and bird watching at this ultimate destination.

4. French Polynesia:

French Polynesia

Made up of 118 scattered islands, French Polynesia is one of the top destinations of Oceania that has to be on your list while you are planning a trip to the Oceania. Don’t forget, Bora Bora and Tahiti are a part of this wonderful destination and the charm of their elegance cannot be explained in words at all. Whether you wish to relax on the beach or need an adventurous ride on the waves, French Polynesia will never leave a chance to impress you.

5. New Caledonia:

New Caledonia

Among the top destinations of Oceania, New Caledonia is less popular, but has the equal amount of wonderful spots like the other destinations. Surrounded by dozens of islands, this astonishing place has exotic beaches, blue lagoons and has the world’s largest marine life. Tropical rainforests and lovely beaches are its assets and earn all the desired attention. Vibrant nightlife, unique wildlife and lip-smacking French dishes will make your vacation all the more memorable.

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