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Top 5 American Spring Getaway Destinations

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Right after when the gray days of winters are over and the humid days of summer are about to begin, the most awesome time of the year comes around and give us the pleasure of adoring the nature and explore the outdoors in the best way possible. Spring is known to be the best time in the year for some quality escapes and explore the natural terrains with some of the best settings of all time. The captivating beauty of nature is really refreshing and give us all the energy to tackle the summer season with the best of our spirits. So, if you think you need a quality break when you can top-up your energy, then you must plan a spring getaway trip and to give you the best experience, we are bringing to you the top 5 American spring getaway destinations that are just awesome to explore and soak the beauty of the America.

  1. Washington D.C.


Spring is considered to be the best time to enjoy a vacation in the national capital Washington as the city blooms with colorful flowers and astonishing festivals that can give you happiness whilst offering the perfect chance to explore the most stunning attractions. With places like Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National Archives, Library of Congress and many more that become widely available for tourists, you can witness the rich history of the country with some awesome background settings. Additionally, with an array of wonderful festivals, you can have the most gorgeous time witnessing the festivities and discovering the beauty and charisma of the national capital up close.

  1. Orlando


A vacation with family or kids in spring season is the best thing that can happen in your life and if you are seeking the right place to enjoy with kids, then there is hardly any place better than the fantastic conurbation of Orlando. The astonishing theme park capital of the world, Orlando becomes much more thriving and adorable to explore during the spring season and with less humidity and more sunny days, you can easily witness the tranquilizing adventure parks spread across the city. Go for golfing or enjoy some quality shopping with your near and dear ones and you can easily treasure some quality and golden memories with your kids whilst enjoying every single moment spent in the theme parks of Orlando. Spring is also a perfect season to find some budget deals on flights and hotels which makes it even more splendid and enjoyable for you.

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco

West Coast has plenty of towns and cities, but if you are looking for something really astounding, then how about spending a spring vacation in San Francisco? The bewitching conurbation in the state of California, the city by the bay is widely popular for its gorgeous cityscape that is wrapped by the rugged outskirts and superlative natural landscapes. Enjoy a warm sunset near the Golden Gate Bridge or go for some nightlife enjoyment at the city to make your vacations more enjoyable. Since the season of spring is the shoulder season for the city, you will encounter fewer crowd as compared to other seasons and can have more time in exploring rather than wasting in the queues at the attractions.

  1. New York City

New York City

The sprawling city of New York is known to be the most apt place for some quality vacation throughout the year, but if you are looking for a bewitching spring getaway, then this city will show you an entirely different experience. Go and have a stroll in the central park or enjoy some quality time at the beaches where you can witness the warm and enjoyable breeze brushing against your cheeks and giving you a refreshing delight, which can’t be described in words. Since it is the time when most people the people head towards the beach destinations, New York City becomes less occupied and you can easily find a budget accommodation whilst saving big on airfares.

  1. Houston


Southern American region is not a favorable place to visit once the heat of summer take over the entire plateau. Hence, spring is the best time when you can actually enjoy the best of the region and discover the enthralling beauty of the Texas at the sprawling city of Houston. Spring in Houston is really wonderful and is prominently famous among the kids who enjoy strolling around the parks and pack the picnic to enjoy the entire sunny days. The array of theme parks and wide variety of natural landscapes that are spread across the city and in nearby areas are the highlight for tourists and if you love to have a laid-back getaway experience down in the south, then spending a spring vacation Houston can fulfil your desires.

A small vacation is all it takes to refresh your mind and body and give you the strength to tackle the difficulties in work and personal life. Hence, people always seek some perfect time to enjoy with the near and dear ones to not just cherish the splendid surroundings, but also some quality time with the people they love the most. So, if you think you need a refreshing break from the boring and stressful life, then make your vacation count and consider SmartFares to avail some amazing and discounted spring travel deals that will help you to rejuvenate your life whilst saving huge on airfares whilst exploring the most prominent and delightful getaway destinations in the world.

Thriving Trip to the Salt Lake City

Friday, March 16th, 2018

America is the home of various attributes and features that are scattered all over the plateau of the mainland and nearby islands of the nation. From scenic cityscapes to the dazzling nightlife, exquisite beaches and tempting natural terrains, you can find almost everything in the USA. However, there are certainly some places that are better than the rest of the world and if you are an adventure junkie, you will second the statement as the Salt Lake City is here at your service for some thrill and excitement. The charming crown jewel of the state of Utah, Salt Lake City is widely popular for its picturesque settings that are perfect for some adventures. So, if you haven’t been here before and looking for your first trim, then here is the information that can make your voyage a thriving trip to the Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake City

  1. Best Time to Visit

Salt Lake City is literally one of those selected places that can be visited any time of the year and you will remain amazed by the rich diversity and features this city has to offer. However, just like any other destination in the world, there are high and low seasons of Salt Lake City too. if you love to visit this gorgeous city with fewer crowd and better scene, then plan your voyage between March and May and from September till November when the weather is perfect for some outdoor exploration and people head towards beach for some sun, sand and sea. Summers are comparatively hotter in Salt Lake City where as the winters will leave you inside your hotel for a very long time if you love to stroll around more.

  1. Major Attractions

Salt Lake City is the home of both natural and man-made attractions and if you love exploring the best of both, then you will surely adore this place more than anything. Places like Temple Square, Hogle Zoo, National History Museum, Clark Planetarium, Church History Museum, Beehive House, Public Library, Museum of Contemporary Art and more will be perfect to know the history and culture of this splendid place. However, if you love to explore nature more than anything else, you will find Antelope Island State Park, Red Butte Garden, Sugar House Park, Pony Express Historic Trail, Kings Peak, Millcreek Canyon, Liberty Park and dozens of other places that are really outstanding and will give you some spectacular getaway experience.

  1. Things to Do

Salt Lake City is among the most engaging and captivating getaway destinations in the entire United States and if you are seeking something to do in here, then you will surely find a number of things that will keep you engaged for a very long time. Activities like rock-climbing, fishing, boating, hiking, camping and many more activities that can be accessed during the summer season. These activities are perfect and suitable for almost everyone who enjoy some thrill and adventure. However, winters introduce a whole different level of thrill and adventure with its thriving skiing resorts that remain wide open in the winters and offer some of the most spellbinding skiing and snow sport experiences to the tourists.

  1. Nightlife, Shopping and Food

Salt Lake City is one of the most incredible and rich cities of the State of Utah in terms of infrastructure and if you have this habit of shopping while traveling, then Salt Lake City will suit to you at the best. The wide shopping areas at the Main Street, City Creek Center and Trolley Square are the highlight for the tourists for some quality shopping. If you love eating while traveling, then don’t forget to try the fry sauce that is known to be the most famous cuisine of the state of Utah. The dish comprises a mixture of ketchups, sauces and many more things that are perfectly served with French fries. The nightlife of Salt Lake City is just like any other metropolitan city of the United States where you can easily grab your drink and enjoy the grooving music with the people you love the most.

  1. Essential Information

Salt Lake City is nothing less than any major city in the United States and if you are visiting here, then you surely will enjoy strolling around the city. However, knowing some information about the local transportation will be better for you as you can easily get the trains, buses, bicycles and rental cars that can easily be driven in the simplified grid system. Salt Lake City has its own international airport that is connected with all the major international and domestic destinations. However, if you are visiting here by road, then you can easily connect with the city through buses, cars and other modes of local transportation.

Salt Lake City is a perfect combination of scenic natural terrains and extraordinary lifestyle that has given millions of tourists a spellbinding getaway experience. From tempting Gothic architectures to the fantastic array of natural landscapes, the diversity of Salt Lake City is simply spellbinding. So, if you are ready to be amazed by the remarkable charm and fascinating beauty of Utah, then book your domestic flight deals with SmartFares today and get ready to be amazed by the rich beauty and charming factors of this bewitching conurbation of the Utah with a thriving trip to the Salt Lake City.

Family Vacations in Orlando

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

A perfect family destination requires a lot of features that can cater from all age group whilst interest the variety of hobbies and delights everyone seek during their vacations. America is full of scenic places that have the potential to become a hot favorite family getaway destination. However, only some of them have thrived till now and among them all, Orlando is a shining star. The captivating land-locked getaway destination of Florida, Orlando is widely popular for its theme parks and exquisite golf courses. However, there is much more to make it a perfect family-friendly getaway destination. So, if you are looking forward for a magnificent family escape and considered Orlando for your upcoming voyage, then don’t miss to visit the following places:

Family Vacations in Orlando

  1. Universal Studio Florida

The Universal Orlando is known to be among the biggest highlights of the city and if you are visiting here with your family, you will surely adore the exquisite range of attractive features this wonderful theme park has to offer. The entire entertainment complex is divided into nine sections where you will find a couple of theme parks, five hotel complexes, a water park and a night-time entertainment complex. The entire complex is ideal for people from all age group and offer a hospitable environment for family and friends. Incepted in the year 1990, this theme park is globally famous and has been visited by millions of people every year. The resorts here are really opulent and you can have a quality time with your loved ones whilst pampering them with a stylish range of amenities.

  1. Orlando Science Center

One of the most promising and captivating attractions in the entire state of Florida, Orlando Science Center is among the most interactive, enthralling and interesting attractions in the city. Perfectly located in the city center, this place is accessed by the millions of people on every day. Performing as a privately-owned science center, this place is widely popular and have been exhibiting a wide range of relics. Covering from the engineered items to the natural attractions, fossils, observatory belongings and more, this place is a splendid option to go with kids as well as adults. The place is filled with loads of interactive exhibitions and if your kids or someone in the family has a taste for science and ancient history, they will love spending the time here.

  1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not

The world-famous American franchise that displayed the marvels of history and science in the most interactive way, Ripley’s has its one of the strongest center located in Florida and that too in the ideal location of Orlando. Ripley’s Believe it or Not is truly a surreal place featured with loads of facts, exhibitions and so much more that are rare to be categories. The structure of the building itself is really spooky as it is constructed to make an illusion of dropping into a sink hole. There are plenty of other features that you can see as the exhibitions keep on changing and will be adored by the kids and people who enjoy the spooky side of science.

  1. International Drive

If you are visiting here as a family and looking for a place to walk by and enjoy some quality surrounding, International Drive will be the most adorable place you can find in Orlando. The scenic strip consists of ample of attractions itself that are widely popular in the entire USA. With its perfect location in the downtown Orlando, you can have the most adorable getaway experience with your near and dear ones. Additionally, the International Drive will remind you of the Strip from Las Vegas which is quite a prominent thing to witness in Orlando. You can easily come across hundreds of people strolling around at a time and adore the entire surrounding.

  1. Medieval Times Dinner Show

Visiting Florida and not enjoying the dining experience is simply incomplete, hence you must try to go and have a Medieval Times Dinner Show which is among the most popular, luxurious yet pocket-friendly experiences to have as a family. Though, dinners are known to have an impression of being cheesy, but if you love being pampered by the quality dining experience and can’t ignore the thrill served along with the delicious delicacies. The blood-pumping conflict between two medieval knights will be the biggest highlight and will make you believe that you might forgot to put the bite of food in your mouth. Kids love such excitements the most and if you are tagging along kids with you, then this place will be definitely a delight for you.

Family vacations in Orlando are really outstanding and people who have been through their vacations still cherish the golden moments spent there with a smile on their faces. The array of superlative attractions and picturesque settings are perfect to go with kids, spouse and even with the parents. So, next time, whenever you seek a vacation with your family and dear ones, then don’t hesitate to book your domestic flight deals from SmartFares and enjoy an exquisite getaway with loads of happening moments whilst saving big on family flight deals.

A tempting getaway to the San Francisco

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Arguably one of the most scenic getaway destinations featured with a glittering skyline and awesome natural landscapes in the surrounding areas, the notorious city for its fog, San Francisco is one of the most desired and captivating getaway destinations in the entire USA, ideally popular for its Golden Gate Bridge, massive range of fabulous landscapes and a culturally rich as well as divers cityscape. The charm of San Francisca has been wooing the heart of tourists from around the world for decades now and giving them a tempting getaway experience that is nearly impossible to be find elsewhere. The captivating city has been giving tourists some great memories to cherish for the rest of the lives, hence here we are bringing to you the glimpse of the city by the bay for a tempting getaway to the San Francisco:

San Francisco

  1. Ideal time to visit San Francisco

San Francisco is among the most wonderful and highly visited getaway destinations in the state of California and doesn’t run into the off season. The winters are known to be notorious for the dense fog, but many people find this sort of weather wonderful for a quality sight of the glittering skyline and wonderful Golden Gate Bridge. Summers are also really moderate and rarely go above 80 degree Fahrenheit. The ideal time to visit for budget travelers is known to be the fall season when the mild touch of winter and moderate weather conditions leave tourists open to explore all the attractions and give a scenic view of the city and surroundings.

  1. Must visit attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco is a big city and is featured with tons of beautiful and world-class attractions that cover almost every region of the city. Places like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, Twin Peaks, Chinatown, Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco Cable Car Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Sciences, Crissy Field, Conservatory of Flowers and many more places are known to be the most visited and highly recommended places to visit at first place in the city. Though, it is really hard to cover all the massive attractions in the city, but if you are planning a long vacation here, you can cover some of the most popular ones and can plan for further trips for better experiences.

  1. Things to do in San Francisco

Many of the attractions in San Francisco are known to massive in size and just paying a visit here won’t solve the purpose of visiting this city. Hence, there are a number of places that are recommended to explore whilst spending a quality vacation in San Francisco. While you are in San Francisco, don’t miss to explore the Golden Gate Park which is known to be one of the biggest highlights of the city. Going on a cable car ride is also quite popular as well as recommended to the first timers for a great delight and understanding the old ways of transport before the modern technology took over. Additionally, during the fall and spring, many art, cultural and literature festivals take place in San Francisco that can seriously draw your attention and can give you the glimpse of artistry and brilliance of the city.

  1. Food, Shopping and Nightlife Scene

Being one of the most perfectly constructed metropolitan cities of the USA and among the most tourist-friendly cities in the world, San Francisco has developed great infrastructure in the forms of shopping, nightlife hubs and dining experiences. The most popular and highly recommended shopping areas in San Francisco are Westfield San Francisco Center, Metreon, North Point Centre, Japan Centre, Stonestown Galleria, Crocker Galleria and Pier 39 that are really famous for quality shopping experience in San Francisco. The dining and nightlife experience in the city is quite popular and hundreds of tourist are found visiting here for the same only. Places like North Point Street, Jackson Street, Mission Street, North Beach Area and Financial District where you can have the quality nightlife and dining experience in San Francisco.

  1. Essential Information

San Francisco is among the most well-connected cities in the entire USA and have several airports to serve the purpose of the visitors flying to San Francisco. The local transport system of San Francisco is really outstanding and you can easily roam around the city using railway, metro, trams, buses, taxis and rental cars. The car renting system in San Francisco is really great as compared to other cities, but being a modern and densely populated city, the traffic conditions may bother you. The city of San Francisco is among the safest and delightful cities in the entire USA and is visited by thousands of tourists every month that have found the city safe to stroll around in the day time. However, it is highly advised to take standard precautions to stay safe and avoid dark alleys and less crowded areas especially during the odd hours.

San Francisco is quite a picturesque city that is really stunning to explore and has been famous for its rich diversity which covers the field of culture, natural landscapes, exquisite heritage, traditions, art and more. So, if you are seeking some time off from your monotonous life and looking for something more adventurous and exciting then start packing your bags and book domestic flight tickets to San Francisco with SmartFares today to save more on airfares and have an incredible getaway to one of the most promising cities of the state of California.

Winter Getaways in Middle-East

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Winter getaways are always beautiful when most of the people from around the world head to the European destinations or the Caribbean beaches for some sun and beautiful sights, but if you haven’t witness the charm the Middle-Eastern region has to offer during the winters, you are missing a big deal of the winter’s beauty. Middle-Eastern region is the home of many picturesque destinations and towns that have massive diversity and beautiful attributes within. Where there are places that are acclaimed as the world-class modern cities, the other side is the home of an incredible history that goes back to the ancient age. All of it is best to explore in the winter season, hence we are bringing to you the best winter getaways in Middle-East:

  1. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Arguably among the most reputed and enthralling destinations in the Middle-East for ages, Abu Dhabi is one of the most delighted and visited places in the region. The capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is featured with loads of picturesque places spanning from the culture to the modern lifestyle, from the religious places to the luxurious attractions and the list goes on and on. The climate conditions of the Abu Dhabi is comparative warmer and more humid as compared to western countries which makes it hard to explore during the summer season. Hence winters are known to be ideal for such a magnificent getaway experience in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Petra


History buffs must have heard about the scenic and historically rich city of Petra in the Jordan. The charming region of the Middle-East is the home of some of the most popular and captivating attractions of the region. Featured with a number of archaeological sites, Petra has been visited throughout the year by the tourists from around the world. However, if you enjoy strolling around the heritage sites and ancient attractions, you will find the ancient place more beautiful during the winters when the chilly breeze will keep your body hydrated and give you a refreshing delight when you explore the bewitching attractions and complexes in the destination. Additionally, winters are known to be the off-season for Petra as many people head to the beaches and warm places which automatically leaves Petra available for tourists.

  1. Beirut


The capital of the Lebanon and among the most thriving destinations in the Middle-East, Beirut is among the most prestigious places in the region, best known for its modern cityscape, exquisite beaches and tranquilizing nightlife that has been alluring tourists from the rest of the world. The fantastic range of bars and pubs across the boardwalk of Beirut has been giving tourists a spellbinding experience and during the winters, the charm of the city increases manifold. Not only the winter theme parties become more enjoyable, but the soothing weather conditions will give you the opportunity to explore the spectacular coasts of the city more than anything. Additionally, during the winters, the airfares become cheaper than the usual and you can easily save more on your travel.

  1. Muscat


The port city as well as the capital of Oman, Muscat is one of the most luxurious, magnificent, diverse and culturally rich cities in the Middle-East. For being nestled on the shores of the Gulf of Oman, this city shares a massive fan following and is giving tourists a spellbinding delight to explore beaches, mountains and cityscape at one place. Additionally, the rich culture and religious beliefs of the Muscat has been the reason behind a massive traveler following from across the globe. For being a massive port city of the region, Muscat is also visited by a big number of business travelers and is quite a favorite place for shopping lovers. So, if you like to explore it all, winters can be ideal as the less humid and low temperature will give you the chance to explore the best of the city.

  1. Dubai


Dubai is known to be the beacon of tourism in the Middle-East and it won’t be wrong to say that the best time to visit Dubai is the winters as the warm days in the summer and other seasons will restrict your exploration of the city. Hence, people are found taking flights to Dubai during the winter season more than the summers. The massive range of cultural, religious, modern and natural attractions are best to be explored during the winter season as it gives the tourists more mobility across the city and better weather conditions to stroll around the city without being tired. Winters are also ideal to visit here as many people go for the beaches and the city of Dubai is more favorite for being a luxurious and cultural city.

Spanning across from the African continent to the Central Asian region, Middle-East has plenty of regions that are perfect to explore and diverse in terms of geographical situation, culture, lifestyle, resources, heritage and ancient values. The collection of these places are available for tourists to explore if they time it right and plan a getaway for great memories. So, if you too are thinking to explore the rich diversity of Middle-East and wish to make your winter getaways more astonishing and unique, then quickly consider the services of SmartFares and get some great deals and offers in international flights to Middle-East for more pleasure.

Chinese New Year in New York City

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Chinese New Year or commonly known as the Lunar New Year is probably one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the whole world. With a massive population of people from the Chinese culture scattered all over the globe, the Chinese New Year has become a global festival and people from other cultures and background have started to wait and enjoy this festival. This year as well, the Chinese New Year is expected to become a sensational event across the globe and many cities will be enjoying the captivating beauty of this superlative event. The Lunar New Year is the year of dog in 2018 and just like every year, this year too, people in the New York City will be enjoying the delights of this exquisite festival just like other festivities and events in the past. So, here are the things that you can expect in the Chinese New Year celebration in the Big Apple:

Chinese New Year Travel

  1. Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown NYC

Chinese New Year festival last for days in the New York City as the Chinatown gets filled with loads of festivities and celebrations, perfect for both natives and tourists from around the globe. The Chinatown is considered to be the hub of festivities of Chinese New Year in the New York City and if you are planning to witness the captivating parade w here you can go and watch the dancing lions, dragons and many more floats on the drum-roll, then you should plan a visit to the Chinatown on 25th Feb when the the happiness will be in the air just like the confetti and your days will be as sparkling as the fireworks.

  1. Chinese New Year special sales

During the season of Chinese New Year, NYC enjoys the massive sale on shops, boutiques, malls and marketplaces across the city. To lure out the other communities and give the perfect opportunity to the Chinese community residing in the New York and nearby places, local shops and markets have begun to initiate the trend and are giving massive discounts on products all over the city. So, if you traveling and love shopping with your backpack, then New York City will be perfect for you to visit during the Chinese New Year. Markets like Times Square, Columbus Circle, Manhattan Mall, Greenwich Street and many more places are absolutely perfect to witness the celebrations in the market and bring some festivities back home in the form of shopping.

  1. The costume parties and cosplay shows

During the span of the entire Chinese New Year, many places across the city enjoy the costume parties and cosplay where locals as well as tourists dress-up in the traditional way and enjoy the Chinese culture just like their own. Additionally, the Flushing Town Hall becomes the beacon of the theater lovers where the performances from the international artists of the Chinese culture are organized every year and given the demonstration of the acting and some glimpse of the rich heritage of the Chinese culture. The dressing style of the artists here are really outstanding and if you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to get the front seats and enjoy the entire show uninterrupted. Additionally, there are many more events similar to this one and you can easily track them all by searching online.

  1. Firecrackers and firework show

Chinese New Year are famous for unique fireworks and if you love the same, you will surely adore the sight of fireworks at the Chinatown. Being the hub of all the cultural activities and festivities of Chinese New Year in the New York City, Chinatown remain flocked by the tourists and people from all communities gathering around for a stunning sight of fireworks and fire cracker ceremony. On the 16th of February, you can have the lovely sight of this astonishing event at the Chinatown and witness the ceremony where the ritual takes place to ward off the bad omens from locals. Once the firework ceremony is complete, the people enjoy the show of the dancing lions followed by many other performances.

  1. Chinese New Year special food menu

Since Chinese New Year is all about the culture and heritage of China, it is simply impossible to enjoy the festivities without the local gastronomy and there are surely many places across the New York City that serve the special menu of the Chinese culinary. Many restaurants, hotels and dining areas across the New York City opt for the Chinese New Year theme and bring forth the special menu filled with the wide range of Chinese authentic and traditional dishes. Chinese food is quite popular across the New Yorkers and if you too love the concoction of herbs, spices and those unique methods of cooking, then this could be a big bonus for you as a foodie to enjoy Chinese New Year in New York City.

Chinese New Year is among the most favorite festival for New Yorkers as this is the perfect chance to enjoy the festival that comes from far away and has roots of an entirely different culture. However, just like any other festival, Chinese New Year too is a highly popular event in the city and tourists from across the USA tend to visit here to witness the charming festivities and celebrations. So, if you too are thinking to have a Chinese New Year celebration this year, then quickly book your domestic flight tickets with SmartFares and save more on airfares whilst enjoying a dazzling Chinese New Year celebration in the NYC.

Top 5 Domestic Easter Getaways

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

There are plenty of festivals that come and go each year, but just like Christmas, Easter too has its huge relevance in both culture and tradition of the Americans. The festival that is more secular than religious, Easter is truly a magnificent festival for everyone that bring joy to our life and give us the chance to be together with our near and dear ones. Celebrated by both masses and classes, Easter is a widely observed festival and has plenty of things to indulge. So, today, we are bringing to you the top 5 domestic Easter getaways that are really bewitching and have the strength to make your getaway worth enjoying:

Easter Travel Deals

  1. St. Louis, Missouri

Easter in St. Lucia is probably among the best experience for kids as most of the activities designed here to celebrate this gigantic festival are entirely based for kids’ fun. Be it the arrival of Easter Bunny, air egg hunt, breakfast with the bunny, bunny hop or any other activity, there are plenty of things to enjoy as a kid. So, if you are planning to enjoy Easter with your kids or toddlers around you, St. Lucia can be proven as a nice place to have a quality time with them whilst engaging them in various hunts and other activities in various parts of the city. There are also plenty of activities that are free of cost for kids, so your Easter getaway can become pocket-friendly if you chose St. Lucia as your preferred place.

  1. Orlando, Florida

The theme parks of Orlando are sufficient enough to give anyone a treat of visiting here on any normal day, but when it comes to Easter Sunday, the extravaganza goes high to many levels. Not only the theme parks adopt the theme of Easter on this occasion, there are plenty of things that can indulge both kids and adults in different way. Be it the adventure parks, theme parks, golf courses, resorts or the exquisite marketplaces of Orlando, there are always plenty of things to make your Easter getaway in the charming conurbation of Florida a perfect experience. Though, Easter in Orlando can cost a good fortune to anyone, but if you are planning everything in advance and have booked flights and hotels in Orlando quickly, you can easily save huge on your travel budget.

  1. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is like the cultural and artistic hub of the nearby region in the state of Alabama and has plenty of things to enjoy. Around the festival of Easter, these activities become even more exciting and enjoyable as the touch of art and culture of the Alabama state brings the festivities of Easter to new heights. The craft shows, art galleries and other arrangements make the city quite amazing and enjoyable for everyone. The Eater egg hunt, bunny hop competition, supper with Easter bunny and many more activities are as beautiful as any other part in the world with an edge of music concerts, art and craft shows, gift distribution and much more where both kids and adults can participate and make their Easter more exquisite.

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is quite a famous place among both kids and adults for being the home of Cincinnati Zoo. Where at one side, the fauna and flora of the city can amaze your very soul, the myriad range of events and parties organized across the city will be a treat for everyone. The magnificent festivities of Easter take over the entire plateau of Cincinnati by a storm and you can have a quality time with your near and dear ones without missing a beat. The Easter Egg hunt, at Sawyer Point, Rentschler Forest Metro Park, Hamilton and Freedom Park were a great hit in 2017 and there will be many more exquisite experiences where you can go and enjoy a brunch with Easter bunny and indulge yourself in tempting activities and fun things. Being a less popular place for Easter, you can easily find budget flights to Cincinnati and affordable accommodations in the city even in the peak season. So, it is a win-win situation for you if you opt for Cincinnati as your Easter getaway destination.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

Every year on the Easter Sunday, the entire city goes haywire with the celebrations and festivities of the Easter and get delighted by the picturesque settings and kids strolling around with tiny and well decorated eggs in their small basket. The various Easter Egg Hunts organized for kids and adults in different parts of the city are the highlight of the day along with the meet with the Easter Bunny which is a show-stopper for kids. Additionally, various suppers organized by the locals in different districts of the Atlanta will be a treat for tourists to enjoy not just the festive sweets, but also the dynamic gastronomy of the Georgia. So, if you are looking for an Easter that will pack your whole day with truck-load of activities, Atlanta can be a fine choice.

Now days, Easter has become more of a fun festival than a religious one and whether you believe it or not, everyone around you will be celebrating this joyous moment with their near and dear ones. So, this year, make the Easter more beautiful and memorable with the astonishing Easter special flight deals available with SmartFares and have a fabulous getaway filled with loads of incredible moments, fantastic celebrations and pocket-friendly experiences that will last long in your thoughts.

Best gifts for this Valentines Day

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Valentine’s Day is arguably the most famous and important day for love birds and regardless of whether you are a married person or have a lover, your partner will always be looking forward for this big day. Hence, it is important that you pamper your love and rejuvenate that old spark in your love life by making this Valentine’s Day a grand one. So, without any delay, here we are, giving you the perfect ideas of best gifts for this Valentine’s Day that will surely woo your lover and him/her a fantastic delight to cherish for the rest of the life:

Valentine Day

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is probably the most important and impressive thing you can find to impress almost any women on the surface of the planet. Jewelry are known to be the symbol of great bonding and priceless gratitude towards each other. Hence, to ensure you project your infinite love and priceless feelings for your love, gifting jewelry could be the best thing you can find. Not only they come in various prices and sizes, the durability of the jewelry is long lasting. Needless to say, the financial aspect of jewelry that is considered as investment is a big reason. So, if you chose jewelry as your Valentine’s Day gift, you are in a win-win situation.

  1. Romantic dinner

Sweet, simple and elegant. Romantic dinner is probably the most cliche gift you can find among couples, but no matter how simple or easy it sounds, it is the symbol of a gentleman and probably give your love the impression of being nice to your love. Fancy dinners are known to be quite famous during the Valentine’s Day and you will find most of the fancy, expensive and elegant restaurants flocked by the tourists during on the Valentine’s Eve. So, if you are looking for a perfect romantic candle-light dinner for your love, just make sure you book your tables in advance to avoid long waiting outside and spoiling the magical evening standing outside a plush restaurant.

  1. Chocolates and flowers

If you are running low on the budget and looking forward to make the day of Valentine’s Day special for your love, then the most common yet effective gift can save your life. Chocolates and flowers are known to be the most effective gifts for both girls and boys. Not only they bring freshness to your relation, but the sweetness of chocolates will set the mood for a desired day ahead. The romantic charm of chocolates and flowers is eternal and is used for decades. However, many people find it humorous and cheap, but if your love is real and you respect the gifts more than the price tag, this could be the perfect gift for you.

  1. A nice dress

For people who are not so short on the budget and looking to woo their girlfriends/wives, a nice dress can do wonders. Many successful couples have admitted that a nice dress has been most effective gift for girls who enjoy dressing up nicely and love vibrant and flashy attires. While shopping or passing through a boutique, you must have noticed your love gazing across the shelf for that perfect dress, this could be your cue for understanding how keenly your love desire for that dress. So, if you like to make a nice gesture and looking forward for a perfect gift in low budget, a nice dress can be your life saver.

  1. A trip to your favorite destination

Traveling is now getting more trendy and preferred among couples who love to enjoy their Valentine’s Day without any distractions. In recent years, people have found that traveling to a dreamy or desired place has been the most effective thing among both married and unmarried couples to rejuvenate the love and affection without any distraction. Regardless of whether you are planning to visit a domestic place or have plans to visit abroad, a fine trip on Valentine’s Day can be the most amazing and romantic thing you can find for your love.

Apparently, finding a perfect gift requires more efforts than the money as the day is really special and you probably be ready to give your best to make it even better. So, if you weren’t able to decide which will be the perfect gift for your partner and looking forward to impress them this Valentine’s Day, then get going with the list mentioned above and book your flights with SmartFares for great savings on airfares whilst taking the advantage of Valentine’s Day special flight deals.

Last Minute Winter Getaways

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

As the winter is saying its bid adieu to everyone, it is the perfect time when you can actually step out of your duvets and have a spellbinding getaway experience whilst exploring the nature, culture and lifestyles of the places you adore the most. Since the winter season is going away and loads of people will be planning to catch the moment, it is highly likely that you will find the cities in your travel bucket list flocked by the tourists and not available to travel as of now. Hence, to give you some magnificent getaway experience, we have come up with a small list of last minute winter getaways that are both pocket-friendly and warm enough for a fantastic and memorable winter escape:

  1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Caribbean region is not only favorite for beach holidays, but is also quite a perfect region for some enthralling winter getaways. The sunny weather conditions, exquisite beaches and fewer crowd in the winter season makes it a spellbinding place for your voyage. The beaches of the Puerto Rico are known to be the perfect hideout for winter getaways and in the last days of the winter season, the charm of the beaches enhances to the very next level. Not only the sea waters become more soothing and enjoyable, but the landscapes become more explorable and enjoyable. So, if you are looking for some wonderful getaways in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico can be a nice choice.

  1. San Diego

San Diego

For those who don’t wish to go for a long voyage and seeking a small vacation, San Diego can be the wisest option in the entire West Coast for a spellbinding last minute winter getaway. The spectacular beaches, fewer crowd and less occupied flights and hotels in San Diego will make the city a treat to visit. Additionally, the spellbinding weather conditions with more sunny sky and bewitching surroundings will make your last minute winter getaways more enjoyable. Before the hot and humid days take over the city of San Diego, the place is absolutely perfect to explore and have a fantastic getaway experience with your near and dear ones in budget.

  1. Aruba


The palm beaches of the Aruba are known to be a beacon for tourists during the dense winter season, however, as the chills of winter wear off from the coastal areas of the Aruba, the city becomes more spellbinding and joyful. The fantastic delights of the Aruba are already quite famous for everyone, but when the charm of the city blends with the enjoyable weather conditions, the winter getaways become even more enjoyable and pleasant. Additionally, the discounted hotels and affordable flights to Aruba will make your last minute winter getaways more enthralling provided you book your itinerary prior to your departure as the city can be filled fast and you might find yourself stranded.

  1. Bermuda


Beach especially marine life lovers find it hard to get a perfect destination in the winter season. However, in the last days of the winter season, there are certainly places that can give you the treat you have been looking for and among them all, Bermuda score good grades. The spellbinding region of the British Overseas Territory known for its sandy beaches, coral reefs and golf courses, Bermuda is among the top-notch getaways in the entire world. The spectacular charm of the city is really enthralling and you can have a quality time without spending a fortune. In the last days of the winter season, the cities of the Bermuda become even more captivating and you can easily save a good fortune on both airfares and hotel stays if chosen wisely.

  1. Jamaica


A laid-back winter holiday is all it takes to make the rest of the year soothing and enjoyable and if you are in desperate need of same, how about visiting the captivating island of Jamaica. The thriving isle of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is quite a fantastic place to sooth the blues of the winter season and enjoy a fantastic and laid-back days at the sandy beaches. Sunny days, quality sand, warm waters and awesome gastronomy makes Jamaica a dream getaway destination for the people seeking some escape from winter season. The discounted airfares for last minute flights with some quality hotel stays are all that is required to make your last winter days magnificent and incredible.

The stunning beauty of the winter season won’t stay with us forever and before the warm and humid days take place, it’s time for us all to enjoy the best days of the year whilst spending some quality time at the places we love the most. So, if you have been thinking all these days to make a winter escape soon and haven’t done anything yet, then it’s high time you should pack your bags and leave your home. Also, there are plenty of last minute flight deals available with SmartFares that will give you not only mobility on instant plans, but some great savings on last moment flight bookings.

Best Cities for Presidents Day Celebration

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Though there are many occasions that can give you the reason to celebrate, the specific one of President’s Day is the time when you not just celebrate a federal holiday, but to feel it with loads of patriotism and exquisite experiences. President’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate and remember the birth of the prestigious people who have transformed our country in the way it is as we see. Initially introduced as the Washington’s Birthday, the President’s Day is now a famous festival that is observed across the USA. Though, the craze of this festival is fading away in our busy life, there are still some places that are perfect to trace the impact and its fame across the USA and if you are thinking to have a small getaway on this occasion, we have found the best cities for President’s Day celebration:

President Day Flights

  1. Philadelphia

Among all the places, Philadelphia is known to be among the most prominently visited and desired getaway for a spectacular and captivating President’s Day celebration. Each year, thousands of tourists from across the USA gather here for an astonishing and beautiful celebration of the birthday of the founding fathers of the USA. The score of museums that are related with the history of the USA are sufficient enough to give you a desired President’s Day experience and among them all, many become free to visit on the President’s Day. Additionally, the variety of accommodations here are also quite delightful for a pocket-friendly stay. So, if you are seeking a getaway where you can cherish the history and culture of the USA, Philadelphia can be a perfect choice.

  1. New York City

Needless to mention, New York City can transform any reason of celebration into a big fiesta and there is certainly no exception when it comes to the President’s Day. Just like Philadelphia, New York City too is boasted with a big number of museums and galleries that are showcasing the rich heritage and traditions of America. On certain occasions, some of these museums gets open for all for free and President’s Day is certainly one of them. Besides all the museums, there are score of other remarkable attractions across the city. Be it shopping centers, monuments, restaurants or any other aspect of the culture of the NYC, there is nothing that remains untouched by enigmatic spirit of President’s Day.

  1. Dallas

Dallas is deeply connected with the rich political history of the USA especially with the president J.F.Kennedy. The site of JFK assassination in Dallas is among the most prestigious places across the USA and in order to remember the participants to create the better America, this place can be a great site to visit. Now a memorial, JFK Assassination point is a prominent place for tourists to visit especially during the President’s Day. Go visit the sixth floor of the memorial and you can easily witness many picturesque and memorable belongings from the JFK as well as at the time of assassination that can bring back all those golden and surreal memories from one of the greatest presidents of the USA. Besides, there are a number of celebrations organized across the city that are worth visiting.

  1. Mount Rushmore

Remembering the presidents of the USA and not thinking of Mount Rushmore is simply impossible which makes it one of the most perfect places to visit on this President’s Day. Fly your way to the South Dakota and witness the magnificent view of the giant sculpture made on the rugged mountain whilst remembering all the good deeds done by the George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Though the chilling terrain can be a bit bothersome, but if your spirits are high enough to ignore the weather conditions, you can easily enjoy the wilderness in the surrounding. On the occasion of President’s Day, the entry to the Mount Rushmore is free for all and you can easily explore the wildlife refuges, parks, and forests in the surroundings.

  1. Washington D.C.

There is no denying that the official residency of the former and current president of the United States can be a great place to visit on the occasion of the President’s Day. Washington D.C. is among the most prominent and highly visited places in the entire USA on the occasion of the President’s Day and for a good reason. With loads of rituals and activities going on across the city, the US capital surely makes a good host for this amazing occasion. Be it the National Mall, the Capitol, National Museum of American History or any other place, there are tons of things going on to cherish the birthday of the George Washington and the fantastic day of the President’s Day. Although, the prices of your stay in the US Capital can go high on President’s Day, but if you are smart enough, you can easily save more on both flights and stays by booking everything online.

Since the day of President’s Day is observed with different names in different cities and states of the USA, finding a perfect place for such an enthralling experience can’t be as hard as you can think. All you have to do is sort your plans through, pick a perfect city and book your President’s Day flight deals with SmartFares for a magnificent getaway experience whilst saving a good fortune on airfares and enjoying the patriotism and captivating beauty this astonishing festival has to offer.

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