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Best Places to Visit with Fathers Only

A getaway with family is special but when the occasion is of Father’s Day, an escape is a must to spend some quality time alone with your father, the person who have been supporting you and giving you strength unconditionally since your birth. As the Father’s Day is coming close and you all might be wondering about how to spend this amazing day that has been observed and dedicated to the strongest pillar in our life since 1910, we are here to give you some best options that will help you decide of where to escape with your dad. So, following are the best places to visit with fathers only and will offer you a magnificent experience along with memories to cherish for the rest of your lives:

  1. Fishing Trip at Michigan

Fishing Trip at Michigan

If your dad have been telling you stories about him and your grandpa going for a fishing trip to some place nice and spending some quality time while being surrounded with nothing but freshness and natural bliss, then you should catch the hint that he too love to spend some quality time at the boat, catching the fishes and admiring the peaceful surroundings of fresh lakes. Consider taking him to Michigan for a fishing trip and spend the most amazing and bonding time with your dad to ensure he feel your presence and admire your thought that you understand him as much as him. A spellbinding trip to Lake Michigan is all that you need is to make sure your dad had a great time on this Father’s Day.

  1. Beer Tours at Portland

Beer Tours at Portland

Admit it, a man to man bonding is incomplete if both of you don’t share some quality time at the bar, sipping on some of the finest boozes available in the country and if your dad like to keep the spirits high and enjoy some quality company while sipping on his favorite beer, then it a perfect signal for you to take him to a mesmerizing beer tour in Portland. Portland is proven to be the home of the finest beer of the United States and whether you find it or not, your dad will love to have you around while sipping on some awesome beer pints and enjoying some hockey or baseball game.

  1. Beach Vacation at Miami

Beach Vacation at Miami

If your childhood was full of beach extravaganza and you can still remember all your beach vacations where your dad took you and gave you the liberty to make your own sand castle, then it is time for a payback by taking him to the finest and amazing beach vacations at Miami. Miami is proven to be one of the most mesmerizing beach destinations in the United States and is full of adventure, excitement and fun you should accompany your dad. Also, the scorching summer will require to have a cooling down vacation and there is no better place on the east coast than the exquisite sandy and tranquilizing beaches of Miami.

  1. Laid-Back Escape at Padre Island

Laid-Back Escape at Padre Island

If all you wish to have is relax with your father at naturally rich and beautiful surroundings, then the best place you can go this Father’s Day is at Padre Island. A beautiful island in Texas, known for its tranquilizing bliss and outstanding hospitality, Padre Island is a combination of fun and peace, depending on your preferences. A white sand island boasted with an abundant variety of flora and fauna comprises some of the finest resorts in the region and offer a blissful sight of the horizon along with tempting activities to indulge if needed. Get your hands on some cheap Father’s Day flight deals and enjoy a spellbinding vacation with your dad only and spend some quality time discussing and learning about the key morals of life.

  1. Foodie Getaway at New Orleans

Foodie Getaway at New Orleans

In case your dad is all about trying out new flavors and has a chef hidden inside him, then taking him for a foodie getaway at New Orleans is the epic getaway experience for you. Featuring an abundant number of restaurants and eateries, serving gourmets from around the world, New Orleans is among the most visited foodie destinations of all time in the United States. On the occasion of Father’s Day, you can also get some amazing deals and offers on cheap Father’s Day flight deals and can have a spellbinding getaway experience with budget accommodations. Besides, who wouldn’t love to have some quality and scrumptious bites with their dad, learning new things about life with every gulp?

There are dozens of places around you that can make a perfect escape to have with your father only and all you need is to figure out the sort of vacation you would like to have as per his hobbies and likings. So, if know your dad as well as he knows you, then you will figure it out eventually and all that is left is to prepare for a trip. Regardless to say, SmartFares is always here at your service to provide you the most outstanding and cheap Father’s Day flight deals with discounted airfares to make this wonderful day even more charismatic and memorable. So, if you have been giving this topic a serious thought, then quickly start preparing and book your flights right now!

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