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Best Islands for a Perfect Destination Wedding

Each year, nearly one out of three couples try organizing a destination wedding for themselves and transform a day of holy matrimony into an occasion of great escapes. To make it more perfect, people across the United States search for best islands for perfect destination wedding and enjoy the auspicious day while amidst people the care about the most. If you too are planning for a destination wedding or acquainted someone who is seeking some advice on same topic, you are at the right place as SmartFares has brought a range of ideas to make the most incredible day of your life more exciting:

1. Maui, Hawaii:


One of the most bewitching conurbations off the shores of the United States, Maui is truly a blissful and heavenly destination and ideal for the destination wedding. Nestled amidst North Pacific Ocean, the island has been a great place for holiday travel as well as destination weddings. Each year, hundreds of weddings take place in Maui and people enjoy the most amazing day of their lives here while adoring the vast stretch of natural bliss and tranquilizing amenities available at the island. Besides all the features and attractions, the destination has a close proximity from most of the western cities of the United States, making it open for all and easy to reach island for destination wedding.

2. Aruba:


An island country nestled on the Caribbean Island off the coasts of Venezuela, Aruba is sure short a renowned destination wedding place. With a quick reach from the eastern region of the United States and Latin America, Aruba makes a fine island for a perfect destination wedding. Take flights to Aruba and enjoy the most spellbinding experience of tying the knot and celebrating the biggest day of your life. The tropical beaches and fine resorts with all sorts of amenities makes it much easier and happier to enjoy the wedding day and adventurous activities to indulge after the ceremony.

3. Barbados:


One of the most prominent destination wedding venues of the North America, Barbados have been one of the top choices for married-to-be couples. With the bewitching resorts of Turtle Beach, Bridgetown and Oistins, you can not only make quick and lavishing arrangements for your wedding, but also have the scenic view of sandy beaches and magical coastline in the backdrops of all your wedding photos. Plan your wedding in the Barbados and get delighted by the beach extravaganza quickly after the ceremony and soak up some sun, sand and sea instead of getting cold feet.

4. Nassau, Bahamas:


One of the most picturesque islands on the Caribbean Sea and a potential destination wedding venue for perfect arrangements, Nassau makes the most beautiful place for your marriage ceremony. Plan a perfect day of tying a knot with impeccable weather conditions, white sandy beaches, and exquisite resorts amidst palm trees, fascinating backdrops and loads of adventure after the ceremony that can be happened in the Nassau. Board flights to Nassau and prepare for an exquisite set of arrangements on the sandy beaches where the aisle is settled for the bride, grooms and accompanying people, loads of champagne, great sea food and turquoise blue shallow water in the backdrop. Can you find anything to beat it?

5. Saint John, US Virgin Islands:

Saint John, US Virgin Islands

A wedding spot on the beautiful and heavenly US Virgin Islands is an unbeatable idea. Considering a ceremony when you can enjoy a getaway to the tropical beaches, exquisite arrangements of food, marvelous setting of the aisle and the ceremony and more, that is possible if you consider St. John as your destination wedding venue. The accommodations available in St. Johns are quite delightful and imperial in terms of services as well as budget friendly. So, you are not only enjoying a wedding ceremony, but also a honeymoon sort of occasion right after the wedding vows. There is nothing more amazing that can actually surpass a wedding at the beaches of US Virgin Islands.

There are tons of other islands across the world that can be the witness as well as the host of your wedding, yet everything depends on your preferences and the choice of ceremony you have in mind. So, plan a romantic getaway and search for some great romantic travel deals from SmartFares to enjoy the wedding like a boss.

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