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Best Food Scene of Thailand

Asian continent is known for its different hues that have been pleasing every sense of voyagers from around the world. From spiritual enlightenment to historical exploration, natural treasures, extraordinary phenomenon and awe-inspiring delights, Asia have been a treasure itself to give everyone a delight for their own senses. There is a big number of foodies who enjoy taking flights to Thailand from every part of the world to not just taste some of the most splendid dishes from the Thai gastronomy, but also to learn a lot about the ancient cooking methods, splendid blend of raw spices and herbs as well as superlative recipes that have been passed on from one generation to other. To give you a glimpse of Thai culture, here we are with just a fraction of best food scene of Thailand:

  1. Moo Grob in Bangkok

Moo Grob in Bangkok

The bustling city of Bangkok have been among the most famous Asian destinations and that too for a reason. The marvelous markets, enthralling variety of landscapes, picturesque atmosphere, electrifying culture and thriving settings to please the guests in Bangkok have brought this city into the travel bucket list of millions of voyagers worldwide. If you have been thinking to experience the best gourmet scene in Bangkok, then you should probably visit to the local market called Chatuchak Market where you can find the food stalls and vendors offering the finest quality of Moo Grob which is a crispy pork served with rice. The aromatic experience with loads of Thai herbs and spices will make your day and give you an experience to awestruck your mind.

  1. Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

Khao Soi, also known as the Egg Noodle Curry is one of the biggest specialties of the Chiang Mai and a typical Thai dish that came from the native culture. A rich in flavors and taste curry noodle soup that includes onions, cabbages, lime, egg and much more, the egg noodle curry is a delicious dish to savor while traveling in Chiang Mai. The marvelous blend of flavors, herbs and spices with lip-smacking texture have made this astonishing dish a favorite culinary to savor for every tourist. The variations are also available where you can replace your egg with pork, beef or even chicken to enjoy more nutrition and get the taste of various other flavors in your mouth.

  1. Tom Yum Goong in Pattaya

Tom Yum Goong in Pattaya

The spicy shrimp soup locally known as the Tom Yum Goong is a typical Thai dish, ideally famous to have as an appetizer where you can set your tongue to the strong and aromatic taste of Thai spices and herbs. The awesome yellow and red texture along with bewitching taste have made this dish a perfect food to begin your meal with and savor on the delicious gastronomy style of the natives. Pattaya have been quite a famous resort destination and people who are flying to Pattaya have enjoyed this dish the most whilst most of them have tried to learn much more about variations and cooking methods which is quite simple yet traditional to follow. Available across almost every Thai restaurant in Pattaya, Tom Yum Goong is truly a delicious experience that everyone must have.

  1. Massaman Curry in Phuket

Massaman Curry in Phuket

Many people have suggested that Massaman Curry is an interpretation of the Persian dish and is originally from some other culture. However, those who have been practicing the Thai gastronomy for a very long time have shown their difference of opinion in this statement. The delicious curry, best known to be a popular mild-flavored Thai dish, Massaman Curry is among the most spectacular dishes of all time in Thai culture where the chef prepares a combination of herbs, spices, raw spices, flavor enhancers, potato, beef (variation of chicken is also available), star anise and many more ingredients and prepare this superlative dish which is quite common and easy to find in the Thai restaurants of Phuket and nearby places.

  1. Steamed Sea Bass in Krabi

Steamed Sea Bass in Krabi

Steamed Sea Bass is one of the most amazing and refreshing dishes in the Thai culture, prominently prepared and served in the regions near to Krabi. A spectacular dish that comprises the cooking method of bamboo steamer and preparation of Sea Bass with basic herbs, special Thai spices and awesome technique to mildly cook the fish to keep its essence alive whilst serving the dish well prepared and sufficiently cooked. Although, Sea Bass is served in many other parts of the world, but if you are seeking the best taste of the fish along with the mild and soothing flavors of Thai culture, then you should try Steamed Sea Bass at least once in Krabi.

Thailand is known for many reasons and among them all, the food have been a thriving reason. Despite being lush with an abundant variety of beaches, islands and many natural beauties, Thailand have been stealing the heart away of voyagers who even seek a small bite of traditional Thai culinary. So, if you are planning to visit an Asian destination where you can savor on the most delicious combination of recipes whilst feeling a piece of heaven in your mouth, then you should probably consider to book your flights to Thailand with SmartFares to ensure a magnificent getaway experience, filled with an enormous amount of great delights and fascinating experiences whilst spending way too low than usual on your travel expenses.

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