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Best Cities for Presidents Day Celebration

Though there are many occasions that can give you the reason to celebrate, the specific one of President’s Day is the time when you not just celebrate a federal holiday, but to feel it with loads of patriotism and exquisite experiences. President’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate and remember the birth of the prestigious people who have transformed our country in the way it is as we see. Initially introduced as the Washington’s Birthday, the President’s Day is now a famous festival that is observed across the USA. Though, the craze of this festival is fading away in our busy life, there are still some places that are perfect to trace the impact and its fame across the USA and if you are thinking to have a small getaway on this occasion, we have found the best cities for President’s Day celebration:

President Day Flights

  1. Philadelphia

Among all the places, Philadelphia is known to be among the most prominently visited and desired getaway for a spectacular and captivating President’s Day celebration. Each year, thousands of tourists from across the USA gather here for an astonishing and beautiful celebration of the birthday of the founding fathers of the USA. The score of museums that are related with the history of the USA are sufficient enough to give you a desired President’s Day experience and among them all, many become free to visit on the President’s Day. Additionally, the variety of accommodations here are also quite delightful for a pocket-friendly stay. So, if you are seeking a getaway where you can cherish the history and culture of the USA, Philadelphia can be a perfect choice.

  1. New York City

Needless to mention, New York City can transform any reason of celebration into a big fiesta and there is certainly no exception when it comes to the President’s Day. Just like Philadelphia, New York City too is boasted with a big number of museums and galleries that are showcasing the rich heritage and traditions of America. On certain occasions, some of these museums gets open for all for free and President’s Day is certainly one of them. Besides all the museums, there are score of other remarkable attractions across the city. Be it shopping centers, monuments, restaurants or any other aspect of the culture of the NYC, there is nothing that remains untouched by enigmatic spirit of President’s Day.

  1. Dallas

Dallas is deeply connected with the rich political history of the USA especially with the president J.F.Kennedy. The site of JFK assassination in Dallas is among the most prestigious places across the USA and in order to remember the participants to create the better America, this place can be a great site to visit. Now a memorial, JFK Assassination point is a prominent place for tourists to visit especially during the President’s Day. Go visit the sixth floor of the memorial and you can easily witness many picturesque and memorable belongings from the JFK as well as at the time of assassination that can bring back all those golden and surreal memories from one of the greatest presidents of the USA. Besides, there are a number of celebrations organized across the city that are worth visiting.

  1. Mount Rushmore

Remembering the presidents of the USA and not thinking of Mount Rushmore is simply impossible which makes it one of the most perfect places to visit on this President’s Day. Fly your way to the South Dakota and witness the magnificent view of the giant sculpture made on the rugged mountain whilst remembering all the good deeds done by the George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Though the chilling terrain can be a bit bothersome, but if your spirits are high enough to ignore the weather conditions, you can easily enjoy the wilderness in the surrounding. On the occasion of President’s Day, the entry to the Mount Rushmore is free for all and you can easily explore the wildlife refuges, parks, and forests in the surroundings.

  1. Washington D.C.

There is no denying that the official residency of the former and current president of the United States can be a great place to visit on the occasion of the President’s Day. Washington D.C. is among the most prominent and highly visited places in the entire USA on the occasion of the President’s Day and for a good reason. With loads of rituals and activities going on across the city, the US capital surely makes a good host for this amazing occasion. Be it the National Mall, the Capitol, National Museum of American History or any other place, there are tons of things going on to cherish the birthday of the George Washington and the fantastic day of the President’s Day. Although, the prices of your stay in the US Capital can go high on President’s Day, but if you are smart enough, you can easily save more on both flights and stays by booking everything online.

Since the day of President’s Day is observed with different names in different cities and states of the USA, finding a perfect place for such an enthralling experience can’t be as hard as you can think. All you have to do is sort your plans through, pick a perfect city and book your President’s Day flight deals with SmartFares for a magnificent getaway experience whilst saving a good fortune on airfares and enjoying the patriotism and captivating beauty this astonishing festival has to offer.

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