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Best Asian Cities for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, among the widely celebrated festival on earth is truly a magical delight for both natives and tourists from across the world. The enthralling celebration and endless fireworks that can give New Year celebration a complex, Chinese New Year is truly a delightful time to learn so much about a civilization that goes millenniums back. Being the home of Chinese culture and heritage, the Asian continent has an abundant ways to make the Spring Festival worth enjoying. As a result, millions of tourists visit this part of the world from every corner of the globe to witness the spellbinding beauty of culture, heritage and celebration. If you too have been thinking to plan an escape to the Asia and wish to witness the superlative celebration in this part of the continent, then you will find the following places worth exploring:

Chinese New Year

  1. Kuala Lumpur

Though the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has the biggest minority of the ethnic Chinese people, but the celebration of Chinese New Year is even more spectacular. Covering the most exquisite regions including the Central Market and KL Chinatown, the processions and celebrations here are really world-class. Fly your way to the Kuala Lumpur and you can easily witness the magnificent celebration that includes wonderful parades, extraordinary fireworks, loads of delicious food, amazing artistic performances and much more throughout the celebration. Visiting the traditional places like Thean Hou and the markets are the biggest delight for the tourists as everything in around Chinese New Year become even more beautiful with a simple touch of Chinese New Year.

  1. Singapore

Every year, more tourists travel to Singapore than the various metropolitan cities of the China on the occasion of the Chinese New Year as the this city-state has been claiming to be the home of one of the largest Chinese New Year celebrations in the subcontinent. The Chinatown has always been the main attraction of the entire Chinese New Year as the big market of Chinatown becomes brighter, prettier and even more charming during the whole celebration which goes for more than a month. The parties, celebrations, processions and parades here are really stunning and tourists often enjoy the spectacular blend of gastronomy which brings the traditional food of the China with the flavors from the culinary of Singapore.

  1. Bangkok

The Thai capital has been the home of a large number of ethnic Chinese which makes it a culturally rich as well as diverse place. Hence, you will find loads of festivities going on in this mesmerizing conurbation. However, when it comes to the celebration of Chinese New Year, the festivities goes to another level where the marketplaces become even brighter and diverse. As well as, the Thai gastronomy transforms itself into a new blend of Chinese and Thai flavors which is the most spellbinding experience you can ever have. Additionally, the ceremonies, traditional rituals, parades and more will showcase the fantastically rich Chinese culture in the region.

  1. Ho Chi Minh City

The Vietnamese capital HCMC is known as among the most picturesque places to visit in this time of the year around Southeast Asia. The time when streets sparkle like stars and people make the best time with their near and dear ones, Ho Chi Minh City gives tourists a spectacular delight of endless festivities. Though, in Vietnam, the festival is known as the Vietnamese New Year which is locally called as Tet Nguyen Dan, it is a Vietnamese version of Chinese New Year with similar observation and celebration scale. In the culture of Vietnam, the festival has great importance and you will find everyone in a cheerful mood with great hopes for the year to come. With its endless parties, wonderful marketplaces, exquisite rituals and loads of celebrations, Tet Nguyen Dan will give you a great exposure of Vietnamese culture that is similar to the Chinese New Year.

  1. Beijing

The capital city of the China is known as the beacon of Chinese New Year celebration for decades now and people from across the globe visit this part of the world for an astonishing and enthralling getaway experience with loads of festivities around Lunar New Year. Featuring a a long variety of celebrations, carnivals, gastronomical delights and more, Beijing is the perfect place to witness the most authentic celebration of Chinese New Year in modern era. The entire festival celebration takes 15 days of celebration right before the Lantern festival celebrations take place. Visit the historical and cultural sites of the city or go stroll across the city during this time of the year in Beijing and you will understand why people often say Beijing as the mother of all Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year has never been about only China, but also for many other regions of the Southeast Asia that are following the same roots as the China. Hence, the entire Southeast Asian region is filled with loads of places that can be worth your while during a voyage and give you the most magical experience of witnessing the year of Dog with many wonderful delights. So, if you can imagine yourself witnessing the tremendous scale of celebration of the Spring Festival in the Southeast Asia, then hold no more and book Chinese New Year flight deals from SmartFares and save massive on airfares with our array of deals and offers available online.

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